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To the aged, we can truthfully say that it is as near an old man's paradise as can be found anywhere on this continent. The genial climate is soothing to old age, when the vigor of youth has departed, and the blood grows thin.

You can live here with less physical strain, and with less worry than you can in any other country on the face of the earth.

Differing from the general conditions of most other southern countries, it requires no long period of acclimation in this coastal section.

You may come at any season of the year and if you but observe a few simple rules of health, you may confidently expect to be as healthy here as you would be anywhere else, and not be disappointed.

The resources of this section are vast and varied, the staple crops being cotton, corn, hay and forage crops, and bright leaf tobacco, while the trucking industry produces everything from Irish potatoes to cow peas.

The cultivation of small fruits has gone forward by leaps and bounds, and is to-day one of the most remunerative branches of the trucking business, the cultivation of the native grape, the scuppernong, and its scions, the James and Mish, is fast becoming a great source of wealth, as the vines are easy of cultivation, prolific bearers and free from the attack of insects. A failure of the grape crop was never known in eastern North Carolina, and there is ready sale for the entire product of the vine.

The products of our waters are too well known to require special mention here. There is no month in the year in which the waters of Eastern North Carolina does not produce a large percentage of the total food supply.

In season the forests abound in game, both large and small, while the rivers and sounds fairly swarm with ducks, geese and all manner of wild fowl, which makes this section a veritable sportsmans paradise.

The oysters dredged in Pamlico Sound are unrivaled for size and flavor, and the Neuse River shad have an enviable reputation in all northern markets. The clams, crabs and other sea products are abundant and New Berns enjoys one of the best markets for this class of food, to be found in the south.

The lumber interests of North Carolina are a great factor in the total revenue of general products, and millions of feet of pine and hard-wood timber leave our wharves weekly. This industry not only proves remunerative to the proprietors, but provides employment for thousands of men who receive good wages for their labor.

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