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Ephemera Collection

Annual Concert Recital, Bourdelais School of Music (1927)

Bishop James Walker Hood, 1902

Bourdelais School of Music (1914?)
A Card, To the Republican Party of Craven County (1876) Charter and Constitution and By-Laws of the Atlantic Steam Fire Engine Company, 1935
Christmas Trees Advertisement, 1870 Citizens Committee Leaflet, ca. 1933
Colonel Clarke, a la Capt. Jinks (n.d.) Complimentary Ball given to George Washington 1891
Complimentary Ball to the Elm City Base Ball Club (1874) Common Schools in Craven County, 1847
Common Schools in Craven County, 1850 Common Schools in Craven County, 1851
Common Schools in Craven County, March, 1853 Common Schools in Craven County, November, 1853
The Cypress Tree by John D. Whitford (1929 reprint of 1882 newspaper article) Fan, Rivers-Morgan Funeral Home, 1970s
Felon List, n d Hon. John P. Green, 1902
Governor Richard Dobbs Spaight grave site, 1923 and 1930s (image 1) (image 2) (image 3) Governor Abner Nash grave site, 1930s
(image 1) (image 2) (image 3)
In Honor of His Excellency Oliver Max Gardner... (1929) In Memoriam, John A. Guion, M.D., 1894
J.C. Whitty & Co. Billhead, 1916
Memorial Day Exercises, 1899 A Mischianza in aid of the New Bern Grays (1877)
Marshall's Ball Invitation, 1899 Natonal Bank of New Berne Check (1877)
Need of an Auditorium (1908) New Bern Chamber of Commerce Industrial Dinner, 1915
New Bern City Schools Graduating Exercises, 1918 New Bern Grocery Company, 1914
New Bern Morris Plan (1917)
New School Building, 1908 Notice to Registrars and Inspectors, 1884
Playbill for Peter Rabbit (1928) Playbill for Rose Dream (1921)
Playbill for Snow White (n.d.) Prayers, 1833 (during Cholera Epidemic)
Railroad Celebration, 1901 Rough Rhymes of a Soldier by Sergeant Leo E Brinson (ca. 1919)
Tuscarora Mills trade card, c1880s-1900  
Unveiling of Two Tablets, 1925  What New Bern Has To Offer You (ca. 1905)

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