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Notice to Registrars and Inspectors, 1884

Title: Notice to Registrars and Inspectors, 1884

Creator: Not known.

Subject: Crime--North Carolina--Craven County
              Criminals--North Carolina--Craven County
              Elections--North Carolina--Craven County

Description: List of  persons convicted and adjudged guilty of infamous crimes from Spring Term 1877 to Spring Term 1884, Craven Superior Court.

Publisher: Not known.

Date: 1884

Type: Text

Format: 1 pages.

Identifier: James C. Harrison Papers (#25)

Source: Donation.

Coverage: Craven County (N.C.)

Rights: Permission to use this item must be obtained from the New Bern-Craven County Public Library, 400 Johnson Street, New Bern, NC 28560.

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LIST OF PERSONS Convicted and Adjudged Guilty of Infamous Crimes;  Spring Term 1877 to Spring Term 1884, both Terms inclusive, Craven Superior Court: 

Archible, Frank.     Spring term, 1880, No.68.

Allen, Shade.     Spring term, 1877, No. 113.

Bryan, Cicero.     Fall t[er]m, 1877, No. 108.

Bryan, Green.     Fall term, 1877, No. 108.

Banks, Benj.    Fall term, 1877, No. 51.

Brookfield, Louis.     Fall term, 1880, No. 62.

Brimmage, Lenard.     Fall term, 1880, No. 63.

Becton, Simon.     Spring term, 1881, No. 17.

Brown, Wm.     Fall term, 1881, No. 60.

Bryan, Abram.     Spring term, 1884, No.14.

Blount, Wm. R.     Spring term, 1883, No. 79.

Becton, Moses.     Spring term, 1883, No. 56.

Cratch, Geo.     Spring term, 1878, No. 109.

Collins, W.C.     Spring term, 1878, No. 126.

Copes, Wm.     Fall term, 1881, No. 43.

Clark, Gavel.     Spring term, 1884, No. 48.

Davis, John.     Fall term, 1879, No.106.

Dixon, Rob’t.     Spring term, 1877, No. 129.

Dortch, Joe.     Spring term, 1881, No. 91.

Edwards, Edward.     Spring term, 1881, No.73.

Eborn, Dempsey.     Spring term, 1884, No. 127.

Ferrel, Arthur.     Spring term, 1878, No. 86

Grimes, Jacob.     Fall term, 1878, No. 46.

Hall, Nathan.     Fall term, 1880, No. 75.

Hicks, Wm.     Spring term, 1884, No. 127.

Harvey, Geo.     Fall term, 1877, No. 50.

Hill, Wm.     Fall term[,] 1881, No.39.

Jones, John.     Fall te[r]m, 1881, No. 16.

Lewis, Joshua H.     Fall term, 1881, No. 21.  (Convicted and Sentenced in Beaufort County.)

Laskie, Geo.  alias   Lassiter, Geo.    Fall term, 1881, No.73.

Lee, Robt.     Spring term, 1878, No. 119.

Merritt, Chas.     (see Webster, Daniel)

Merritt, Israel.     Spring term, 1884, No. 134.

Miller, Lewis.     Spring term, 1880, No. 64.

Moulton, Theodore.     Spring term, 1877, No. 107.

McIlvain, Fred.     Spring term, 1877, No. 112.

Mitchell, Enoch.     Spring term, 1877, No. 139.

Odenton, Aaron.     Fall term, 1878, No. 47.

Sasser, Mitchell.     Spring term, 1877, No. 128.

Sasser, Benj.     Spring term, 1878, No. 128.

Stanly, Chas.     Spring term, 1877, No. 111.

Suggs, John.     Spring term, 1883, No. 35.

Taylor, Moses.     Spring term, 1884, No. 57.

Trottman, Willis.     Spring term, 1880, No. 61.

Thompson, Rob’t.     Spring term, 1877, No. 126.

Vance, John A.     Fall term, 1879, No. 124

White, Washington.     Spring term, 1880, No. 68.

Willis, Wright     alias      Willis, George      Fall term, 1881, No. 53.

Wood, Frank.     Fall term, 1883, No. 77.

Washington, Geo.     Spring term, 1883, No. 59.     (Convicted and Sentenced in Pamlico County.)

White, Robt.     Spring term, 1881, No. 38.

Wingate, Nathan.     Spring term, 1878, No. 115.

Webster, Daniel.     Spring term, 1878, No. 115.

Williams, Samuel      alias   Merritt, Chas.   Spring term, 1878, No. 85.

Willis, George.     Fall term, 1878, No. 66.

Walker, Emerson.     Fall term, 1879, No. 61.

Young, Isaac.     Fall term, 1880, [No.] 64.


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