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A Mischianza in aid of the New Bern Grays, 1877

Title: A Mischianza in aid of the Newbern Grays

Creator: Reception Committee

Subject: Entertaining
                New Bern (N.C.)--Social life and customs

Description: Program for a dramatic and musical entertainment held 4 April 1877 for the benefit of the New Bern Grays, a local militia unit.

Date: 4 April 1877

Type: Text

Format: 2 pages

Identifier: ms-NBLA-Mischianza

Source: Donated by Reid Whitford, 1920s.

Coverage: New Bern (N.C.)

Rights: Permission to use this item must be obtained from the New Bern-Craven County Public Library, 400 Johnson Street, New Bern, NC 28560.


Obverse image of mischianza program, 1877.

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[Penciled note:] All Dead before year 1915

Officers of Newbern Grays.


W. WHITFORD,.....Captain,
JOHN M. ROBERTS,.....1st. Lieut.,
JAMES G. HARGETT,.....2nd. Lieut.,
GREEN BRYAN,.....3rd. Lieut.


Committee of Reception

Wm. H. Disosway, Chm'n
John D. Hughes.....A.W. Wood.
W.S. Baxter.....H.B. Duffy.
"And they who for their country die, shall fill an honored grave.
For glory lights the soldier's tomb, and beauty weeps the brave."

In Aid of the
Newbern Grays.
"Nature is made better by no mean,
But nature makes that mean; so, o'er that art
Which you say adds to nature, is an art
That nature makes. You see,
The art itself is nature."
--Winter's Tale, IV, 3.


Wednesday Evening, April 4th, 1877,

At 8 O'clock.


Reverse of mischianza program, 1877

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Part First.

Blue Danube--Band,.....Arr. by W.H. Neave,
Amy Robsart before Queen Elizabeth.
Scene 1st.--The Appeal.
Scene 2nd.--After the Appeal.
Eilleen Alanna,--Male--Quartette.....J.R. Thomas.
The Soldier's Dream. [Penciled note: Hancy Whitford and Washington Bryan]
Das Grab Auf Def Haide. Barytone Solo,.....W. Heiser.
Melodramatic Charade, -- (Written for this Entertainment.)
Scene 1st.--The Harvest.
Scene 2nd.--The Prison.
Tra-La-La-Loo,--Comic Song,.....Fred. W. Zaulig.

Part Second.

The Concert:
"Westward, Ho!"--Piano Solo.....G.B. Wilson.
When The Flowering Tide Comes In, Soprano Solo, Millard
Dear Old Comrade--Duo Militare,.....Fairlamb.
The Fishermen--Duo.....Gabusi.
The White Squall--Tenor Solo,.....Barker.
The Sol Quest' Anima--Trio,.....Verdi.
Songs Without Words--Band. Arr. H.G. Frankinfield.
(If ye have tears to shed, prepare to shed them now.)
Bombastes Furioso.
Tableau Finale:
The Daughter of the Regiment.


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Images scanned by John B. Green, III.  Text prepared by Victor T. Jones, Jr.
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