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Common Schools in Craven County, 1851

Title: Common Schools in Craven County

Creator: Lane, John T.

Subject: Education--North Carolina--Craven County

Description: Broadside detailing the progress of the Common Schools of Craven County during the year.

Publisher: Craven County. Board of Superintendents of Common Schools

Date: December 1851?.

Type: Text

Format: 1 page.

Identifier: ms24-1851School

Source: Purchase.

Coverage: Craven County (N.C.)

Rights: Permission to use this item must be obtained from the New Bern-Craven County Public Library, 400 Johnson Street, New Bern, NC 28560.

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At a meeting of the Board of Superintendents of Common Schools of Craven County, held at the Office of the Clerk, on the 29th day of November, 1851, the Chairman presented his statement of the School Fund, so as to exhibit the amount due to each District on the first day of October last, being the end of the fiscal year, and the Board proceeded to make the annual appropriation to the several Districts, of the fund for 1851; all of which was ordered to be published together with the standing rules relative to its payment. The several Committees are respectfully requested to draw their orders upon the Chairman in conformity to the said directions. The amounts due for each year will be found in the following


  1847 1848 1849 1850 1851 Whole Amount       1847 1848 1849 1850 1851 Whole Amount.
District   $ cts $ cts $ cts $ cts $ cts     District $ cts $ cts $ cts $ cts $ cts $ cts
1   6.00 36.00 87.00 67.00 196.00     24       63.00 67.00 130.00
2       70.25 67.00 137.25     25         67.00 67.00
3       3.00 67.00 70.00     26       87.00 67.00 154.00
4       27.00 67.00 94.00     27       17.00 67.00 84.00
5       25.00 67.00 92.00     28   1.00 36.00 87.00 67.00 191.00
6         67.00 67.00     29       87.00 67.00 154.00
7         67.00 67.00     30     36.00 87.00 67.00 190.00
8         67.00 67.00     31       12.00 67.00 79.00
9       7.00 67.00 74.00     32     36.00 12.00 67.00 115.00
10         67.00 67.00     33     26.00 87.00 67.00 180.00
11         67.00 67.00     34       28.00 67.00 95.00
12       87.00 67.00 154.00     35       32.50 67.00 99.50
13     36.00 27.00 67.00 130.00     36     36.00 87.00 67.00 190.00
14 14.00 17.00   17.00 67.00 115.00     37   1.00 36.00 87.00 67.00 191.00
15         67.00 67.00     38         67.00 67.00
16       33.00 67.00 100.00     39         67.00 67.00
17       27.00 67.00 94.00     40         67.00 67.00
18       37.00 67.00 104.00     41     16.00 47.00 67.00 130.00
19       48.00 67.00 115.00     42         67.00 67.00
20     36.00   67.00 103.00     43       57.00 67.00 124.00
21       87.00 67.00 154.00     44         67.00 67.00
22       57.00 67.00 124.00     45         67.00 67.00
23       42.00 67.00 109.00                  

To enable the Chairman to keep his accounts for each year separate and distinct, the draft from the Committee-men for money must be for an amount not exceeding that due for each year. If the amount to be drawn should be for more money than is due the District for any one year, there should be two or more drafts; for instance:--If the Committee-men of District No. 14 should wish to draw $115 (the amount due that District) they should draw one draft for $14.00 and state in the draft that it is to be taken out of the funds of 1847, and another draft for $17.00 out of the funds of 1848, a third draft for $17.00 out of the funds of 1850, and a fourth draft for $67.00 out of the funds for 1851.

It is also ordered, that each School Committee be directed hereafter upon drawing its drafts on the Chairman, to draw for the amount due their respective Districts for the longest period of time, so as to leave any residue due, to their District to be of the most recent dates. For instance:--The Committee of District No. 14 must first draw from the funds of 1847 before those due from the year 1848, &c.

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The following are the Standing Rules of the Board:

1st. That all Teachers of Common Schools be required to procure certificates from the Board, of their good character and proper qualifications, and that the certificates be renewed annually.

2d. That the Chairman shall in no case pay any draft, unless it is accompanied with a report of the School from the Committee-men.

3rd. That the Chairman shall in no case pay any order drawn on him unless the whole of the Committee-men in the District have filed with the Clerk the acceptance of their appointment.

At the said meeting, the following Report of the Committee on "Common School Books" was received, adopted and ordered to be published. And it was further ordered that the Books therein mentioned be used, from and after the 1st day of May next, in all the Common Schools of this County.


The Committee appointed by the Board to select a List of Books to be used in our Common Schools, beg leave to recommend the following, to wit:

Webster's Elementary Spelling Book and Primer
Webster's School Dictionary.
Pierpont's Young Reader.
The First Book of History, by the Author of Peter Parley's Tales.
Grimshaw's History of the United States.
Wiley's North Carolina Reader.
Elements of Agriculture translated by Skinner.
Mitchell's Table Book.
Davie's Arithmetic.
Davie's Algebra.
Gummere's Surveying.
Murray's English Grammar.
Morse's Geography and Atlas Combined.

It may not be amiss to offer for the consideration of the Board some of the reasons which influenced your Committee in making a portion of the above selection.

They have selected Webster's Spelling Book and Dictionary, not because they prefer this Author's orthography, but for the reason that he is fast becoming the American standard.

Pierpont's Young Reader is a simple, easy and well selected compilation for beginners in reading. It has, in the opinion of your Committee, as many excellencies as any work of the kind before the public.

The Elements of Agriculture is an interesting and instructive work and might be studied with advantage by all, and especially by farmers. Your Committee deem it not inappropriate that a portion of the time of our Common School pupils should be devoted to learning the elements of a profession which so many of them are destined to fill.

In selecting Murray's Grammar, they were not unaware of the many excellencies of Smith's. With all due deference, however, to the opinions of the Teachers, who prefer the latter, your Committee cannot but think, that a large part of the explanatory matter, which the student is required to memorize, in Smith's, had better have been left to the verbal explanation of the competent teacher. The judgment of the pupil, in the opinion of your Committee, should be exercised in this study as much as possible; it is too often made a mere effort of memory. With respect to the other books, your Committee deem it unnecessary to say anything.


At a meeting of the Board held on the 23d January, the following Committee-men were appointed:

For District No. 1, Samuel S. Biddle, Benjamin G. Carlton, and William White.

For District No. 2, John Rouse, George West and Craven B. Griffin.

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For District No. 3, Richard A. Russel, Joseph Hartley and Edward H. Rhem.
For District No. 4, Jeremiah Fonville, George Hill and Obed Palmer.
For District No. 5, William S. McCoy, Frederick Ipock and William Richardson.
For District No. 6, Robert Brock, Haywood Rhem and James S. White.
For District No. 7, John H. Richardson, Cannon Smith and Erasmus Witherington.
For District No. 8, Solomon Witherington, Lawson W. Davis and Henry Shute.
For District No. 9, William S. Blackledge, Lemuel Hudler and Daniel Andrews.
For District No. 10, Thomas Sparrow, Samuel Bishop and George Cooper.
For District No. 11, Caswell Gardner, Lewis Gwaltney and Asa Edwards.
For District No. 12, William Brewer, William Morris and Samuel R. Street.
For District No. 13, James Roach, Church Chapman and John Bryan.
For District No. 14, Nathan Whitford, William R. Caton and Augustus Latham.
For District No. 15, George Reel, James Ernul and Joseph Hartley.
For District No. 16, Bryan Whitford, Michael Arthur and James Toler, Sen'r.
For District No. 17, Major Willis, William French and James Askins.
For District No. 18, Rufus W. Latham, James F. Lincoln and Enoch Holton.
For District No. 19, John S. Brinson, Daniel Brinson and William B. Brinson.
For District No. 20, Hardy Lee, Zacheus Paul and Benjamin J. Perkins.

For District No. 21, Samuel Scott, William Paul and James Bennet.
For District No. 22, William Bennet, James Tingle and Philip Pipkin.
For District No. 23, William S. Delamar, Stephen Delamar and Stephen F. Harris.
For District No. 24, Solomon Carraway, Zadok Paris and John W. Morris.
For District No. 25, Hawkins Delamar, Benjamin W. Wise and Joseph F. Dixon.
For District No. 26, Leven Wheelington, John Wise and Henry Jones.
For District No. 27, Levi Wharton, Richard Carey and William Holton.
For District No. 28, Samuel Jones, Matthew Holton and C.V. Swan.
For District No. 29, George W. Daniels, William H. Lewis and David Lewis.
For District No. 30, James Miller, Josiah Tingle and Charles Brinson.
For District No. 31, Gabrael Hardison, Amos Rhem and George Perry.
For District No. 32, Vine Allen Tolson, Stephen F. Hardison and Elijah S. Hardison.
For District No. 33, Owen Chesnut, Stephen B. Hollon, and James M. Rowe.
For District No. 34, Needham B. White, John Ferguson and Christopher Dudley.
For District No. 35, Joshua Taylor, Stephen Cavenoe, and B.W. Thorp.
For District No. 36, Elijah Taylor, Alfred H. Casey, and Francis M. Dickerson.
For District No. 37, Oscar P. Dudley, Gaston Taylor and William Small.
For District No. 38, William Ferguson, Francis Mason, and Peter F. Carraway.
For District No. 39, Moses Thomas, Archibald Wallace and Thomas Gilbert.
For District No. 40, Caleb Dixon, Calvin Huff, and Anson Fulshire.
For District No. 41, John Jackson, Lacey Lancaster and Richard Kenion.
For District No. 42, Abram Willis, Lewis Gaskins and Enoch Anderson.
For District No. 43, Hosea Stapleford, Thomas Cutrell and Thomas H. Askins.
For District No. 44, Amos Cutrell, James Caton and Levi Bush.
For District No. 45, Littleton Mason, Dempsey, Salter and St. Clare Pittman.


The following are the Licensed Teachers of the Common Schools of Craven County.

Alden B. Chase,          Stephen Fowler,
William H. Davis,          Josiah Jewell,
Daniel H. Brinson,          John M. Dee,
David Lewis,          James H. White,
John Huffman,          Charles A. White,
Thompson G. Lane,          Mason Lane,
Robert Lewis,          Stephen G. Barrington,
Charles Trippe,          William McDaniel,
Andrew Jackson,          Philip N. Dixon,
Richard B. Smith,          Thomas Richardson,
George S. Hatch,          Cicero Griffin,
Mrs. Jane M. Hodge,          Mrs. E.B. Patridge.


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Images scanned by John B. Green, III.  Text prepared by Victor T. Jones, Jr.
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