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R.F. Broaddus,

T.G. Hyman,

C.E. Foy,
Man. Fertilizer Dept.

C.L. Ives,
Gen. Mang. & Treas.

W.K. Styron,


Manufacturers of

Cotton Seed Products and High Grade Fertilizers

New Bern, N.C.

Factory & Mill,
Neuse River.


Long Distance
Phone No. 125

The New Bern Cotton Oil and Fertilizer Mills commenced business in a small way in 1898, and by fair and liberal treatment of its shippers and customers it has built up the largest business in Cotton Seed, of Independent Mill in Eastern North Carolina. A few years ago this company added to its plant at New Bern a large system cotton gin, besides building cotton gins in the adjoining counties, and handled during the season of 1904 and 1905, nearly Five Thousand bales of the "fleecy staple," the largest sold by any manufacturer in this section.

In 1902 the company commenced the manufacture of fertilizer, and the following year erected a factory, equipped with the most improved machinery, with a capacity of 100 tons of fertilizer per day. Connected with it are storage houses capable of holding several thousand tons, and most conveniently arranged for shipment by cars or boats. Car tracks enter the company's yards, and there is deep water at their extension wharves.

The fertilizers manufactured at the plant, are composed of the best and most carefully selected materials, having been especially prepared for the truck, cotton and tobacco crops of Eastern North Carolina, and are so popular with the farmers, that the demand has constantly increased.

The output during the season of 1905, has been much larger than that of preceding seasons, though many of their competitors in business, have complained of decreasing sales, because of the curtailment of cotton acreage.

The company now has cotton seed shippers, and fertilizer customers in twenty-six counties of North Carolina, and its business in all branches is rapidly increasing. Its plant covers several acres at Riverside (the growing suburb of New Bern), and additions are being made to its buildings, as its needs require. During the past summer, a very handsome three room office building and large brick storage house were erected.

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