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[Image of the West Wing of Tryon Palace]

This part of the former palace stands to-day in good state of preservation, facing George Street, which now obliterates all traces of the foundations of the main building.

In 1778 it is said that New Bern was the metropolis of North Carolina and contained one hundred and fifty houses.

New Bern to-day boasts a population of thirteen thousand, with an assessed valuation of over three millions of dollars in property. The city owns its own water works and electric light plant, which are both efficient and up-to-date. The water supply is derived from deep bored wells, which furnish a never failing supply of pure water. The sanitary condition of the town is excellent, and the city has not suffered from epidemic of any kind since the civil war.

The streets are well lighted, broad and neatly kept, thousands of beautiful shade trees adorn the town and prove not only attractive to the eye, but a source of comfort to man and beast.

Nearly all religious denominations are here represented, and all have good substantial houses of worship.

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