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The Splendidly Equipped Electric Division of the

Describing a loop over 40 miles in lenght, from Norfolk to Virginia Beach, via Cape Henry, thence back via Clapham Junction, runs through the celebrated trucking belt of Princess Anne and Norfolk Counties, Virginia.

This line affords the traveling public the only Strictly Rapid Transit Service between Norfolk and the Sea. The service, equipment and schedule of this line, show thoughtful consideration upon the part of the management for the Comfort, Safety and Welfare of their patrons.

No visitor to Norfolk should fail to "Loop the Loop" over the Electric Division of the Norfolk and Southern, as it affords one of the most enjoyable and instructive side trips to be found around Norfolk.

Virginia Beach, 18 miles from Norfolk, is the only Seaside resort in Virginia, and presents many new and attractive features. Beside the advantages of surf bathing, which is the finest on the Atlantic coast, it is an ideal place for picnics and excursions. The hotel accommodations are unexcelled and numerous cottages and boarding houses are open the year round.

The U.S. Government maintains a life saving station at this point which will prove very interesting to inland visitors, as the men in charge are very courteous and willing to show visitors their apparatus and methods of saving life in cases of accident.

Cape Henry, only six miles from Virginia Beach, is also a very picturesque and historic place, guarding as it does, the lower Chesapeake Bay. It was here, in 1607, that the famous expedition of the London Company landed, which afterwards settled Jamestown.

There are two lighthouses here, the old one, built of stone, standing on a promontory above the sea, was one of the first lighthouses built on the Atlantic coast, and stands today, a dismantled old sentinel loth to quit its post. The new steel structure which stands nearby is modern in all its appliances, and flashes its rays across the surf to guide the mariner in his course.

The sand dunes of Cape Henry have a wide-world reputation and the view from the summit of this mountain of pure sand, is one of singular beauty.

A splendid pavilion by the seaside, affords the visitor all he is looking for in the way of music, dancing, and good things to eat, besides a charming view of old ocean and a whif of pure salt air.

This is an ideal picnic ground also, and special arrangements will be made at any time for moving large parties to and from any of the resorts on this line, by applying to

H.C. HUDGINS, General Freight and Passenger Agent,


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