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always last. The wave of industrial prosperity and development which is sweeping through the entire South, is already nearing flood tide and there is but one of two things for the man of limited means to do, that is to either float his craft now, or forever stay stuck in the sands of past opportunities.

While the price of lands is yet within the reach of men with small capital, it would be the heighth of wisdom upon your part, to make a vigorous effort to secure a home in this rapidly developing country, which offers you more for your money than any other territory to which we can cite you.

To the young man, we beg to say, that there is no better investment for your earnings, to be found anywhere, than you can find right here in Craven county, North Carolina. A few dollars of your monthly earnings if judiciously invested in real estate, will give better returns than Government Bonds, and will prove absolutely as safe.

We can cite you to numerous instances, where young men have started in this section with little or no capital, and to-day are well up in the financial world, free from debt and contented. You can do as well, if you only possess the necessaay perseverance and stick-to-it-iveness, tempered with sober judgment and a firm determination to succeed.

To the men of middle age, who perhaps have spent the better part of their lives in honest toil for the benefit of some corportation, we beg to point out the means of escape from the inevitable discharge from service, which awaits you, when age has incapacitated you from performing an equal amount of labor as that of your younger and more vigorous fellow-workman.

Not speaking disparagingly of corporations or their methods, you are perhaps well aware of the fact that the keen lines of competition in modern business, have forced the corporations to the most rigid economy, and this means the dismissal of the aged and infirm.

Therefore be wise, before it is too late and put forth your best efforts to secure a snug little home in this sun kissed country, with a few acres of ground attached, whereupon you may raise, not only what you consume, but enough beside to pay your taxes, educate your children and provide that nest egg, so essential for the proverbial rainy day.

You see its different down here in this mild climate, from the conditions which prevail North, and West. You do not need so much ground, because you can grow from two to four crops each year, which is equal to four times the area required to grow the same amount of truck in one crop.

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