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Within the brief space of this little booklet, we cannot enter into minute details concerning the many and varied advantages this county has to offer you. The booklet is intended, merely as a feeler, as it were, to bring you into touch with us, if you are interested in bettering your condition.

The facts, figures, and illustrations here given are strictly reliable, and while they compromise but a smattering of what might truthfully be said of this gigantic proposition, we trust may suffice to awaken an interest among those who are seeking a new location in which to establish a permanent home.

For after all it's the man who owns a home that, as a rule, makes the best class of citizen, and it is this class of people we are looking for and stand ready to assist in case they desire to locate in this grand country, we are about to describe. If after a careful perusal of these pages, you desire to know more about this wonderfully favored section, a letter of inquiry, enclosing stamp, addressed to H.C. Hudgins, General Freight and Passenger Agent, Norfolk, and Southern Railroad Company, Norfolk, Va., or H.L. Grant, Industrial Agent, New Bern, N.C., will insure prompt reply, giving you such reliable information as we can consistently obtain, concerning location, climate, soil, prices of land, &c. Better still, come down and see for yourself, if possible, and we will take pleasure in showing you around and assist you in selecting a location.

The oft quoted advice of Horace Greely, "Go West" was in its day alright logic, but there is a final limit, even to the wisdom of good advice, and to-day its usefulness, like its author, has passed away, and an entirely new state of affairs confronts us.

The man who tells you, GO SOUTH YOUNG MAN, GO SOUTH, knows what he is talking about, in fact he is "giving it to you straight."

There is no country on the face of the globe which offers more encouragement to that class of people who are ambitious to get ahead, and willing to work, than the Southland of to-day. While the same salubrious climate and fertility of soil, which could be made to feed the world, has always existed in the Old North State, the golden opportunities which New Bern and vicinity offer to-day, did not always exists, neither will they

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