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There is one very important matter which we wish to impress upon the minds of all tourists and homeseekers, and that is, the


Form the only direct short cut from the East, middle West and North, to the Eastern or coastal section of this beautiful and prosperous country which this booklet describes.

Their ability to take care of the Emigrant, Homeseeker and the Tourist, is second to none, and we can assure you of courteous treatment, first class service, direct connections, and equable rates, together with all desirable information, which can consistently be furnished.

We will not only look after you in coming in, but will assist you in finding a suitable location and take care of your outbound business when you have settled, and begin to produce things for shipment.

A letter addressed to H.C. Hudgins, General Freight and Passenger Agent, Norfolk and Southern Railroad Co., Norfolk, Va., will receive prompt and courteous attention, and bring you all necessary information concerning Freight and Passenger rates, time of trains, connections, etc.

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