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1893 Business Directory, Pt 8

Bibliographical Information:
Business Directory of the City of New Berne, N.C.: To Which is Added Historical and Statistical Matter of Interest (Raleigh, N.C.: Edwards and Broughton, 1893), 91 p.
One of New Bern's earlier city directories, this volume includes detailed information about the city's businesses and citizens. With the absence of the 1890 federal census, this book constitutes the largest printed listing of the residents of New Bern for that period.

Due to the number of images, this directory has been divided into several web pages. This page contains Advertisements [Pages 78-92 (Back Cover)].

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Font matter, Title Page and Editor's Notes [Pages 1 (Front Cover)-10]

Historical and Statistical Matter [Pages 11-29]

Advertisements [Pages 30-36]

Directory, Last Names Beginning A-J [Pages 37-48]

Directory, Last Names Beginning K-Y [Pages 49-60]

Advertisements [Pages 61-70]

Classified Directory [Pages 71-77]

Advertisements [Pages 78-92 (Back Cover)]--This page

[Page 78]

Mrs. E.F. Dillingham,

Bookseller and Stationer, Dealer in Art Needle Work Supplies, School Books and School Supplies a Specialty.

143 Middle Street.


Mark Disosway successor to James Redmon,

Dealer in Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Tobacco,

Agent for the Celebrated Lagrange Cognac.

Old Family "B" XXXX Rye.

67 South Front St., two Doors East of Gaston House, New-Berne, N.C.


W.G. Brinson

Fire Insurance Agency

Office, No. 65 South Front Street


Geo. Henderson

Fire and Marine Insurance, New Bern, N.C.

Only First Class Companies Represented.

[Page 79]

John D. Dinkins,

Dealer in Best of Wines, Liquors, Cigars, and Tobaccos.

Pays highest cash prices for Beeswax, Hides (Green or Dry.)

Always on the lookout for Coon, Fox and Deer Hides, and all other kinds of skin.

See him, next door to K.R. Jones, 54 and 56 Middle Street, New Berne, N.C.

Pure North Carolina Corn Whisky a Specialty.

[Page 80]

J.J. Baxter

Dry Goods, Clothing and Fine Shoes, New Store.    New Goods.

E.P. Reed & Co's Celebrated Ladies Shoes.

91 Middle St., Nearly Opp. Baptist Church.


S.R. Street

Insurance and Real Estate Agent, Notary Public. Justice of the Peace.

No. 79 South Front Street, New Berne, N.C.


F. Ulrich

Wholesale Grocer. Agency...Hazard Gun Powder, and Old Virginia Cheroots.

Paints, Oils, Ropes, Twines, and Canvas. Horsford Bread Preparation.

46 Middle Street, New Berne, N.C.


C.L. Spencer,

Commission Merchant and Dealer in Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran and All Kinds of Feed.

No. 21 Middle Street.

[Page 81]

D.F. Jarvis,

Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes. Carpets a Specialty.

63 Pollock St., New Berne, N.C.


J.C. McNaughton Co.,

Wholesale Dealers in Lumber and Railroad Ties,

216 South Third Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


[Page 82]

J.S. Garrett's Saloon

Wines, Liquors, Ales, Beer, Cigars, Tobacco.

Very best goods always kept in stock. Polite and prompt attention to all.

Pure Old N.C. Corn Whisky a Specialty.

No. 38 Middle St.


William H. Oliver,

No. 57 South Front Street, New Berne, N.C.

Insurance Agent and Adjuster.

A number of time-tried and fire-tested Companies. Over $125,000,000 Assets Represented. Notary Public and Commissioner of Deeds for New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania. Agent for Nation Board of Marine Underwriters.



Billiards and Pool

Under Hotel Albert

A Quiet Place with Polite Attention.

Frank T. Patterson, Proprietor.

[Page 83]

Rochester Brewing Company

Rochester, New York

Proprietors and Bottlers of the Celebrated Rienzi Beer

Warranted to be Absolutely Pure.

It is manufactured only from selected Canadian Malt, and the Choicest Imported Hops.

Sold to the trade all over the United States in bottles only.

Sold in New Berne by "Jimmie," No. 75 Middle Street, and J.F. Taylor, No. 18-22 Middle Street.

J.W. Watson, New Berne, Agent.

[Page 84]

Dr. J.D. Clark


Office, No. 86 Craven Street Newbern, N.C.


T.F. McCarthy,

Wholesale and Retail Groceries and General Store,

McCarthy's Square, New Berne, N.C.


J.M. Howard

Clothier and Men's Furnisher.

No. 53 Pollock St. New-Berne, N.C.


Bergeron's Café

Purest Wines, Liquors, Ales, Beer, &c., &c.

Cigars and Tobacco

Most Elegantly Fitted Bar in the City.

Choice Drinks to Order.   Polite Attention to Trade.

No. 71 South Front Street, Under Gaston House.

[Page 85]

Law Office of J.E. O'Hara,

31 Craven St., Near South Front.

Practices in the United States and State Courts.


Hugh L. Banks

Tonsorial Artist

Everything Strictly First-Class.

No. 93 Middle St., Five Doors North of Hotel Albert.

Politeness and Strict Attention to Business is my Motto.

Hot Baths Day or Night. Only Shop in the City with Baths Attached.

[Page 86]

Henderson, Pfiel & Co., Manufacturers

Cakes, Crackers, and Fancy Biscuits.

25 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, Md.


For Everything You Want Go To

J.F. Taylor's,

Largest Wholesale and Retail House in the City.

Full Line Groceries, Ship Chandlery, Oil and Rubber Goods. The Best and Most Complete Line of Wines, Liquors, &c. To be had.

Corn Whiskey from the most renowned distillers in the State.

[Page 87]

A.M. Edwards

61 Broad St.

Dealer in Wines, Liquors, Ales, Beer, Cigars, etc.

Full Line Bottled Goods Always on Hand.

Sole Agent for the celebrated Budweiser Export Beer.


Fernie Gaskill & Co.,

Dealers in and Shippers of Fresh and Salt Fish, Oysters, Terrapins, Etc., Etc.

14 Middle St., New Berne, N.C.

Fish Shipped C.O.D. to all points in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia at short notice Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Green Front Novelty Store,

No. 59 Middle St., opposite K.R. Jones.

Headquarters for All Kinds of Musical Instruments, also Solid and Plated Jewelry, Watches, Etc.

The only special house in the city for Pictures, Frames and Easels. Prices Moderate.

D.M. Wallnan.

[Page 88]

I. Wayne Eubank

Auctioneer, Commission Merchant, Real Estate Agent and Broker.

Regular Sale Days Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Consignments Solicited. Dealer in Real Estate. Investment Securities a Specialty.

Office and Sales Rooms on Craven St.  New-Berne, N.C.


R.W. Williamson,

Attorney at Law

No. 62 Craven St., New Berne, N.C.

Will practice in the Courts of Craven, Jones, Lenoir, Onslow and Pamlico counties, and all the Federal Courts. Conveyancing and Management of Real Estate a Specialty.


Timothy Bow

Tonsorial Artist

Finest Chairs in the City. Hair-Cutting and Shaving in an Artistic and Satisfactory Manner

140 Middle Street

[Page 89]

Edwards & Broughton,

Publishers, Printers and Binders,

Raleigh, N.C.

[Page 90]

Sol. Cohen

The Red Star Clothier

The Leading Clothier, Hatter and Furnisher

Also Dealer in Shoes, Dry Goods, Ladies' Goods, Trunks and Valises.

No. 77 Middle Street, New Berne, N.C.

[Page 91]

The Wilmington, Newbern and Norfolk Railway

The Only Direct Line between Wilmington and Newbern.

Two Daily Passenger Trains, First-class Service, Only three and one-half hours between the two cities.

Double Daily Freight Service, only four and one-half hours in transit.

Connects at Newbern with Boat Lines, and with A. & N. C. R. R. for all Northern and Western points, and at Wilmington with the different lines for the South.

Through Tickets and Through Bills Lading. Freight handled with dispatch.

For information, address

H.A. Whiting, Gen. Manager.     J.W. Martenis, G.F. and P.A., Wilmington, N.C.

John S. Manix, Agent, Newbern, N.C.     T.C. McIlhenny, Jr., Agent, Wilmington, N.C.

[Page 92, back cover]

1862     1893

Watches, Clocks and Jewelry

I keep the best selection of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Solid Silver and Plated Ware, Spectacles, And in fact all kinds of goods in my line, to be found in Eastern Carolina.

Having worked at the bench for Forty Years, I am satisfied I can do your work to suit you.

All Work Guaranteed.    Come and See Me.

Sam. K. Eaton

The Jeweler,

No. 97 Middle Street, Opposite the Baptist Church.


Gaskill's Pharmacy

Geo. W. Gaskill, Prop.

Prescriptions carefully compounded. A full and complete stock of Toilet Articles, Perfumes and Patent Medicines.

Corner Middle and Pollock Streets


O. Marks & Son

Wholesale Dry Goods and Shoes.

Always the Cheapest.

71 and 73 Pollock St., New Berne, N.C.

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Images scanned by Dean Knight.
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