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1893 Business Directory, Pt 4

Bibliographical Information:
Business Directory of the City of New Berne, N.C.: To Which is Added Historical and Statistical Matter of Interest (Raleigh, N.C.: Edwards and Broughton, 1893), 91 p.
One of New Bern's earlier city directories, this volume includes detailed information about the city's businesses and citizens. With the absence of the 1890 federal census, this book constitutes the largest printed listing of the residents of New Bern for that period.

Due to the number of images, this directory has been divided into several web pages. This page contains Directory, Last Names Beginning A-J [Pages 37-48]. Note that the names ARE NOT in alphabetical order, but are grouped according to the first letter of the last name.

Other sections of this directory:

Font matter, Title Page and Editor's Notes [Pages 1 (Front Cover)-10]

Historical and Statistical Matter [Pages 11-29]

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[Page 37]



















AGOSTINE F M, bkpr, r 124 Broad

Agostine N B, clk, 124 Broad

Allen W F (c), barber, 68 Middle

American House (boarding), N Whitford propr, 86 Middle

Arpin Nicholas, shoemaker, 42 Pollock

Atlantic Steam Fire Engine Co, W D Barrington Foreman, 47—49 Craven

Atlantic and North Carolina R R pass depot, 30 Queen

Atlantic and North Carolina R R frt depot, head East Front

Atlantic and North Carolina R R, offices 26—28 Queen

Avery Wm (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co.


BRAGAW & RICHARDSON, produce dealers, 25 Middle

Beider L, clothing, 37 Middle

Barrington W D, clothing and furnishing, 67 Middle, r 62 South Front

Bell C S, jeweler, 83 Middle, r 127 Middle

Berry Richard, druggist, 87 Middle, r same

Baxter J J, dry goods and clothing, 91 Middle, r 62 South Front

Banks Hugh L (c), barber, 93 Middle

Baxter E B, jeweler, 99 Middle, r 22 Eden

Brock H B, mgr drug store C C Green estate, 3 Middle, r 17 Change

[Page 38]


Barrington A L, clk, r 16 Pollock

Bryan E W, saloon, 51 South Front, r 70 Burn

Bryan Merrill, bartender, 51 South Front

Bryan Jerry, bartender, South Front

Bradham C D, grain dealer, 24 Craven, r 27 Pollock

Broadstreet G C, clk, 22 Craven, r 176 South Front

Bryan E K, cotton weigher, Cotton Exchange, r 135 Craven

Bryan W P M, at So Ex Co, 18 Craven, r 188 Middle

Bishop W H, steamboat clk, r 55 New

Burrus, J Leo, steamboat clk, r East Front and New

Bishop E K, commission merchant, near O D whf r 55 New

Battle Gen C A, journalist, r 33 Pollock

Bryan, Miss Mary L, manager W U Tel Co, 71 Craven, r 23 Broad

Berry E T, painter, 141 Middle, r 139 Pollock

Biddle J W, Register of Deeds, court-house, r 29 Pollock

Barnum E H, accountant, r 131 Broad

Bray N A, clk H and W, 47—49 Pollock

Baxter H E, clk H and W 47—49, r 96 Middle

Boyd W B, insurance agent and collector, 150 Middle

Bagby Dr G K, dentist, 95 Middle, r same

Benton Dr J H, dentist, 99 Middle, r 36 New

Barham David E (c), jailor, county jail

Ball S R, dep clk court, r 130 Pollock

Boyd W G, clk A and N C R R office, r 151 Middle

Bragaw S C, lawyer, 71 Middle, upstairs, r 117 Pollock

Brinkley Alex, clk, r 165 Broad

Brinson H T, policeman, r 26 Spring

Bishop Geo, box mfr and undertaker, 100 Hancock, r 55 New

Bynum A L, grocer, 119 Hancock, r same

Boyd W G, machinist A and N C R R, r Hancock’s boarding­house

Bryan Green, collector Nat Bank, r cor Johnson and Middle

Boon Jno A, meat market, 154 Broad

Blount Sylvester (c), barber, 164 Broad

Brinson J G, painter A and N C R R shops, r 26 Spring

Burrus W P & Co, com mchts, 34 Middle, r East Front and New

Bowden F M, grocer, 44 Middle, r 15 George

Bowden Thos, saloon, 52 Middle, r 115 Craven

Blumgardt S, saloon, 126 Middle, r 13 Broad

Baugert E D, jeweler, 140 Middle, r 21 Hancock

[Page 39]


Bow Timothy (c), barber, 140 Middle

Bryan James A, Pres Nat Bank, r 151 Middle.

Brock X M, horse dealer, 70 South Front, r 17 Change

Branson W G, insurance agency, 65 South Front, r 94 Broad

Bergeron B W, saloon, 71 South Front, r Fulford House.

Bowden J W, clk, r 29 Hancock

Brinson Benj, mechanic, r 8 Metcalf

Berry R H, insurance agent, r 25 Hancock.

Barrington & Co, sewing machines, 82 Broad

Barrington J B (B & Co), r 82 Broad

Barrington W R (B & Co), 282 Broad

Bowden G D, grocer, 75 Broad, r 118 Broad

Brinson W W, locomotive engineer A and N C R R, r cor Metcalf and South Front

Bishop W H, watchman A and N C R R, r Fair Grounds

Bishop S C, clk, r 55 New

Brice Jno H (c), meat market, 12 Pasteur

Blades W B, r113 East Front.

Bryant Prout (c), Trent River Lumber Co.

Bryant Asa (c), Trent River Lumber Co.

Bryant Owen (c), Trent River Lumber Co.

Bryant Virgil (c), meat market, 55 Broad

Bryan Judge H R (Superior Court), r 68 East Front

Barnes James (c), employe Congdon & Co

Banks Nat (c), employe Congdon & Co

Bryant J C (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Bryant A (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Bryant Jesse (c) employe Stinson Lumber Co

Blount B W (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co.

Bull Rev Edward, r 13 George

Boesser Frederick, cabinet maker, r 93 Craven

Basnight J S, mgr New Berne Lumber Co, r 46 East Front

Bishop R H, clk, r 55 New

Butt Rev J F, pastor M E Church, Hancock, r 17 New

Brown Henry (c), huckster, Mace’s corner, foot Middle st


COHEN J S, mgr Champion Clothing House, r 57 Middle

Cohen Ed, clk, r 57 Middle

Champion Clothing House, 57 Middle

Credle Clauss, clk, r 62 South Front

Cutler L H & Co, hardware, 69 Middle

[Page 40]


Cutler L H, pres Farmers and Merchants Bank, 65 Pollock r 94 Pollock

Citizens Bank, 71 Middle

Cohen Sol, clothing, 77 Middle, r 89 Pollock

Cohen W H, clk 77 Middle, r 89 Pollock

Cox W S, clk r 104 Pollock

Cohen A, pianos and organs, 99 Middle, r Hotel Albert

Cotton Exchange, 20 Craven

Carraway D T, Supt Cotton Exchange, r 12 Broad

Crabtree Jno H & Co, founders and machinists, 33 to 41 Craven

Crabtree Jno H, r 107 South Front

City Hall and Offices, 51 Craven

Cox E B, trucker, 54 Craven

Cox P S, r 54 Craven

Cox W B, bartender, 126 Middle, r 45 Middle (upstairs)

Camron Mack, pressman, 64 Craven

Clarke W E, postmaster, r 109 East Front

Chadwick F M, tailor, 43 Pollock, r 36 East Front

Carraway T D, clk, r 12 Broad

Case E M, clk, r 128 East Front

Court House Craven County, cor Craven and Broad

County Jail Craven County, cor Craven and Broad

Credle B G, clk Register Deeds, court-house, r 62 South Front

Clark Dr J D, dentist, 86 Craven, r same

Churchill L L, tinner, r 77 Pollock

Clark C C, lawyer, 79 Pollock, r 85 Pollock

Clark W W, lawyer, 79 Pollock, r 85 Pollock

Clark & Clark, lawyers, 79 Pollock, r 85 Pollock

Clark C C, jr, machinist, r 85 Pollock

Clark Edward E, r 79 Pollock

Clark Edward, clk, r 85 Pollock

Clark G L, clk, r 85 Pollock

Clark J P, civil engineer W N & N R R, r cor New and East Front

Coward Mrs Delia, grocer, 121 Pollock, r 123 Pollock

Cook Samuel, carriage maker, 126 Pollock, r same

Cox E B, jr, clk, r 138 Broad

Carpenter E W, claim and real estate agent, 48 Broad, r same

Charlton G E, machinist, r 22 New

Congdon & Co, saw and planing mills, head East Front

[Page  41]


Colligan Wm, saloon, 31 Queen, r 116 Hancock

Congdon D, r 161 Graves

Congdon J F, r 161 Graves

Case Needham, construction master Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad, r 128 East Front

Clark J B, r 115 East Front

Clark Lumber Co, office No 1 King

Clark J F, grocer, 36 Middle, r 109 Hancock

Caho W T, lawyer, 76 South Front, r Fulford House

Credle Mrs B G, boarding-house, 62 South Front

Credle Mrs S E, boarding-house, 37 South Front

Cohn S & Son, meat market, 81 South Front

Cohn Isaac, r cor King and Graves

Chapman M W (c), merchandise, 83 South Front

Carter L J, machine agent, r 9 Pollock

Carraway J R B, Treasurer National Bank, r 7 Broad

Carraway J E, clk National Bank, r 7 Broad

Collins Jack, printer, r 20 Metcalf

Collins J C, watchman, r 20 Metcalf

Crispen Wm (c), Trent River Lumber Co

Case C E, clk, r 128 East Front

Chadwick E W, ast frt agt Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad, r 89 Hancock

Cooper J L, manager Trent River Lumber Co, r 87 Hancock

Chadwick W S, President Atlantic and North Carolina Rail­road, r Hotel Albert

Clark James B, r 111 East Front

Crawford Virgil (c), employe Congdon & Co

Clark James (c), employe Congdon & Co

Charles James (c), employe Congdon & Co

Cradle Grant (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Crockett Wm (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Curtis Wm (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Charlotte W E, painter, r 141 Pollock

Coplon S, dry goods, 28 Middle


DAIL G D. bookkeeper, r 82 Pollock

Daniels John, fish dealer, 10 Middle

Disosway C, r 30 East Front

Davenport B B, clerk, r 122 Pollock

Daniels Thomas, fish and oyster dealer, 11 Middle, r 95 Pollock

[Page 42]

Davis & Arnold (c), saloon, 47 Middle

Duffy F S, druggist, 61 Middle, r 18 George

Duffy S S, drug clerk, 61 Pollock, r 18 George

Duffy J B, drug clerk, 61 Pollock, r 18 George

Dannenberg E, bottler, 22 Craven, r cor Graves and King

Disosway & Churchill, mill supplies, 43 Craven.

Disosway J J, r 118 Pollock

Dunn John, grocer and confectioner, 55 and 57 Pollock, r 150 Middle

Duffy H B, dry goods, 67 Pollock, r 27 Pollock

Dewey T W, cashier Farmers and Merchants Bank, 65 Pollock, r 66 Broad

Dillingham Mrs E F, books and stationery, 143 Middle.

Duffy Dr Charles, physician and surgeon, 116 Middle, r 120 Pollock

Dill S L, Superintendent Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad, r 122 Broad

Duguid Dr J W physician and surgeon, 90 Middle, r 111 Pollock

Duguid Edward, Supt Meadows Grist Mill, r 111 Pollock.

Davis Capt Peter, steamer Neuse, r 138 Pollock

Dixon J B, policeman, r 67 Craven

Daves Edward Graham, r 43 Broad

Duffy Dr Leinster, 59 Broad, r 65 Broad

Duncan C D, locomotive engineer Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad, r 82 New

Douglas Frederic (c), claim agent, r and office 74 New South Front

Dail Miss Hattie, teacher Collegiate Institute, r 82 Pollock

Davis J P C, clerk Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad freight depot, r 35 South Front

Duffy Dr Francis, 116 Middle, r Hotel Albert

Davis T H, furniture, 58 Middle, r 35 South Front

Dunn William, President New Berne Ice Company, and trucker, r 150 Middle

Dudley E R (c), trucker, r Macadamized Road

Davis Mrs Eliza, r 35 South Front

Disosway Mark, wholesale liquor dealer, 67 South Front, r Hancock

Draney P M, hardware, 97 and 99 South Front, r 96 South Front

Dough Augustus, r 98 South Front

[Page 43]

Dennison Maj A R, r cor Metcalf and South Front

Duffy R N, r Hotel Albert

Disosway R J, grocer, cor South Front and Jones, r same

Dunn W T, jeweler, 8 Pasteur

Dockham C M, Secretary and Treasurer Stinson Lumber Co., r 12 Queen

Dinkins J D, saloon, 66 Middle and 54 Middle

Dennis W H, fruits, etc, 38 Middle

Dudley George (c), employe Congdon & Co

Dudley William (c), employe Congdon & Co

Davis L A, clerk, r 56 Metcalf

Dickerson E W, clerk, r 19 Metcalf

Dowdy H H, boarding-house, 14 East Front

Duffy Miss Alice, taxidermist, r 18 George


EATON S K, jeweller, 97 Middle, r 115 Pollock

East Carolina Dispatch (steamboat line) office, 4 Craven, Geo Henderson agt

Ellis Wm, mayor, r 85 Pollock

Ellis W B shingle mill, r 25 Pollock

Ellis Jno H, bkpr, 29 South Front, r 85 Pollock

Elliott Eli, policeman, 29 Jerman

Edwards A M, saloon, 61 Broad

Emmett Wm, machinist Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops, r 83 Pollock

Elliott & Green (c), barbers, 116½ Middle

Ellis Mrs E B, coal-yard etc, J H Ellis mgr, 29 South Front, r 25 Pollock

Emmett L C, machinist Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops, r 83 Pollock

Edwards W R (c), blacksmith Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops

Ellis Sandy (c), laborer Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops.

Eubank I Wayne (c), auctioneer, etc, Craven, r 45 Burn

Elliott S P, Stinson Lumber Co

Edwards C R F, engineer and machinist, r 54 Metcalf

East Carolina Barrel Factory, B B Neal mgr, on Trent river, foot Hancock

Ellis’ Turpentine Still, J H Ellis mgr, East Front

 [Page 44]


FOY C E, cashier Citizens Bank, r 175 Middle

FOY C B, Supt City of New Berne Water Co, and New Berne Sewerage Co, 16 Craven, r 175 Middle

Foy D F, clk Citizens Bank, r 175 Middle

Fowler’s Ferry, foot Pollock

Fisher Emanuel (c), green grocer, 73 Broad

Follman C, merchandise, 103 Hancock, r same

Fulford House, 41 South Front

Fulford W, Fulford House

Ferrebee Mrs A B, teacher Collegiate Institute, r 59 New

Fulford J W, locomotive engineer Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad

Folsom Z R, general manager Stinson Lumber Co, r 12 Queen

Fox Harvey, employe Congdon & Co

Fox Wm, employe Congdon & Co

Fleming Jno (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co.

Fleming G (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Ford Rev Rufus, pastor Baptist church, Middle, r 2 Johnson


GASKILL E T, clk, 65 Middle

Groves H M, Teller Citizens Bank, r 9 Johnson

Green Thos A, President Citizens Bank, r 96 Pollock

Guion O H, lawyer, 71 Middle, upstairs, r 186 Middle

Green C C, mgr of est of H B Brock, drugs, 103 Middle

Gerock E, photographer, 107 Middle, upstairs, r cor Graves and Union

Gaskill Geo W, druggist, southeast cor Middle and Pollock, r Hancock

Gaskill Charles L, journalist, r 31 Hancock

Gates & Oliver, cotton brokers, 19 Craven

Gates Thomas, r 19 Broad

Gray Ralph, agent N N and W Direct Line Steamboat, 1 Craven, r 22 Pollock.

Gaskill J E, clk, r 43 Craven

Gaskins J C, clk, r 7 Broad

Guion W R, agent Standard Oil Co, foot Craven, r 82 Pollock

Green J C, machinist, r 58 East Front

Gaston House, 71 to77 South Front

Gaskins J D, clk, r 7 Broad

Griffin A L, r Hancock

Green H J (c), Insurance and Notary Public, 61 South Front

[Page 45]

Gibbs John (c), Trent River Lumber Co

Guion Dr John A, r 184 Middle

Guion B S, genl mgr New Berne Ice Co, r 184 Middle

Green Miss E P, r 168 Middle

Green Mrs Geo, Sr, 172 Middle

Gooding R J, druggist, 96 Middle, r 39 Hancock

Gaskill N M, tailor, 84 Middle, r 31 Hancock

Garrett J S, saloon, 38 Middle, r same

Gaskill Fernie & Co, fish dealers, 14 Middle

Gaskins H, Grocer, 105 East Front

Grice Sam (c), laborer Trent River Lumber Co

Gaskins A J, car inspector A and N C R R, Griffith

Gaskins W D, carpenter A and N C R R, r 121 East Front

Green Geo, clk U S District Court, 72 South Front, r 172 Middle

Gautur Louis, clk, 48 Middle

Greenabaum Bros, canning factory, East Front

Gibbs H L, lawyer, r 23 Johnson

Gillahunt Lemuel (c), employe Congdon & Co

Gaskill Fernie, r 42 South Front

George Rev T N M, rector Episcopal Church, cor Pollock and Middle, r 82 Craven

Green J C, engineer Atlantic steam fire engine


HACKBURN E B, r 101 Pollock

Hudson Samuel, clk, r 65 New

Hill C B, grain dealer, east side Market Dock, r 37 East Front

Hill E G, United States Commissioner and Justice of the Peace, cor South Front and Hancock, r 136 Pollock

Hines J M, ins agt, r 99 Middle, upstairs

Hines Mrs J M, boarding-house, 99 Middle, upstairs

Hill H V, grocer, 39 Middle, r 101 Craven

Hauff J F, clk, r 21 Pollock

Hotel Albert, 81 Middle, M Patterson & Son proprs

Hughes Dr F W, 85 Middle, r cor Pollock and Craven

Holland J B, dry goods, 95 Middle, r 120 Broad

Havens Jonathan, cotton weigher Cotton Exchange, r 112 East Front

Henderson George, ins agt, 4 Craven, r 100 Broad

Holland H B, steamboat clk E C D line, r 108 South Front

Hill R R, printer, r 30 Pollock

Harper E E, ed Newbern Journal, r Hotel Albert

[Page 46]

Hancock C T, local ed Newbern Journal, r 106 Hancock

Howard J M, clothing and furnishings, 53 Pollock, r 15 Pollock

Hassell Durham, confectioner, 41 Pollock

Hall H L, books and stationery, 43 Pollock, r 192 Middle

Hackburn E B, r 101 Pollock

Howard M R, ins agt, 65 Pollock, r Hotel Albert

Hardison F J, well-borer, r 142 Pollock

Harget J M, r 160 Pollock

Harrison J M, grocer, cor Spring and Pollock

Hackburn J H, wholesale and retail grocer, 171 Broad

Hussey J E (c), 169 Broad

Harget D A, druggist, 153 Broad, r 131 Broad

Hurtt S F, policeman, r 175 Pollock

Hughes Dr J B, r 88 Broad

Hughes N C, broker, 65 Pollock, r 88 Broad

Hamilton S C, jr, lumber dealer

Hancock’s Boarding-House, 105 Hancock

Hatsell Benjamin, machinist Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad, r 29 New

Hancock C K, conductor Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad, r 15 Union

Howard J J, ship builder, r 169 Middle

Howard S W, ship carpenter, r 24 Queen

Hollister J T, r cor Broad and George

Hollister & Cox, brokers and commission merchants, 53 South Front

Hodges Prof J D, principal Newbern Collegiate Institute, r 72 East Front

Harrison W B, moulder Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops, r cor Spring and Pollock

Hill W T, r 100 South Front

Hill W T & Co, job printers and rubber stamp mfrs, 61 South Front

Hibble J G, Stinson Lumber Co

Hatch J R, horse dealer, 92 Middle

Hill H C (c), green grocer, 55 Broad

Hill Lewis (c), fireman Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops

Harrell J W, saloon, 26 Middle

Humphrey Hill (Big Ike), dry goods and clothing, 48 Middle, r 54 Hancock

 [Page 47]

Hahn M & Co, livery and sales stables, 120 and 122 Middle

Hahn M, r 18 Pollock

Hahn Benj, r 18 Pollock

Hahn F M, r 18 Pollock

Havens E (c), shoemaker 130k Middle

Hall J T & Bro, gunsmiths, 78 South Front

Hall J T, r 78 South Front

Hall John, r 78 South Front

Hollister C S, wholesale grocer, 59 South Front, r 147 Graves

Holly M P (c), tailor, 95 South Front

Holland Mrs Margaret, 108 South Front

Hackburn & Willett, general merchandise, wholesale and retail, 47 and 49 Pollock

Hines D S, clk; r 67 Pollock

Howerton W H, clk, r 67 Craven

Hill C S, clk, 67 Pollock

Hollowell M L. clk, 73 Pollock

Hollister Miss Nettie, school, r cor Broad and George

Heath Miss Mollie, school, r 88 Pollock

Hancock R D, deputy sheriff, r cor King and Graves

Hancock Robert, collector customs, r cor King and Graves

Huff Helen, merchandise, cor South Front and Spring

Hill Stephen (c), merchandise, cor South Front and German

Hyman Charlotte, eating house, Bragg’s alley

Harvey Capt Edward, 45 Middle

Harvey Maj W H, r Fulford House

Hill Wm (c), employe Congdon & Co.

Hollowell Milton, employe Congdon & Co

Hicks Wm (c) employe Congdon & Co

Hines Robert (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Harris Charles (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Hancock J W, carpenter, r 189 Middle

Hensley J D, pulpmaker, r 175 South Front

Hooten W H, r 135 Pollock

Hughes Mrs John, r 43 Broad

Hamilton G W, huckster, 29 Middle



Ipock W M, grocer, 169 South Front, r same

Ives C L, mgr Congdon & Co, r 17 Johnson

Ives Geo N & Son, fish and oyster dealers, 12 Middle

Ives Geo N, r 108 East Front

[Page 48]

Ives J B, r 108 East Front

Irvin L H, clk, 189 Middle

Ives Chas L, bkpr Congdon & Co


JUSTICE ALEXANDER, bkpr, r 83 East Front

Jones J H, clk, r 52 Craven

Jones R D V, pharmacist, 111 Middle, r cor New and Metcalf

Justice Farnifold, clk, r 83 East Front

Jarvis D F, dry goods, 63 Pollock, r cor Craven and Broad

Jordan C C, blacksmith, rear Stewart’s stables

Johnson Matt (c), meat market, 215 Pollock

Jarvis W H (c), barber, 164 Broad

Joseph Rosa, merchandise, 53 Broad

Joyner G (c), groceries, 18 Pasteur

Jones Virgil (c), Trent River Lumber Co

Jones K R, general merchandise, 64 Middle, r cor New and Metcalf

Jones Rayner, clk, r cor New and Metcalf

Jordan J V, druggist, 144 Middle, r 52 Broad

Jones J A, livery and sales stables, 70 South Front, r cor New and Metcalf

Jackson James, merchandise, 117 South Front

Jones Asa, clk, r cor Pollock and Eden

Jones D S, r George

Jones Miss Leah, school, r 5 Johnson

Jones G C, stone cutter, 22 Broad, r 30 Broad

Jones W P, furniture, 63 Middle, r 24 Metcalf

Jackson House, colored boarding, 93 South Front

Jones & Co, barrel mfrs, Union Point

Jackson W H, wood yard, Bronson’s wharf

Jackson Sam (c) blacksmith, Bronson’s wharf

Jones Peter (c) wood yard, wharf rear J F Taylor’s

Johnson Jas (c) employe Congdon & Co

Johnson Henry (c), employe Congdon & Co

Jones John (c) employe Stinson Lumber Co

Johnston R (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co.

Jones Leo (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Jackson Silas (c), bartender, 18 Middle

Jones Miss Leah, school, r cor New arid Metcalf

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