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1893 Business Directory, Pt 7

Bibliographical Information:
Business Directory of the City of New Berne, N.C.: To Which is Added Historical and Statistical Matter of Interest (Raleigh, N.C.: Edwards and Broughton, 1893), 91 p.
One of New Bern's earlier city directories, this volume includes detailed information about the city's businesses and citizens. With the absence of the 1890 federal census, this book constitutes the largest printed listing of the residents of New Bern for that period.

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Historical and Statistical Matter [Pages 11-29]

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Directory, Last Names Beginning A-J [Pages 37-48]

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Classified Directory [Pages 71-77]--This page

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[Page 71]



Citizens, 71 Middle, Thos A Green, president

Farmers and Merchants, 65 Pollock, L H Cutler president.

National Bank of New Berne, Jas A Bryan president, 51 Pollock


Allen W F (c), 68 Middle

Banks H L (c), 93 Middle

Blount Sylvester (c), 164 Broad

Bow Timothy (c), 140 Middle

Elliott & Green (c), 116½ Middle

Jarvis W H (c), 164 Broad

Shepard W H (c), 69 South Front

Spruill P W (c), 85 South Front


American House, N Whitford prop

Credle Mrs B G, 62 South Front

Credle Mrs S E, 37 South Front

Dowdy H H, 14 East Front

Fulford House, 41 South Front

Hancock House, 105 Hancock

Hines Mrs J M, 99 Middle

Hotel Albert, 81 Middle, M Patterson & Son props

Moore Wright, 40 South Front

Smith Mrs F M, 90 Middle

Smith Miss W B, 37 East Front

Willis C F, 104 South Front

[Page 72]


Brice Jno H (c), Pasteur

Cohn S & Son, 81 South Front

Johnston Matt (c), 215 Pollock

Nelson Chas E, 67 Broad

Swert B, 49 Middle and 51 Broad

Stover Chas, 51 Broad

Williams B F (c), 53 Middle

Warren John, 55 Middle



Cook Sam’I, 126 Pollock

Waters G H & Son, 78 Broad

Winfield & Son, 66 Broad



Barrington W D, 67 Middle

Cohen J S, 57 Middle

Cohen Sol, 77 Middle

Howard J M, 53 Pollock

Humphrey Hill, 48 Middle

Rosenbaum J, 35 and 65 Middle

Schultz L & Co, 107 and 109 Middle

Smith A J, 79 Middle



Bryan E K, Cotton Exchange

Caraway D T, 20 Craven

Gates & Oliver, 19 Craven

Green Thos A, 71 Middle

Havens Jonathan, Cotton Exchange

La Montagne Pierre, Old Dominion Wharf

Latham J E, 3 Craven

Manley M, 18 Craven

Mebane C D, Cotton Exchange

Meyer Frank, Cotton Exchange

Redmond James, Cotton Exchange

Simmons F G, 18 Craven

[Page 73]


Bishop E K, near Old Dominion Wharf

Burrus W P & Co, 34 Middle

Hollister & Cox, 53 South Front

La Montagne Pierre, Old Dominion wharf

Latham J E, 3 Craven

Rountree W F, 65 South Front



Hancock J W, r 189 Middle

Latham J E, 3 Craven

McKay J A, A & N C R R shops

Marshall T E, A & N C R R shops

Moseley D G (c)

Mackey S (c)

Taylor Elijah, A & N C R R shops

Taylor J B, A & NC RR shops

Wood D B, A & N C R R shops



First Baptist, South Front, Rev John Johnston (c) pastor

Clinton Chappel, Methodist, Norwood st

Cedar Grove Baptist, Fair Grounds, Elder Smiles

Colored Catholic, Middle, Rev P F Quinn

Bethel Methodist, Macadamized Road

Ebenezer Presbyterian, Pasteur

Guildfield Baptist, Pavytown

Newtown Baptist, W H Moon (c) pastor

St Cyprian (c) Episcopal, Queen, Rev S W Cassey



Berry Richard, 87 Middle

Duffy F S, 61 Middle

Green C C, estate of, 103 Middle

Gaskill Geo W, cor Middle and Pollock

Gooding R J, 96 Middle

Jordan J V, 144 Middle

Mace U S, 31 Middle

Jones R D V, 111 Middle

West End Drug Company, 153 Broad

[Page 74]


Baxter J J, 91 Middle

Duffy H B, 67 Pollock

Jarvis D F, 63 Pollock

Hackburn & Willett, 47 and 49 Pollock

Jones K R, 64 Middle

Holland J B, 95 Middle

Marks O & Son, wholesale and retail, 71 and 73 Pollock

Ulrich F, wholesale and retail, 46 Middle



Daniels John, 10 Middle

Daniels Thomas, 11 Middle

Gaskill Fernie & Co, 14 Middle

Ives Geo N & Son, 12 Middle

Lane B B, 16 Middle

Watson C T, 13 Middle



Bynum A L, 119 Hancock

Coward Mrs Delia, 121 Pollock

Clark, J F, wholesale and retail, 36 Middle

Dunn John, 55 and 57 Pollock

Disosway R J, cor South Front and Jones

Harrison J M, cor Spring and Pollock

Hackburn J H, wholesale and retail, 171 Broad

Joyner G (c), 18 Pasteur

Hollister C S, 59 South Front

Lorch Wm, 141 Broad

Lucas & Lewis, 60 Middle

Messic J W, 40 Middle

Parker J R Jr, 77 Broad

Pigott J R, 34 Middle

Roberts & Bro, 80 South Front

Roberts M T, cor Pasteur and Queen

Smaliwood J W, 71 Broad

Scott M J, 24 Middle

Taylor L J, Taylor Junction

Taylor J F, wholesale and retail, 18-22 Middle

[Page 75]


Chapman M W (c), 83 South Front

Folman C, 103 Hancock

Hill Steven (c), cor South Front and German

Huff Helen, cor South Front and Spring

Joseph Rosa, 53 Broad

Jones K R, 64 Middle

Jackson James, 117 South Front

Kellum James, 164 Pollock

McCarthy T F, McCarthy’s Square

Merillo Joseph, 115 South Front

Rose Wallace, 172 Broad

Paris Z, cor Spring and Pollock

Simmons Abe, 193 Pollock

Scott Eugene, 88 Queen

Tucker Eugene, 149 Broad

Vincent A H, East Pollock



Draney P M, 97 and 99 South Front

New Bern Store and Hardware Co, 18 Eden

Smallwood and Stover, 73 Middle

Wood L S, 43 Pollock

Whitty J C & Co, 23-27 Craven

Hackburn & Willett, 47 and 49 Pollock



Baxter E B, 99 Middle

Bell C S, 83 Middle

Dunn W T, S Pasteur

Eaton S K, 97 Middle

Matthews E J, 97 Middle



Hahn M & Co, 120 and 122 Middle

Jones J A, 70 South Front

Stewart J W 70-76 Broad

Street E S, 92 Middle

[Page 76]


Crabtree Jno H & Co, 33-41 Craven

Clark Ed E, r 79 Pollock

Charlton G E, r 22 New

Clark C C Jr, 85 Pollock

Manwell & Cook, near Ice Factory

Neal J H, A& NC R R shops

Springle H G, A & N C R R shops

Stanly J B, A & N C R R shops

Willis P A, r 22 East Front

Warters W R, A & N C R R shops

Warters C R, A & N C R R shops

Warters W W, A & N C R R shops



Lane Mrs B B, 10 Middle

Lane Miss Harriet, 59 Pollock

Rishton Miss Lucy, 67 Pollock

Rhodes Mrs M J, 76 Pollock

Whaley Mrs Bettie, 78 Pollock



Bryan E W, 51 South Front

Bowden Thos, 52 Middle

Bergeron B W, 71 South Front

Blumgardt, 126 Middle

Collegan Wm, 31 Queen

Davis & Arnold (c), 47 Middle

Dinkins J D, 54 and 66 Middle

Edwards A M, 61 Broad

Garrett J S, 38 Middle

Harrell J W, 26 Middle

Moore J W (“Jimmie”), 75 Middle

Rodman J P, Junction Queen and Broad

Taylor L J, Taylor Junction

Taylor J F, 18—22 Middle


Disosway Mark, wholesale liquor dealer, 67 South Front.

[Page 77]


East Carolina Dispatch, 4 Craven

Independent, East Craven

New Bern, Norfolk and Washington, 1 Craven

Vanceboro, 1 Craven

Old Dominion, foot of Craven



Chadwick F M, 43 Pollock

Gaskill N M, 84 Middle

Holly M P (c), 95 South Front

Sawyer R (c), 63 South Front


European Hotel


ROOMS 50c. PER NIGHT.      Nos. 311, 313 and 313½ Fayetteville St.



 The Washington Gazette....

A Democratic Weekly

Full of News and Home Reading


H.A. LATHAM, Owner and Editor.

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