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1893 Business Directory, Pt 5

Bibliographical Information:
Business Directory of the City of New Berne, N.C.: To Which is Added Historical and Statistical Matter of Interest (Raleigh, N.C.: Edwards and Broughton, 1893), 91 p.
One of New Bern's earlier city directories, this volume includes detailed information about the city's businesses and citizens. With the absence of the 1890 federal census, this book constitutes the largest printed listing of the residents of New Bern for that period.

Due to the number of images, this directory has been divided into several web pages. This page contains Directory, Last Names Beginning K-Y [Pages 49-60]. Note that the names ARE NOT in alphabetical order, but are grouped according to the first letter of the last name.

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[Page 49]

KAEFER JACOB, bakery, 134 Middle

Kaiser Dr I, rabbi, teacher music and German, Collegiate Institute, r 40 South Front

Kirkpatrick S C, clerk, r 82 Pollock

Kehoe R C, r 32 New

Kehoe C M, purser steamer Neuse, r 32 New

Kellum James, merchandise, 164 Pollock, r 162 Pollock

Kennedy A T (c), laborer Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops

Kehoe & Gallup, lumber and shingle mills, plant Quaker Bridge, Jones county


LA MONTAGNE PIERRE, commission merchant, Old Dominion wharf, r 30 New

Lane Mrs B B, millinery, 10 Middle

Latham J E, cotton buyer and commission merchant, 3 Craven, r 15 Broad

Lassiter J J, mgr Independent Steamboat Line, East Craven, r 57 Hancock

Leary A J, agt steamer Vanceboro, 1 Craven, r 61 South Front

Lee Sing, Chinese laundry, 69 Craven, r same

Long Dr John S, Supt Public Instruction Craven county, 70 Craven, r 21 Broad

Lawrence P F, clk, r 17 Metcalf

Lane Miss Harriet, millinery, 59 Pollock, r 38 Johnson

Lane W B, Sheriff Craven county, court-house

Lane H B, Deputy Sheriff, r 137 Pollock

LaRoque J D, Deputy Sheriff, r 148 Broad

Land J K, policeman, r 140 Pollock

Lorch William, grocer, 141 Broad, r 143 Broad

Lewis J T, city marshal, r 18 East Front

Lane Charles, huckster, 142 Middle, r 38 Broad

Lassiter Dr W L (c), physician, 64 Broad, r same

Lucas John, Stinson Lumber Co

Lewis Isaac, fisherman, r 42 South Front

Lane S H, r 108 South Front

Land J J, clk, r 140 Pollock

Land A T, clk, r 140

Lane B B, fish and oyster dealer, 16 Middle, r 101 Middle

Lovick & Co, managers Racket Store, 50 Middle


[Page 50]

Lucas & Lewis, grocers and bakers, 60 Middle and 89 and 91 South Front

Lucas W J, r 15 King

Lewis W L, 106 Craven

Lane Mrs W T, boarding-house, 132 Middle

Lane W T, Singer sewing machines, 132 Middle

Lane Mrs S H, millinery, Pollock, r 108 South Front

Lane F B, bartender “Jimmie’s,” r 135 Pollock

Lovick H J, r 84 Pollock

Lane John B, contractor, 42 Johnson, r 52 Broad

Lewis James (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Lane W B, painter, r 137 Pollock

Lane James, painter, r 99 Craven


M ACE U S, druggist, 31 Middle, r 98 Broad 

McCotter H, green grocer, 51 Middle

Moore James W (“Jimmie “), saloon and billiard parlor, 75 Middle, r 101 Pollock

Manly M, cotton buyer, 18 Craven, r 2 New

Matthews E E, clk, r 56 Metcalf

Matthews John H, r 56 Metcalf

Myer Frank, cotton buyer, 18 Craven, r 104 Broad

Mebane C P, cotton buyer, Cotton Exchange, r Fulford House

McIntosh W A, machinist, r 167 Broad

Mann J S, lawyer, 68 Craven

McCarthy W T, lawyer, 71 Middle, upstairs, McCarthy’s Square

McCarthy T F, general merchandise, McCarthy’s Square.

McCarthy C J, clk, McCarthy’s Square

Matthews E J, watchmaker, 97 Middle, r 56 Metcalf.

Moore Mrs J W, “ The Oaks” dairy, 101 Pollock

Moore H B, bkpr, r 101, Pollock

Manix Jno S, agent W N and N R R, r 183 Pollock

Metts W P Jr, clk, r 37 Broad

Metts W P, cotton weigher, r 137 Broad

Mcintosh Mrs W A, groceries, 167 Broad

Mosely R G (c), real estate, 22 Jones, r 24 Jones

Mosely R G (c), trucker, r 24 Jones

Moody & Co,, lumber and planing mills, office and store 193 South Front

Moody J W, r 124 Pollock

[Page 51]

Moody J L, r 185 South Front

Mann L R, lawyer, Moody Lumber Co

Manwell & Cook, machinists, between ice factory and frt depot A and N C R R

McSorley John, shoemaker, 75 Pollock

McSorley J F, trucker, r 75 Pollock

Marshall W P, locomotive engineer A and N C R R, 164 Graves

Mendenhall C (c), stationary engine A and N C R R shops

Mitchell F G, cashier E H & A Meadows Co, r 89 Broad

McGehee C V, baker, 30 Middle, r 15 Broad

Messic J W, grocer, 40 Middle, r 15 Broad

Mclver W D, lawyer, law and commercial collections, 114 Middle, upstairs, rooms 1,3, r Hotel Albert

Moore L J, lawyer, 74 South Front, r 83 Craven

Meadows E H. & J A Co, fertilizer mfrs, 27 South Front

Meadows E H, r 89 Broad

Meadows J A, Merchant Miller and Marine Railway, 27 South Front, r 38 South Front

Moore Wright, boarding-house, 40 South Front

Merrick E (c), claim agent, 116 South Front

Merillo Joseph, merchandise, 115 South Front

Meadows Thos, miller, 166 South Front

Marks O & Son, dry goods and notions, wholesale and retail, 71—73 Pollock           

Marks O, r 99 Pollock                         

Marks Mortie M, r 19 Johnson

McDaniel J L, clk, r 28 Broad

McSorley C J, r 75 Pollock

McDaniel Jos (c), blacksmith, 68 Broad

Merillo Joe, Italian harp artist, 115 South Front

McKay J A, carpenter A and N C R R shops

Marshall T E, carpenter A and N C R R shops, r 164 Graves

Miller Wm (c), laborer A and N C R R shops

Mulford C (c), laborer Trent River Lumber Co

Murray Ed (c), laborer Trent River Lumber Co

Mosely D G (c), contractor

Mackey S, (c) contractor

Montague Phil, employe Congdon Lumber Co

Mumford J (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Martin T (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Mitchell T J, bkpr, 74 Broad

[Page 52]

Moulton Mrs Mary, taxidermist, r 90 East Front

McLacklin Alex, Supt Meadows Co Guano Factory, r 134 Pollock,

Manwell James, engineer New Berne steam fire engine

McFrater B (c), carpenter, r 296 Pollock


National Bank of New Berne, J A Bryan President, 51 Pollock

Neal B B, r 87 East Front

New Berne Sewerage Co, 16 Craven

New Berne Water-Works Co, 16 Craven

New Berne, Norfolk and Washington (boat) Direct Line Office, Ralph Gray agt, 1 Craven

New Berne Journal (daily and weekly), E E Harper editor and owner, 70 Craven

Nunn Romulus A, clk post-office, r 11 Pollock

Nixon R B, lawyer, 65 Pollock, r 12 Change

New Berne Yacht Club, foot Broad.

Nelson Jos E, watchman, r 32 South Front

Nunn & McSorley, cigars and confections, cor Middle and Pollock

Nunn Numa, r 11 Pollock

Neal J H, machinist Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops, r 87 East Front

New Berne Ice Co, B S Guion general manager, 19 Griffith

New Berne Stove and Hardware Co, 70 Middle

New Berne Steam Fire Engine Co, J W Moore foreman, 82 Middle

Nelson Charles E, meat market, 67 Broad, r 76 Metcalf

Nicholson J W, r 47 South Front

New Berne Collegiate Institute, Academy Green, Hancock, J D Hodges principal

New Berne Opera House, Odd Fellows’ Building, Hancock

Neal Prof Geo W, school, 87 East Front

New Berne Gas Co, S W Smaliwood manager, 136 South Front

New Berne Knitting Mills, Henry Rishton manager, near O D wharf

New Berne Electric Light and Railway Co, R P Williams manager

New Berne Cotton Ginning Co, east side Market Dock

[Page 53]

OLIVER GEO A, r 93 Broad

O’Hara James E (c), lawyer, 31 Craven, r 94 George

Oden A G (c), shoemaker, 40 Craven

Oliver W H, insurance, 57 South Front, r 89 Broad

Oxley Miss Minnie, saleslady, 73 Pollock

Odd Fellows’ Hall, Hancock, opposite Academy Green

Oxley Sarah, ice cream, 59 Broad


PATTERSON M & SON, proprs Hotel Albert, 81 Middle

Patterson M, r Hotel Albert

Patterson J A, r Hotel Albert

Patterson W E, r Hotel Albert

Pitts W J, manager Neuse Lumber Co, r 165 Graves

Patterson F T, billiard hall under Hotel Albert, r 3 Johnson

Primrose Dr R S, physician and surgeon, 135 Middle, r 89 Craven

Pelletier P H, lawyer, 65 Pollock, r 9 Union

Powell A H, Teller Farmers and Merchants Bank, r 185 Middle

Pope S D, life insurance agent, r 70 George

Powell Noah (c), saloon, 151 Queen, r 355 Pollock

Powell Alex (c), bartender, 151 Queen, r 355 Pollock

Pope G W, clk, r 70 George

Parker J R, jr, grocer, 77 Broad, r 68 Metcalf

Pugh W N, clk, r 67 Craven

Powell A B, construction master Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad, r 185 Middle

Powell W P, assistant agt W N & N Railroad, r 185 Middle

Phillips W S, harness maker, 94 Middle, r 88 Metcalf

Pool John (c), eating saloon, 119 South Front

Parsons’ Restaurant, 23 Middle

Posey Thos H, teacher New Berne Collegiate Institute, r 41 South Front

Pearce W H, 21 Pollock

Pope J R, clk, r 70 George

Parsons Samuel, 10 Middle (upstairs), r cor Craven and New

Perry Edward E, clk, r 174 Middle

Palmer W S, Notary Public, 46 Pollock, r 106 Pollock

Pigott J R, manager groceries, 34 Middle, r 89 Hancock

Pasteur Henry (c), sawyer Stinson Lumber Co

Perry Fred L, r 174 Middle

Paris Z, merchandise, cor Spring and Pollock

[Page 54]

Pearce Lemuel B, engineer, r cor South Front and Metcalf

Pearce William E, engineer steamer New Berne

Pasteur Henry (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Pennington C E (Ellis Shingle Mill), r 16 South Front

Petree Rev D H, pastor Disciples Church, Hancock st, r 15 George


QUIDLEY MISS A L, saleslady, r 98 East Front

Quinn Rev Father P F, Priest Catholic Church, r 167 Middle

Quidley J L, sawyer Trent River Lumber Co, r 98 East Front

Quidley E E, janitor court-house, r 98 East Front


ROWE E F, bartender (J F Taylor’s), r 65 Craven

Rosenbaum J, clothing, etc, 35 and 65 Middle

Richardson C H, 117 Pollock

Reizenstein Charles, real estate, 28 Craven, r 32 Poilock

Roberts E B, head clerk N N and W line, r cor New and Metcalf

Roberts E F, clerk N N and W line, r cor New and Metcalf

Richardson & Son, job printers, 64 Craven

Richardson N S, r 82 Pollock

Richardson R A, r 31 Pollock

Roberts G D, foreman Journal office, 70 Craven

Rue W P, clerk. 139 Pollock

Rountree W M, clerk, r 1 Johnson

Roberts F C, Treasurer Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad Co, r 109 Pollock

Rodman J P, saloon, junction Queen and Broad

Rhem Dr J F, physician and surgeon, office and r 111 Broad

Rhem J L, trucker, r 111 Broad

Rountree W F, commission merchant, 65 South Front, r 1 Johnson

Redmond James, Secretary Cotton Exchange, r Hotel Albert

Rishton Miss Lucy, millinery department, 67 Pollock, r 126 Broad

Rishton H, manager New Berne Knitting Mills, r 126 Broad

Rhodes Mrs M J, millinery, 76 Pollock, r 103 Craven

Rose Wallace, merchandise, 172 Broad, r cor South Front and Spring

Roberts A, printer, r 160 South Front

Radcliff S C, restaurant, 124 Middle, r same

[Page 55]

Robbins Thomas (c), huckster, 128 Middle

Roberts and Bro, grocers, 80 South Front

Roberts D L, r 26 Eden

Roberts S G, r cor New and Metcalf

Roberts C W, clerk, 47 Pollock.

Roberts Geo H, Cashier National Bank, 51 Pollock, r same

Respass Ed (c), fireman Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops

Richardson J B, timekeeper Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops

Roberts M T, grocer, cor Pasteur and Queen

Respass Owen (c), employe Congdon & Co

Roberts Jas (c), employe Congdon & Co

Richardson Wm (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Rigdon J C, manager New Berne Stove and Hardware Co, r18 Eden

Roberts D W, r 26 Eden


SPENCER C L, grain dealer, 21 Middle, r American House

Simpkins & Bro, eating saloon, 33 Middle

Schultz L & Co, clothing and dry goods, 107-109 Middle

Swert B, meat market. 49 Middle and 51 Broad, r 108 Broad

Smallwood & Slover, hardware, 73 Middle

Smallwood E W, r cor Craven and New

Slover Dr Geo, r Hotel Albert

Styron Grey, r 55 Hancock

Smith A J, clothing and dry goods, 79 Middle, r Hancock

Smith J E, r 34 Hancock

Sultan Wm dry goods, 89 Middle, r 89 Pollock

Swindell W B, salesman, r 52 Broad

Schultz L, r 116 Pollock

Schultz N, 116 Pollock

Simmons F G, cotton broker, 18 Craven, r 32 Johnson

Southern Express Co. W P M Bryan agent, 18 Craven

Strausbury, clk E C D wharf

Selby L R (c), porter E C D Line

Smith H B, clk, r cor Hancock and Queen

Smaw D G, tinner, 59 Craven, r 28 South Front

Slover C E, grocer, 73 Craven, r 99 East Front

Street Dr N H, physician and surgeon, 129 Middle, r 18 Johnson

Street S R, insurance, 79 South Front, r 105 Pollock

[Page 56]

Sultan M H, real estate broker, 79 Middle, r 147 Middle

Stewart J W, livery and sales stables 70-76 Broad, r 86 Pollock

Styron W K, Jr, Auditor A and N C R R, r Crockett’s Farm

Simmons Abe, merchandise, 193 Pollock

Simpson J A, builder and undertaker, 128 Broad, r 126 Broad

Smallwood J W, grocer, 71 Broad, r 74 Hancock

Slade John H, huckster, 53 Broad

Stover Charles, meat market, 51 Broad, r 108 Broad

Stibing & Co, cabinet makers, 101 Hancock

Sawyer Richard (c), tailor, 63 South Front

Shepard W H (c) barber, 69 South Front

Spruell P W (c), barber, 85 South Front

Stallings H S, clk, r cor Pollock and George

Smith L A, engineer New Berne Ice Co, r 15 Griffith

Slade Nathan (c), Trent River Lumber Co

Scott M J, groceries, 24 Middle

Street E S, livery and exchange stables, 92 Middle, r 23 George

Smith Mrs F M, boarding-house, 90 Middle

Scott S H, r 8 Griffith

Smith Isaac H (c), money broker, 130 Middle, r 47 Queen

Simmons F M, r 166 Middle

Smith J U, r Fulford House

Stevenson M De W, lawyer, 72 South Front, r 119 Pollock

Stevenson H C, lawyer, 72 South Front, r 106 Craven

Simmons & Gibbs, lawyers, 68 South Front

Smith Capt W B, steamer Laura, r 46 South Front

Styron Capt David, r cor George and South Front

Smith F W, clk, 17 Pollock

Staub H J, dairyman, r 129 Broad

Scheelky C J, planing mill and builder, Atmore

Smith F W, r 47 South Front

Smith J H, clk office A and N C R R, r 21 Queen

Springle H G, machinist A and N C R R, r 12 Griffith

Stanly J B, machinist A and N C R R shops

Stanly J P (c), constable

Scales J C, blacksmith A and N C R R, 27 Queen

Sanford Wm, fireman A and N C R R

Speight David (c), oyster saloon, 118 Middle

Sutton Thos H, foreman Moody Lumber Co

[Page 57]

Scott Eugene, mdse, 88 Queen

Shepard Miles (c), eating house, 10 Pasteur

Starkey Ed, engineer Stinson Lumber Co

Snelling Joe, Stinson Lumber Co

Smith John, Stinson Lumber Co

Suter John, furniture, 65 Middle, r 28 Metcalf

Spruell A A (c) porter, r 48 Middle

Seymour Judge A S, U S Dist Court, r 84 East Front

Shaw Owen (c), employe Congdon & Co

Simmons Hugh (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Saunders John (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Sykes Willie (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Spencer Henry (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Smallwood S W, manager New Berne Gas Co, r cor East Front and Change

Swert Joseph, trucker, 108 Broad

Swert Bernard Jr, meat market clk, 49 Middle, r 108 Broad

Styron W S, wood inspector, r 55 Hancock

Smith Miss W B, boarding-house, 37 East Front


THOMAS J A, clerk, r 104 Pollock

Thompson A C, delivery clerk E C D line, r 34 Johnson

Thomas Charles R, lawyer, 72 Craven, r 95 East Front

Tucker Eugene, merchandise, 149 Broad, r 151 Broad

Toler T J, policeman, r 21 Metcalf

Thomas P L, cigar manufacturer, 56 Broad, r same

Tolson J J, grocer, 69 Broad, r same

Thomas J C, jr, hunter and guide, r Metcalf

Taylor L J, groceries and liquors, Taylor Junction, r 115 Hancock

Taylor Elijah, carpenter Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops, r 28 George

Trent River Lumber Co, J L Cooper manager, South Front

Taylor J F, wholesale and retail grocer and liquor dealer, 18-22 Middle, r 97 Middle, upstairs

Taylor Charles H (c), saloon, 42 Middle

Turner T J, furniture, 72 Middle, r 70 Hancock

Trenwith P, blacksmith, 78 Middle

Taylor J B, head carpenter Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shops, r 11 Griffith

The Clark Co, shirt manufacturers, 32 Middle

Tisdale Frank, lawyer, 76 South Front

[Page 58]

The “City Bakery,” Lucas & Lewis, proprs, 91 South Front

Tooker H H, City Pump Inspector, r 26 East Front


UNITED STATES CUSTOM HOUSE, Robert Hancock collector, 45 Craven

United States Post-office, W E Clark postmaster, cor Craven and Pollock

United States Revenue Cutter "Winona," Captain Simmons, wharf foot Change

Ulrich F, wholesale and retail merchant, 46 Middle, r 20 Johnson

Ulrich Rudolph, clerk, 46 Middle, r 20 Johnson


VARDELL REV C G, pastor First Presbyterian Church, r 21 Johnson

Valiva J P, wharf builder, r 17 Metcalf

Vincent A H, merchandise, East Pollock

Vail S A (c), barber, 121 South Front


WOLFENDEN J J, real estate, 11 Middle, r 88 Craven

Wyman G F, clerk, r 44 Broad

Watson C T, fish dealer, 13 Middle, r 110 Pollock

Watson & Daniels, ice, coal, etc., 45 Middle

Watson W M, Clerk Superior Court, court-house, r 34 New

Watson J W, broker and agent, r 34 New

Watson W M, jr, agent Building and Loan, r 34 New

Watson S B & Co, trunk manufacturers, 69 South Front upstairs

Watson S B, r 34 New

Williams B F (c), meat market, 53 Middle

Warren John, meat market, 55 Middle

Wallnan D M, Green Front Novelty Store, 59 Middle

Waters S B, confections and cigars, 105 Middle, r 33 New

Waters T W, news dealer, 105 Middle, r 33 New

Waters George B, clerk, 105 Middle, r 33 New

Whitty J C & Co, hardware, 23 to 27 Craven

Whitty J C, r 34 South Front    

Willis P A, machinist, r22 East Front

Whitehurst H C, lawyer, 60 Craven, r 19 Queen

Waters S Z, clerk, 70 Craven

Western Union Telegraph Co, Miss M L Bryan manager, 17 Craven

[Page 59]

Wood L S, hardware, 43 Pollock, r 20 Eden

Wood Hugh D, supt Gas Co, r 20 Eden 

Whitehurst M E, crockery and glassware, 45 Pollock, r same

Willett W C (H & W), r “The Oaks”

Whitford Col J D, soliciting agent Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad Co, r 123 Craven

Wallace W D, City Clerk and Tax Collector, r 14 Metcalf

Willis Joe K, marble yard, 32 Broad, r 93 Craven

White G H (c), lawyer, Solicitor Second District, 64 Broad, r 39 Johnson    

Waters G H & Son, carriage makers, 78 Broad

Waters G H, r 72 Hancock

Waters G S, r 22 New

Warters W R, master machinist A & N C Railroad shops, r 49 Metcalf

Walker Adolphus, clk Congdon & Co, r 29 New

Williamson R W (c), lawyer, 62 Craven, r 75 Burn

Willis D S, freight agt A & N C R R, r Macadamized Road

Wahab H W, r 30 South Front

Waters James W, lawyer, 55 South Front, r 10 Change

Willis C F, boarding-house, 104 South Front

Waters J W (c), shoemaker, 118 South Front

Wadsworth G L, clk, r 40 Hancock      -

Winfield & Son, carriage manufacturers, 66 Broad

Winfield D D (c), huckster, 2 Middle

Ward Alfred (c), huckster, 4 Middle

Walston A (c), fish dealer, 6 Middle     

Webster Sarah C (c), eating-house, 8 Middle

Willis S W, grocer, 56 Middle, r 65 Metcalf

Whitford N, meat market, 86 Middle

Wallace Anson G, watchman N N & W Line, r 86 Middle

Wahab G S, clk, r 30 South Front

Whaley Mrs Bettie, millinery, 78 Pollock, r same

Winfield H, r 42 Broad

Winfield W H, r 10 Griffith

Walker Miss Nellie, music teacher New Berne Collegiate Institute, r 29 New

Warters Clifton R, machinist A & N C Railroad shops, 49 Metcalf

Warters W W, machinist A & N C Railroad shops, 49 Metcalf

Wood D B, carpenter A & N C Railroad shops, r 118 Broad

Wigfall William (c), car cleaner A & N C Railroad

[Page 60]

Whitfield William (c), fireman A & N C Railroad

Wooten L C, telegraph operator, 71 Craven, r 29 Pollock

Wilmington, New Berne and Norfolk Railroad Company Depot, cor Queen and East Front

Williams R P, manager Electric Light Power Company, r 58 South Front

Wallace George W, first mate steamer Neuse

Willis Bud (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Williams E (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co     

Wilson Jim (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Williams John (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Ward Herbert (c), employe Stinson Lumber Co

Wood J W, tinner, 17 Middle, r 19 Metcalf

Willis Rev R A, pastor M E Church, New st, r cor Middle and New

Wadsworth Enoch, r 95 Broad



Young John B, machinist Congdon & Co, r 130 Middle


McLain & Co.,

General Commission Merchants

S.B. Templeton.

Wm. M. McLain.

S.K. Cordon, of N.C.

Shippers of Fish, Eggs, Game, Terrapin, Produce, &c.

No 117 South Calvert Street, No. 116 Cheapside,

Baltimore, Md.

Consignments Solicited,.     Stencils Furnished.

Reference:-Any wholesale commission house in Baltimore.

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