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In Memoriam, John A. Guion, M.D., 1894, Page 9

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present site of the passenger station of the Atlantic & North Carolina R.R., for the manufacture of woollen cloth. This, about 1855, was converted into a cotton mill, and was afterwards transferred to East Front Street  to about where the Fertilizer Factory now stands. Here he remained until 1859, when he was appointed Cashier of the Bank of Commerce, then just established in New Bern, a position held by him during the existence of that institution. In charge of the effects of the bank,--he went,in 1862, when New Bern was occupied by the Federal forces, to Burlington. N.C., then called Company’s Shops, where he lived during the continuance of the late war. Returning to New Bern at the close of the war, he resumed the banking business in partnership with the late Israel Disosway, in which he continued until 1869, when he accepted an appointment as Cashier of the National Bank of New Bern, a corporation to which his experience and able management contributed greatly to rescue from financial embarrassments. As, cash­ier he continued to serve until August l0th, 1886, when he was disabled by a paralytic stroke, and shortly after resigned. In process of time Dr. Guion recovered in great measure from this severe attack, but was never fully restored to his accustomed robust health. Thereafter he lived a retired life, confining himself for the most part to his home circle. In active business he mingled but little, except so far as required by his duties as Commissioner of the Sinking Fund of Craven County, and Trustee of the New Bern Academy, which he continued to discharge up to the time of his death. For many years he was a Vestryman of Christ Church, as his father and grandfather had been before him, and in 1871 when the church building was burned, he was active and efficient in aiding to procure means for its rebuilding. He took great pleasure in gardening, in which he was an adept and very successful. The writer of this remembers to have heard him say many years ago,

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