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In Memoriam, John A. Guion, M.D., 1894, Page 5

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Isaac Guion settled first on White Oak River in Onslow County, from whence he removed with his wife to New Bern. By this marriage there were five children, of whom two, Isaac Lee and Elizabeth Pugh (Mrs. Francis Hawks) were born in Onslow County, and three were natives of New Bern, viz. Ann Maria (Mrs. Hugh Jones); John Williams, the father of Dr. John A. Guion; and Margaret Sarah (Mrs. Andrew Scott).

Isaac Guion with Edward Starkey, and others, represented the County of Onslow in the Provincial Congress that met in Hillsboro, the 21st of August, 1775. This Congress made active preparation for the war of the Revolution, then just at its beginning, and organized the first Continental troops of the North Carolina Line, to the 1st Regiment of which (Col. James Moore) Isaac Guion was appointed Surgeon, his commission bearing date 1st September, 1775. On the 11th of December, 1776, he was appointed Commissary of the 9th Regiment of Continentals,--of which his relative, John Pugh Williams, was Colonel, and in March, 1777, he was transferred to the 7th Regiment, (Col. James Hogun,) as Paymaster, in which capacity he served until July, 1778, when the regiments of the North Carolina Line were reduced in number and consolidated. It is worthy of note that his cousin of the same name, Isaac Guion of the New Rochelle family, also served as a Continental officer, having been in the New York Line throughout the war of our Revolution, and afterwards in the United States army.

The Provincial Congress of August, 1775, of which Isaac Guion was a member, was a very able body, and one that legislated wisely and well in very troublous times. Against it Gov. Josiah Martin, from his safe retreat on board the man-of-war “Cruizer”, in the Cape Fear River, fulminated his wrathful proclamation of August 8th, 1775, in which he

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