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In Memoriam, John A. Guion, M.D., 1894, Page 4

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France, its history,--especially during the time of the so-called religious wars in France, extending, with short intervals of peace, over a period of more than a hundred years, (1560-1685),--is full of interest. In the 17th Century the city was besieged by an army of the famous Cardinal Richelieu, and succumbed only after a most heroic defence by its inhabitants.

Louis Guion went first to England with his family, coming afterwards to America, where he arrived in 1687, and settled in New Rochelle, West Chester County, New York. New Rochelle, named in honor of the old home in France, was for many years the principal settlement of the Huguenots in our Northern States. It is the birth-place of many distinguished men,--among others of John Jay. at one time President of the Continental Congress, and the first Chief Justice of the United States under the Constitution.

Isaac Guion, son of Louis, is said to have been born during the voyage to America, but more probably was born at New Rochelle in 1692. He died at New Rochelle in 1766. His son Isaac (2nd) was born at New Rochelle in 1720 and died there in 1784. This Isaac had a son, also Isaac, the grandfather of Dr. John A. Guion, who was born in New Rochelle in March, 1740; he it was, the first of the name, who came to North Carolina, where he established himself in the practice of medicine.. He married Ferebe Pugh Williams, who was born at Fort Barnwell in Craven County, 26th of May, 1746. At the time of this marriage she was a widow, Mrs. Lee, and one of her daughters, Sallie Lee, became the wife of John Haywood, Treasurer of the State from 1787 to 1827. Sarah Lee Haywood died in February, 1791, and lies buried in the churchyard of Christ Church, New Bern, where was the main aisle of the old Church of Colonial days.

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