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In Memoriam, John A. Guion, M.D., 1894, Page 7

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wife, John Coart and wife, Wm. Taylor and wife, Wm. Hollister and wife, Mrs. Benners Vail and Mrs. Green Bryan. So at the funeral of Mrs. Mary McKinlay, as late as October, 1840, the pall-bearers were Mrs. Vail, Mrs. Snead, Mrs. Backus, Mrs. Blount, Mrs. Custis and Mrs. Coart.

On the 23rd of July, 1820, John Williams Guion married a second wife, Mary Tilman of Craven County, who was born 23rd July, 1787, and died in New Bern, l0th June, 1856, outliving her husband, who died 17th July, 1840.

For many years John Williams Guion was prominent in business circles in New Bern, and as a Bank officer. Three children of his first marriage attained years of maturity, viz: Haywood Williams, who was born in New Bern, 9th June, 1814, and died in Charlotte, N.C., 19th July, 1876; John Amos, the subject of this sketch, born in New Bern the 22nd September, 1816, and died as above stated; and Isaac, born in New Bern, 19th October, 1818, where he died April 30th, 1845. Of his second marriage five children were born to John Williams Guion,--Tilman Henry, Ferebe Eliza (Mrs. John Justice), Mary Jane, Benjamin Simmons, and Alexander Henderson, all of whom are now (March, 1894), dead,--the last two, Colonel Tilman Henry Guion, and Benjamin Simmons Guion, having died on the 22nd of January, 1876, and the 9th of November, 1893, respectively.

The childhood and youth of John A. Guion were passed in New Bern, his early education having been at the New Bern Academy tinder the tuition of Alonzo Attmore, to whom, and to his famous “Lancastrian” system, so many owed their thorough training. It is a common remark that it was the exception to find among Mr. Attmore’s pupils one who was not well versed in all studies pursued, especially in the accomplishment

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