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In Memoriam, John A. Guion, M.D., 1894, Page 6

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forbade the assembling of the Congress, and denounced it as “one of the black artifices of falsehood and sedition.” The Congress returned the compliment by ordering the document to be burned by the public hangman, styling it “a false, scurrilous, malicious and seditious libel.”

Gov. Martin was much exercised, too, about this time, on account of the actions of the citizens of New Bern, and in the same proclamation complains of “treasonable proceedings, of an infamous Committee at New Bern, at the head of a body of armed men, in seizing and carrying off six pieces of artillery, the property of the King, that lay behind the Palace at that place, repeated insults and violences offered to His Majesty's Subjects, by these little tyrannical and Arbitrary Combinations.”

Towards the end of the Revolution Isaac Guion settled in New Bern. In 1789, by Act of Assembly, he was appointed a Vestryman--­Church warden as he is called in the Act (Chap. 32)--of Christ Church, with Richard Dobbs Spaight, Major John Daves and six others, and in the years 1793 and 1795 he represented the town,--then entitled to borough representation,--in the General Assembly.

In May, 1803, Isaac Guion died, in the 64th year of his age,--his wife, Ferebe, surviving him until February l0th, 1811, when she died in her 65th year.

John Williams Guion, father of Dr. John A. Guion, was born in New Bern the 14th February, 1783. On the 15th December, 1811, he married in New Bern, Mary Wade, born in Craven County, l0th June, 1790,--daughter of Captain Amos Wade and Hannah Shine, his wife. Mrs. Mary Wade Guion died December 12th, 1818, at the early age of 28. She was a woman of great piety and abounding in good works. It is a fact of interest in connection with her funeral, though then not unusual, that her pall-bearers were of both sexes: Stephen B. Forbes and

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