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In Memoriam, John A. Guion, M.D., 1894, Page 8

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accomplishment of correct spelling.

At the age of 16 John A. Guion went to Tripoli as Private Secretary to D. S. McCauley, who was Consul there of the United States. There he was stationed for about two years in the discharge of the duties of his position, and on his return to this country, having determined to devote himself to the study of medicine, he entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Philadelphia, where, in 1837, he was graduated with distinction, and shortly after, when he was but 21 years of age, he was awarded, after a rigid competitive examination, the posi­tion of Assistant Surgeon in the United States Navy, a position he filled most acceptably until 1843, when he resigned to return to his native town to practice his profession. Dr. Guion improved to the utmost the unusual opportunities and advantages afforded by his residence in the Mediterranean Ports, and by his various cruises made while in the Navy. To other acquirements, he added that of an accomplished linguist. Besides the European languages, he became quite fluent in Arabic, a language soft and musical as spoken by him.

On the 14th of March, 1843, John A. Guion married Susan Sydney, born 24th July, 1823, oldest daughter of John M. Roberts of New Bern, and Mary E. Jones, his wife, a lady eminent for good deeds, of exemplary piety, zeal and earnestness, who was much beloved, and to her husband a helpmeet indeed. Mrs. Guion died in New Bern the 26th, of February, 1880, in the 57th year of her age. Of this marriage seven children, four sons and three daughters, survived their parents, five of whom still live in New Bern. Another son attained the age of manhood but died before his father.

A few years after his marriage Dr. Guion, in partnership with the late Edward R. Stanly, established a factory in New Bern, on the present

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