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The following maps are located in the Craven County Digital History Exhibit. Click on a title to view more information about that map.

Title Creator Date
Virginiae, partis australis, et Floridae… Blaeu, Willem Janszoon 1640
A New Description of Carolina Unknown 1676
Geography Blome, Richard 1678-1700
Navigation Blome, Richard 1678-1700
Carte General de la Caroline… Sanson, Nicholas 1702-1705
Plan der Schwytzerischen Coloney in Carolina, angefangen im October 1710 [Plan of the Swiss Colony in Carolina] Graffenried, Christophe von 1710
Virginia, Marylandia et Carolina… Homann, Johann Baptist 1714-1730
A New Map of the World from the Latest Observations… Senex, John 1721?
Survey of London Westminster Southwark… Unknown 1730-1750
Carolina Moll, Herman 1736?
London Probst, Georg Balthasar 1740?
A Map of the British and French Settlements in North America Hinton, J. 1750?
An Accurate Map of the West Indies… Bowen, Emanuel 1750?
West Indies… Bowen, Emanuel 1750-1767?
L'Asie… Daudet 1752
L'Europe… Daudet 1752
A New and Accurate Map of North Carolina in North America… Unknown 1765?
A Survey of the Coast about Cape Lookout in North Carolina… Mackay, Arthur 1768
Antigua Baker, Robert 1768?
A Compleat Map of North Carolina from an actual survey Collet, John 1770
British Dominions in America Unknown 1770?
An Accurate Map of North and South Carolina, with their Indian Frontiers Mouzon, Henry and others 1775
The State of North Carolina from the best Authorities… Lewis, Samuel 1795
Plan of the town of New Bern and Dryborough… Price, Jonathan 1817?
Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of North Carolina Lucas, F. 1822


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