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Graffenried. Plan der Schwytzerischen Coloney in Carolina, angefangen im October 1710

Accession Number TP.1958.029.002


Plan: “Plan der Schwytzerischen Coloney in Carolina, angefangen im October 1710” (Plan of the Swiss colony in Carolina begun in 1710).



Artist/ cartographer: Christophe von Graffenried

Engraver: None

Printer/ publisher:  None



Photostat of drawing



[Switzerland, Bern]






Paper: 19 ¾” X 15 3/8”

Plate: none

Image: 17” X 13 5/8”



Photostatic copy of a hand-drawn map of the New Bern area by Christophe von Graffenried. Plan der Schwytzerischen Coloney in Carolina, angefangen im October 1710 durch Christophel von Graffenriedt und Frantz Ludwig Michel [title]  | Anlage der Stadt Neu-Bern 1710 Nach einem Plane der Bibliothek von Mülinen  [printed title below]
 | Typed paper label on the reverse: THE LANDGRAVES MAP OF NEW BERN the de Graffenried Family Collection Item No. 7 Donated by Thomas P. de Graffenried.”









Photostatic copy of manuscript map mounted on artist’s board. Plan of the Neuse and Trent Rivers from their confluence towards their sources, with the location and occasional identification of homes on their banks. In 1914, the German-American Historical Society at Philadelphia published the map, together with a French version of von Graffenried’s account of the Swiss settlement at New Bern. Last located in a private collection in Bern, Switzerland at the end of World War II, the original map is currently located in the Burgerbibliothek Bern: Mss.Mül.466 (3a).





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Images scanned by Dean Knight
Text prepared by Nancy Richards and Victor T. Jones, Jr.