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Charter and Constitution and By-Laws of the Atlantic Steam Fire Engine Co., Page 5


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This Company shall be known as the Atlantic Steam Fire Engine Company No. 1.



Sec. 1. This conpany shall not exceed 75 active members, and as many honorary members as they may see fit to elect.

Sec. 2. Any resident of New Bern physically qualified, 19 years of age who shall have been proposed at a regular meeting and approved by the Investigating Committee, shall be ballotted for at a regular meeting thereafter in a manner prescribed by the By-Laws, and upon paying an initiation fee and signing this constitution, shall be declared an active member.

Sec. 3. Honorary members shall be elected in like manner as the members, but they shall be exempt from all fees, fines or dues, and shall not be required to sign the constitution.



Sec. 1. The Officers of the company, shall consist of a Foreman, Assistant-Foreman, Captain of Hose, Secretary, and Treasurer; and an Auditing and an Investigating Committee of three members each; all of whom shall be elected at the annual meeting.
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