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Charter and Constitution and By-Laws of the Atlantic Steam Fire Engine Co., Page 12


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They shall present at the annual meeting a detailed statement or report of the receipts and disbursements during the year with all monies due to or against the company.


Sec. 8. It shall be the duty of the Investigating Committee to strictly inquire into the character of all candidates proposed for membership, and report in writing at the next regular meeting, using only the terms "favorable" or "unfavorable," it shall be their duty to diligently inquire into the affairs of the company; the execution of duty by the officers; and excuses for neglect of duty on the part of officers and members; for failure on the part of the committee to perform any duty allotted to it they shall be fined $5.00 each.


Sec. 9. All committees, whose action involves the expenditure of funds, shall report in writing, except when reporting progress. If an appropriation is made, the report shall contain a statement in detail, of the purposes for which the money was expended, and a second appropriation shall not be made until such report signed by a majority of the committee, is received; but, when the appropriation has been made, no debts contracted by a committee shall be paid, until such written report has been received, stating the items and total amount of such debts.

Sec. 10. The Foreman shall appoint all committees not otherwise ordered.

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