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Charter and Constitution and By-Laws of the Atlantic Steam Fire Engine Co., Page 17


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Sec. 8. At the discretion of the company it may take any trip or outing as they may see fit.

Sec. 9. No member can qualify for these trips without attending 45 per cent. of all alarms from July 1st to July 1st of current year, and all members attending 45 per cent. of alarms will be entitled to trip.

Sec. 10. No full time paid employee of the City of New Bern who is a member of this company can qualify for said trips.

Sec. 11. No member can qualify for said trip unless he has served twelve months active service.

Sec. 12. Every member qualified for said trip must be in good standing.

Fines, Fees and Penalties



Sec. 1. The initiation fee in this company shall be $5.00 and accompany the petition.


Sec. 2. All members of this company except the Secretary and Treasurer shall pay in advance a monthly due of 33 1-3 cents. Any members six months in arrears shall be automatically expelled.


Sec. 3. Fines shall be recorded against the members at the regular and special meetings as follows: For non-attendance at an annual meeting $1.00.

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