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"North Carolina Revisited"

William Garrison Reed
Co. D., Forty-fourth Massachusetts

William Garrison Reed was a soldier in the 44th Massachusetts Regiment stationed in New Bern during 1862-1863. In 1884, he with other veterans revisited Eastern North Carolina and photographed sites that held significance to the 44th Massachusetts. An account of his visit in 1884 is found in Record of the Service of the Forty-Fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Militia in North Carolina, August 1862 to May 1863 (Boston: Privately Printed, 1887), p. 223-232. The following site is a reprint of that visit along with a series photographs taken by Reed that were not included in the original version of "North Carolina Revisited."

The photographs included in this site are from the William Garrison Reed Photo Album in the Kellenberger Room of the New Bern-Craven County Public Library. The album was donated to the library by Reed around May 1926. The headlines of an undated newspaper clipping pasted in the front of the album reads as follows: "Scenes of Old New Bern are Presented; Bound Volume of Photos Taken Right After Civil War Given to Local Library; Owned by Old Soldier" It has since been discovered that the date of the newspaper article was May 6, 1926, from the Morning New Bernian.

The clipping further states that Reed, a resident of 1 Melville Ave, Dorchester, Mass., was a former member of Co. D, 44th Massachusetts, which was stationed in New Bern between October 1862 and June 1863. In 1884 he visited the area and photographed "various views of Eastern North Carolina." The article continues, "In a letter to the local library, Mr. Reed writes that he is now breaking up housekeeping and that he wants to present some of his pictures here, where they will be preserved for future generations...."

Bracketed text [like this] throughout the site includes notes and clarifications by Victor T. Jones, Jr.

White Hall Visit

White Hall Visit, continued

New Bern Visit

New Bern Visit, continued

Washington Visit

Washington Visit, continued

Kinston Visit

Images taken by Reed not mentioned in "North Carolina Revisited"


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Images scanned and text prepared by Victor T. Jones, Jr.

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