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[New Bern Visit]

At 9 P.M. the train stopped and the brakeman shouted "New Berne." We were as glad to reach our journey's end as we had been twenty-two years before, and we alighted at the same spot, opposite the railway round-house and machine-shop (606).

Photograph 606: Newberne: Railroad Round House and Machine Shop

We were not at all anxious to try that caravansary again. Dim memories of the reputation of the Gaston House rose in our minds,--those old fairy tales of realms of bliss to which enlisted men were not admitted; of beds with sheets; of tables with white cloths and napkins. We decided to go there, regardless of the expostulations and praises by another stage-driver of a rival hotel. [p. 227] Unlike, too, our original method of proceeding, we rode from the station through Craven Street to our destination (579).

Gaston House Hotel--click for more information.

Photograph 579: Newberne: Gaston House Hotel

It was like, yet unlike. 'No sentries parading up and down, no officers lounging on the piazza, none of that bustle we had known in 1862 and 1863. It was a beautiful moonlight night, and we could not resist the inclination to stroll about the town. Up Craven Street, by the house occupied by the colonel when the regiment was on provost duty (601);

Isaac Taylor House--click for more information

Photograph 601: Newberne: Headquarters of the 44th Mass. [Isaac Taylor house, Craven Street]

down Pollock Street, by the quarters of Company D (602, 603),

Photograph 602: Newberne: Quarters of Co. D, 44th Mass.

Photograph 603: Newberne: House occupied by a part of Co. D, 44th Mass.

and the old guard-house of District No. 1 (608).

Photograph 608: Newberne: Provost Marshall's Office and Guard House
[Oaksmith House, cor. East Front and Pollock Streets]

All were closed, no signs of life visible. Passing up Broad Street, we stopped in front of Company E's old quarters (604, 605).

Photograph 604: Newberne: Quarters of Co. E, 44th Mass. [Broad Street]

Photograph 605: Newberne: House occupied by a part of Co. E, 44th Mass. [Broad Street]

The front door was open and a young lady seated in the hall reading. Our escort was evidently well acquainted; lie called her out and introduced us. She was very agreeable, and said that her recollections of the war were very dim, as she was but a baby when it broke out. On being told that we proposed photographing the places with which we were familiar as soldiers, she kindly offered to stand on the piazza; but as we could not appoint an hour, she unfortunately was absent when we returned for that purpose.

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