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[Washington Visit, continued]

The colonel's son had married one of the Misses Grice, and on invitation we entered the house, where we passed a most delightful half‑hour with the family. Leaving the place, we paused to take a parting shot (591) and then went to the bridge.

Photograph 591: Little Washington: the Grice Place from Main Street

A Mr. Winfield, whom we fortunately encountered, gave us much valuable information. It appears that what our boys took to be a bend in the road near where Companies A and G were ambuscaded March 30, 1863, was a breastwork formed by felling a cypress‑tree six feet in diameter across the road. Part of the [p. 230] trunk still lays there slowly rotting (594). Mr. Winfield claims to have assisted in removing three men, one of whom was wounded in the breast (Sergeant Hobart), one in the eye (John Leonard), and another in the neck (T. J. Lawrence), to his mother‑in‑law's house, where they were nursed until able to stand removal to a hospital in the interior.

Photograph 594: Little Washington: Where Sgt. Hobart was mortally wounded

About 4 P.M. we started on our return to New Berne. When nearly across the bridge we stopped, and adjusting the camera took views of the bridge (600),

Photograph 600: Little Washington: the Bridge and the Town

the town above (579 [i.e. 599]),

Photograph 599: Little Washington: the Town west of and from the Bridge

and the town below (598);

Photograph 598: Little Washington: the Town east of and from the bridge

also the river, including Castle Island and Rodman's Point (593). Another ten‑hours ride, broken only by a short halt at Vanceboro', and we were again at the Gaston House, tired and sleepy.

Photograph 593: Little Washington: view down the river from the Bridge

Thursday was comfortably cool, and we spent the day in roaming about the town, taking views and recalling old memories.


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