Craven County Digital History Exhibit

Images taken by Reed not mentioned in
"North Carolina Revisited"

The following photographs are photos included in the William Garrison Reed Photo Album at the New Bern-Craven County Public Library. They are not discussed in Reed's narrative, "North Carolina Revisited."

Near the Campground--click for more information

Photograph 575: Newberne: near the 44th Mass. Campground


Farm buildings on the old campground--click for more information

Photograph 576: Newberne: Farm buildings on the old Campground


Photograph 607: Newberne: Where the 44th Mass. made Dress Parades [Broad Street]


Photograph 610: Newberne: A Street scene [North side Craven Street]


Photograph 609: Newberne: The City Watering Cart


Photograph 615: [Kinston?]: Field in which the right wing of the 44th Mass. formed


Photograph 620: Kinston: the Main Street


Photograph 622: An old style, wood screw, plantation cotton press


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Images scanned and text prepared by Victor T. Jones, Jr.

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