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Will Abstracts,
Brinson to Bruce

BRINSON, Asa -- 20 Feb 1834 / Nov 1836--Son Daniel BRINSON: 100 acres of land deeded out of a patent to John BRYAN. Also 12 acres patented by Dempsey HOLTON and 74 acres patented by Dempsey HOLTON. Son Smith BRINSON: 100 acres of land patented by Solomon CATON. On my son Daniel BRINSON'S land my wife [unnamed] to have her "privellege on During her natural life or widdowhood." Daughter Statira: 1 cow and her increase, 1 bed & furniture, chief of my house hold furniture or the value of it so as to be nearly equal with one of my boys. Son Charles BRINSON: 1 bed & furniture. Son Smith BRINSON: 1 bed & furniture. Son Charles to be guardian of my estate. [No signature seen]. Wits: Noah [+] RICE. [Probate indicates Charles BRINSON qualified as executor. Also recorded in Will Book C, page 296.]

BRINSON, Benjn., Sr. -- 25 May 1837 / Feb 1839? -- "weak in body"--Grandson Green Carvone BRINSON: piece of land on east side of Goose Creek...Harper's Corner near the fence where I now live, along Harper's line to Harper's Corner a marked pine at Old Hog Yard to Simon S. Brinson's line to Joseph James Brinson's corner with his line to William Bennet's line and with Bennet's line to the beginning containing 150 acres. Grandson Cason D. BRINSON: 250 acres on the east side of Goose Creek, beginning at Harper's Corner...Harper's line...Harper's other line to Marsh Ridge along edge of the ridge to Fulshers Harpers Corner, with Fulshers Harpers line to the beginning. If Green C. BRINSON should die unpossessed of land then to Oliver P. BRINSON. If Cason D. BRINSON should die then to Jerome Bn. BRINSON. Sons Benjn. F. BRINSON, James BRINSON, Simon S. BRINSON, and Hollon WILSON have already received their part. 30 acres of swamp land on Cases Swamp at the High Point, 2 acres in West Patent, 70 acres more or less in my new patent between Frank's and Carraway's patents also the land on the rivershore called the Edgoington [?] land 400 acres more or less, to be sold after my death and the money divided equally between my heirs that has not received their part. Fanny BRINSON has received her part. Executor: Friend John Slade BRINSON. Wits: Robert ROE, Suzer [c] DEW [DAW?] [Will also recorded in Will Book C, pages 428-429.]

BRINSON, Cason -- __ May 177[2?] / March 1777 -- "I have twelve children living, two by my first wife Sarah, namely Dinah SNOW and Cason BRINSON Junior and I leave ten more Children by my Second Wife Anne, namely Joseph BRINSON, Benjamin BRINSON, Mary BRINSON, Sarah BRINSON, Anne BRINSON, Elizabeth BRINSON, Eunice BRINSON, Esther BRINSON, Amey BRINSON, [faded on microfilm but Selah] BRINSON".  To son Cason 100 acres on west side of Goose Creek and south side of Balaback Swamp, plus 20 shillings proclamation money. To daughter Dinah SNOW, 20 shillings proclamation money. To son Joseph, 50 acres on west side of Goose Creek plus the plantation I now live on bought from Samuel PACEY containing 150 acres, another tract of 85 acres joining the same land and John PRESCOTT'S, giving wife Anne use of the house, etc., and timber for the benefit of the family for her life. To wife Anne, feather bed and furniture, mare and side saddle. To sons Joseph, Benjamin, and Cason, 300 acres lying down Neuse River, patent dated 23 Oct 1761, Joseph to have first choice of 100 acres, Benjamin second choice, and Cason third choice. To son Benjamin, all land on east side of Goose Creek above Indian Landing, 314 acres, another patent joining same land of 250 acres, plus another 75 acres in a deed from Cason BRINSON, Jr. Livestock for the use of the family until the youngest is of age, then to be divided equally between the ten youngest children. Slaves Jack, Tony, Rose, Hannah, Simon, Cesar, and Esther and their increase to use of wife for widowhood and for the benefit of the children until of age, then divided equally between the ten youngest children. House and lot in New Bern to be sold and proceeds used to purchase slave Esther that I bought of Ro[ger?] SQUIRES. Sons Joseph and Benjamin 125 acres each in patent on west side of [Goose?] Creek joining patent belonging to George Brin HARRIS. New copper still to son Joseph. Executors: Cousins Joshua FULCHER and Shadrach FULCHER. Wits: John PRESCOTT, Amey [AP] PRESCOTT, John EVANS.

BRINSON, Cason -- 27 March 1765 / [?, will is heavily torn and soiled making it nearly illegible on microfilm] -- "weak in body". Daughter Sarah JONES negro girl... Daughter [illegible] negro girl Roze. Son James land and plantation whereon I now live. Grandson Casson piece of land at the Indian Landing containing 75 acres. Grandson Casson PRESCOTT on the main road beyond Thomas WHITFORD'S containing 100 acres. [Other legacies illegible on film] Remainder of property equally divided among my six children and "there mother" only my son James BRINSON I cut him short of 10 pounds. Executors: youngest sons Cason BRINSON and James BRINSON. [Remainder illegible on film]

BRINSON, Cason -- 27 July 1800 / Dec 1803 -- Wife Dorcas house and lands during her widowhood and after her death plantation and 50 acres to son Benjamin, the rest of the lands to bd divided equally between sons Joseph, Cason, and Daniel. After death of wife all stock and household furniture and movables to two youngest daughters Pegga and Barbara. Son John 10 shillings. Daughter Sally, five pounds. Executors: Friend William DAW and my wife Dorcas. Wit: John SPIGHT.

BRINSON, Josephus G. -- 21 Sept 1878 / 12 Nov 1878 -- "of the city of Newbern" -- Wife Frances H. life estate in everything then divided between children Henry T., Holland F., Rebecca J., and Josephus G. Junior. A codicil dated 25 Sept 1878 names wife Frances H. as Executor. Witnesses to will: W.E. CHARLOTTE, Thos. WILSON. Witnesses to codicil: James M. SMITH, Elijah PIVER.

BRINSON, S.R. -- 18 Feb 1880 / 26 Feb 1880 -- of New Bern -- Son W.G. BRINSON, executor. Grandson James MC BRINSON, silverware spoon, sugar tongs, forks and knives, a wash stand and feather bed and furniture. Remainder of personal estate to son W.G. BRINSON. Daughter in law Kittie E. BRINSON, wife of W.G. BRINSON, and to her heirs, house and lot in New Bern on the north side of South Front Street in trust. She to receive and pay to W.G. BRINSON annually for his support and maintenance the rents and profits from said property during his natural life. At the death of W.G. BRINSON to provide for his child or children until all are 21, then convey the property to them. If everyone should die without heirs, the property to New Bern Baptist Church to be applied to the pastor's salary. Wits: W.M. WATSON, Geo. W. BAILEY.

BRITTAIN, Joseph -- 18 Jan 1789 / March Term 1789 -- "being Very weak of Body" -- Wife Catherine C[asander] BRITTAIN, corn, meat, cotton. Daughter Joice, feather bed and furniture, blue chest, 6 silver teaspoons, pair of flat irons, "Hunting sadel", one gallon "puter" bason. Son Joseph, set of "silver buckels consisting of Shoes, Knees & Stock Buckels", 50 acres of land adjoining my patent. Son Daniel, pair of new "stilards", pair of spoon moulds, 50 acres of my new purchased land, shoe makers tools. Son James, plantation I now live on after his mother's decease with 75 acres, my new chest, remaining pewter. To be sold to pay debts: desk, coopers tools, carpenters tools, oldest mare and saddle, steel traps, all cattle except 6 she cattle, gun and two chests. Wife Catherine Casander BRITTAIN, plantation and land whereon I now live during her natural life, 6 cows of her choice and their increase, work horse, and remainder of estate not mentioned. After her decease to be divided between the children. If the children die without heirs, land to go to Joseph PHYSIOC and his heirs. Executor: Friend Peter PHYSIOC. Wits: Joseph BISHOP, R[torn] WARNER, Lu[torn] TAYLOR.

BRITTAIN, Catharine [x] -- 19 August 1816 / June 1817-- "in Common state of health" -- Son Joseph BRITTAIN, 6 green chairs, "bofat", pair of andirons, coffee mill, set of knives and forks, all puter, cow and calf. Grandson James M. ROWE, a heifer. Son William ROWE rest of property not mentioned above "after paying my son Thomas ROWE for nursing and Burying me. I wish him to be well paid." Executors: sons Thomas ROWE and Joseph BRITTAIN. Wits: Samuel POTTER, Ally POTTER.

BRITTAIN, Joseph -- 18 August 1830 / Nov 1830 -- Wife Lucretia, loan of land and plantation for life, also my Negro woman Hope. Daughter Avis, land and plantation after death of wife, also Negro man Ben. All movable property in hands of executors to be sold. Lightwood now ready to make a Tar kiln and the Boxed pines on the land to be rented out to support the family. Executors: Friends Stephen W. WINN and William PHYSIOC. Wits: Joseph W. BRITTAIN, Hardy L. JONES.

BRITTAIN, Joseph W. -- 2 Oct 1843 / Aug 1844 -- "of Tolerable health" -- Wife Nancy, two beds and furniture, dressing table, Mahogany breakfast table, clock, 2 cows and calves, chest, loom[?], one small canoe, my family Bible, and spice morter. Remainder of property sold to pay debts, any remainder to wife Nancy. Executors: Wife Nancy and friend Hardy L. JONES. Wits: Abner NEALE, Elijah TAYLOR, Alfred H. CASEY. [Will also recorded Will Book D, pages 104-105]

BROCK, John I. -- 17 Nov 1827 / Feb 1832 -- of Stony Branch, Craven County -- Wife Sarah. Mentions children but no names are mentioned. Executors: Robert G. MOORE and wife Sarah BROCK. Wits: John BRYAN, Patrick BRYAN, R.G. MOORE.

BROOKS, Joseph -- 16 April 1795 / June 1795 -- of Bay River -- Son Spring BROOKS, 50 acres of land on lower side of Swann Creek. Son Joseph BROOKS the plantation whereon I now live. [Parts illegible, poor quality] Two daughters Elizabeth and Patty BROOKS the plantation where John BANKS formerly lived at the mouth of the Gut below the old landing. Daughter Nancy BROOKS the remaining part [illegible] Browns Creek. Daughter Mary [illegible]. Daughter Sarah CARRAWAY, 5 shillings with what she already had. Wife Martha BROOKS, all the remaining part. [Other legacies illegible]. Executors: Wife Martha BROOKS and "my Good friend Thomas William YORK." Wits: John CARRUTHERS, Senr., Clayton CARRUTHERS, Needham N. BRYAN.

BROOKS, William [W] -- 5 May 1790 / June 1790 -- "Being in a Lowe State of health But in my Perfect Cencies" -- Son William BROOKS, 100 acres of land where he now lives and two Negroes Ben and Unas, one bed and furniture, and joyners tools. Wife [not named], 50 acres of land, the house and one-half of the plantation on the side of the ditch nearest to the house, one Negro woman named Esther, during her natural life then to my daughter Rece during her natural life then to son Joseph. Son Joseph, 100 acres land on the opposite side of the ditch from the house and one Negro boy named Frank. Daughter Rece, 50 acres of land joining Nathan MOORE [illegible legacy] and one Negro girl named Tamar. Executors: Son William BROOKS and son Joseph BROOKS. Wits: William BROOKS, Jesse HOU[-----], Joseph BROOKS.

BROTHERS, John [I] -- 28 August 1788 / [1788] -- All parcel or tract of land in Beaufort County at the head of Bear River to three eldest children which I had by my first wife Sarah Ann to be equally divided between them and my son to have the part where the plantation is. Desires son to be bound to Mr. Thomas CLAYTON as a ship carpenter. Son [unnamed] cow and calf with increase. Daughter Mary, feather bed and furniture, cow and calf with increase. [Name illegible] riding horse [other illegible legacies]. Executors: Brothers Joseph BROTHERS and Samuel BROTHERS. Wits: [Two names illegible], Enoch ALEXANDER.

BROTHERS, Joseph [x] -- 24 Mar 1815 / Dec 1815 -- Wife Nancy BROTHERS "Liberty to Cutt timber off all my lands During Her Widdowood." Daughter Norah BROTHERS, 1/2 of 114 acres of land I bought of Joseph JONAS and David CURTIS lying on north side of Raccoon Creek joining Jesse HOLTON'S land. Daughter Cloey BROTHERS, the other 1/2 of above land. Wife Nancy, house and both plantations and fire wood and "rale timber" for life. Son Daniel BROTHERS, 120 acres where I now live and 3 acres I bought of ADDAMMACKLROY when he comes to the age of 21 years, also 50 acres on north side of Bare Creek. Wife Nancy, feather bed and furniture, all tools of every kind for life or widowhood then to son Daniel, all stock and household goods for life or widowhood then to daughter Norah one young horse; to daughter Cloy one desk, one side saddle, one "umbriel", one hackle; to son Daniel one mare and increase. After death of wife I give to Nancy DOWDY one feather bed. After death of wife all divided equally between my three children: Norah, Cloey, and Daniel. Executors: wife Nancy BROTHERS and "worthy friend" Mager TINGLE. Wits: John MILLER, Majer TINGLE. [Also recorded in Will Book C, pages 107-108]

BROTHERS, Samuel -- 2 March 1826 / May 1826 -- Wife Judith all lands during her natural life together with household and kitchen furniture except one feather bed and furniture and one linen wheel which I give to Susanah FULCHER. To Susanah FULCHER one cow. To son David and daughter Jane B. all stock of cattle and hogs to be equally divided between them. To Susan FULCHER 50 acres of land to be laid off from the eastward side. To son David 75 acres of land adjoining Susannah's including the house and plantation. To daughter Jane B. 75 acres of land including the westward part. If either of my two children David or Jane B. dies without heirs lawfully begotten then the survivor to have the part I gave them. If both die without issue then to Susannah FULCHER and her heirs. Executors: Wife Judith and Joshuah FULCHER. Wits: E. PATRICK, Jos. [Joseph] MARTIN. [Will also recorded in Will Book B, p. 277].

BROTHERS, Judith [also Judy] -- 16 Sept 1846 / Feb 1847 -- "planter"-- "being sick and weak" -- Daughter Susan FULCHER, 50 acres of land on the back part of the Mill Pond joining MARTINS line to her two children forever. Daughter Jane, 134 acres for life then to her children forever, household and kitchen furniture. Executors: Son William HERRINGTON and Jane HERRINGTON. Wits: Joshua RICE, Js. MILLER. [Also recorded in Will Book D, page 134].

BROUGHTON, Abel -- 11 Nov 1814 / Dec 1814 -- "sick and weak in body" -- son John BROUGHTON, feather bed, gun, 2 cows and calves. Son William BROUGHTON, feather bed and furniture, one chest. "Cosen" Solomon BROUGHTON accounts now due me, "cuppers tools, pot mettle," one gallon jug, gradiron, 9 yards new cloth, 2 washing tubs, one pail. Son William, bedstid. Son John [illegible] and one pair iron wedges. Brother Adam BROUGHTON $100 note and interest. Executor: My well beloved f[illegible] William SMITH and his wife [stricken in original], Cosin Solomon BROUGHTON. Wits: William TREWHITT, Wm. WHITBY. [Also recorded in Will Book C, pages 89-90].

BROWN, Nathll. -- 27 Jan 1825 / Nov 1825 -- of Newbern -- "being low & weak in body" -- Daughter Evaline BROWN, 1 set silver tablespoons. Daughter Chally CRATCH, 1 set silver teaspoons. Remainder of property to be sold at 6 months credit after debts paid divided between three children: Chally CRATCH, Frederick Rue BROWN, and Evaline BROWN. Executors: Silvester BROWN and Parsons H. BROWN. Wits: David LEWIS, T[?]. M. ARMSTRONG. [Also recorded in Will Book C, page 267].

BROUER [is how the signature appears, recorded copy has BROWER], William -- [illegible on film, abstract taken from recorded copy in Will Book D, page 21] -- 7 Sep 1840 / Nov 1840 -- of New Bern -- Friends John L .DURAND and James C. COLE executors. To executors, $200 each. To Sidney DRIGGERS, $400 and the wooden building on Craven Street in New Bern south of my residence, all household and kitchen furniture. The remainder of my property including two slaves Lettie [?] ant Tom, to be sold to pay debts and legacies. Balance left after debts and legacies to Walter F. BRUSH of New York. He is to also receive certificates of stock in Attica Railroad and in Ohio Canal and Ohio Life and Trust Co. Stock in the Merchants Bank of New Bern to be sold. Wit: J[ames] G. Stanly.

BROWN, Edward [x] -- 11 Aug 1873 / 14 Sep 1874 -- Wife Elizabeth, lot No. 79 on the D.P. SCOTT tract of land; share No. 18 in the Y.M.I.&E. Association of North Carolina. Son Isaac BROWN, lots on West Street and lots 80 and 81 of SCOTTS land, also 1/4 part of the "foure flats" which I am interested in, also 1/4 part of the "ship yeard" on corner of Metcalf and South Front Streets. After wife's death, son Isaac to get lot 79 and share 18. Susan A. HOLLOWAY has the privilege of living on any of my lots during her life. Son William Henry BROWN, double case silver watch which he has already in his possession and $10. Executor: Israel B. ABBOTT. Wits: Benja. McGEE, Samuel HALAWAY [also HOLLAWAY]. [Also recorded in Will Book E, pages 112-114].

BRUCE, James [√] -- 8 Dec 1801 / Dec 1801 -- of Newbern -- All to wife to use for the benefit of her and children [all unnamed]. Executor: Wife. Wits: Thos. L. CHEEKE, Sarah LIPSEY. [Probate indicates Maryann[?] BRUCE qualified as executrix.]


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