BLACK, Henry -- [Illegible on film]

BLACK, Kitty [x] - 4 June 1881 / 21 October 1881 - Executor to sell my corn and cotton
crops and use the proceeds to pay for the land and any remainder to be divided between
my children. Granddaughter Kitty, daughter of Alex Black's wife, one acre of land. Three
children James, Jane, and Mary the remainder of my land, nine acres, also three sows and
their pigs, one sow and pigs to each. Other goods to be sold and proceeds divided
between my three children James, Jane, and Mary. Executor: Primus R. RHEM. Wit:

BLACKLEDGE, Ann [A] - November 1805 / September [1806?] - "widow, being aged
and infirm" - Plantation at Brices Creek purchased from Joseph -----, of Spyers
SINGLETON and 250 acres purchased from Stephen W. DUNN and the lot, front and
wharf bought of Richard CASWELL in Newbern known in the plan of the town as lot
number 10 and the following Negroes: Tobe, Ben, Scipio, Mimy and her children, Dinah
and her children, Lydia and Hester and their children, in the possession of my Son-in-law
Spyers SINGLETON in trust for the purposes herein expressed, that is during the term of
his natural life and at his death to be disposed of as he may judge proper among his
children or their legal representatives by my daughter Elizabeth SINGLETON, deceased.
To son Benjamin BLACKLEDGE my Negro man Kain and Negro woman Milly and two
beds and furniture. Negro boy Abram to remain with my son William BLACKLEDGE
until he attains the age 21, to be taught the trade of a cooper, and then be given to my
granddaughter Ann B. HATCH or if she be dead to my grandson Richard B. HATCH
unless my son William prefers to keep him and pay the sum of $500. Negro boy Titus to
remain with my son William BLACKLEDGE for the term of 4 years 6 months free of
hire then Titus to go to my grandson William BLACKLEDGE, son of my son Thomas.
Negroes Southy, Beeley [?], and Charles to be sold for debts and funeral charges.
Granddaughter Ann JONES 60 pounds remainder "divided into the equal in number to
the number of my sons and daughters who may have children then living and the children
of each of my said sons and daughters (excepting Ann HAWKS, Thomas S.
SINGLETON, William BLACKLEDGE son of Thomas, Ann B. HATCH, or Richard B.
HATCH whichever may get the legacy above mentioned, Ann JONES, Richard B.
Wm. BLACKLEDGE) shall have one of said shares." Granddaughter Fanny HATCH
half a dozen table and half a dozen tea spoons. Daughter Ann HATCH clothes, dishes,
and four china dishes. Granddaughter Mary S. BLACKLEDGE clothes. Son William
BLACKLEDGE remainder of property. Executors: son-in-law Spyers SINGLETON,
grandson Richard SINGLETON, and son William BLACKLEDGE. Wit: Wm. TIGNOR,

BLACKLEDGE, Benjamin - 29 [?] March 1778 / [illegible] 1783 - Wife Judith
BLACKLEDGE one bed and furniture, small bay mare with woman's saddle and bridle,
"wollen wheel" and one small chest with a lock and key (items worth $100). To
Grandson Richard BLACKLEDGE 100 acres on Stones Creek on New River in Onslow
County, nine hogs (land and hogs worth $67). To daughter-in-law Ann BLACKLEDGE
20 yards of homemade linen that is in Capt. John JONES hnds and all my printed books.
To beloved son Benjamin BLACKLEDGE one horse, ... wearing apparel and one chest
(worth $70). To daughter-in-law ----- CALHOON $20 in money to be paid by -----
BLACKLEDGE ... large pewter dish ... Grand--- ----- BLACKLEDGE, son of Richd.
BLACKLEDGE three cows and one calf (worth $24). To daughters Sarah ALLEN and
Easter WITHERINGTON my feather bed and furniture with all my flax and cotton that's
spun or not, with all the plows and gears with all the hoes and axes, with all my pewter
and tin, and other goods and chattles not above mentioned. Daughter Elizabeth
LAWRENCE living in Pennsylvania one shilling sterling, money of Great Britain.
Executor: Grandson Richard BLACKLEDGE. Wit: Ann [x] JONES, Samuel

BLACKLEDGE, William S. - n.d. / December 1856 -

BLACKMON, Arthur - 27 May 1768 / June 1768 -

BLAKE, Robert [x] – 6 February 1765 / July 1766 – of Clubfoot’s Creek – To wife Anne BLAKE one mare, one horse, etc., nine pounds proc. Money due by bond from William ----- and another nine pounds due by the same bond [torn] Daughter Levina [?] BLAKE … Daughter Anne BLAKE … Son John BLAKE mare and colt bought from William STUART and other legacies. Son Joshua BLAKE plantation where I now live and other legacies. Daughter Elizabeth wife of William STUART one shilling sterling. To Joseph BARBER my gun and mare that came from the one I gave my son John. Executors: wife Anne BLAKE and son Joshua BLAKE. Wit: Thomas FRAZIER, Daniel FRAZIER, John THOMLINSON. 

[Need Better Copy] BLOUNT, Frederick – 23 September 1822 / February Term 1824 – of New Bern – beloved wife Elizabeth BLOUNT…daughter…Son Alexander Clement BLOUNT all my land in Chowan County…executor B. A.H. BLOUNT…Wit: John M. ROBERTS, David PICKARD. [Probate indicates William TAYLOR is a witness] Codicil to the will written 16 August 1823 but a large portion is damaged. It does mention that his wife should have the use of the lot adjoining Mr. Hay’s shop for life and that Joseph WHITFIELD, “brother of my wife should be one of my executors.” [Book C, 242-243]


BLOUNT, Rachel – 15 July 1842 / November Term 1842 – of New Bern – To Alexander C. BLOUNT 20 shares of Capital Stock in the Bank of the State of North Carolina, Negro woman Lizzy and her daughters Delilah and Mary Jane and their increase in special trust for my daughter Caroline H. Washington during her natural life and after her death to her child or children or if none divided among all my children. Also to Alexander C. BLOUNT in special trust as aforesaid one-half lot on George Street in Newbern that I bought of the heirs of Daniel Shackelford and the House in which Old Betty now lives adjoining Mr. HAYS residence for the comfortable maintenance and support of Betty. Son Herritage W. BLOUNT 10 shares in the Merchants Bank of Newbern, my Negro boy Willis, one bed and furniture. Son Alexander C. BLOUN my Negroes Hardy, Bill, and Susan and the house on Pollock Street wherein I now reside in the town of Newbern which formerly belonged to Daniel SHACKELFORD, one bed and furniture. Son Frederick S. BLOUNT my Negro girl Siddy and her increase and if the note I hold against him for $400 is not paid before I die, I give and release the same. Son James W. BRYAN my Negro girl Laura [?] and all the children she may have also during his natural life passage across the southeast corner of my lot on which my dwelling house to “afford a passway from the lot on which the dwelling of the said James W. BRYAN stands to his back garden.” One large china bowl, my silver ladle. Son John H. BRYAN my Negro woman Rosanna (wife of his Negro Lewis), her infant child which she has just had at Raleigh, and all the children she may have. The two large religious pictures which were his father’s, my diamond ring now in his possession and my silver milk pot. Son Herritage W. BLOUNT my Negro girl Emily. My beloved sister, Elizabeth HATCH …As my children by my last marriage to whom I was guardian are, as I believe, indebted to me, I give and release to them severally their debts. I leave all my napkins, tablecloths and all other articles of that nature to be equally divided between Alexander C. BLOUNT, and Caroline H. WASHINGTON and I leave all my glassware not disposed of to be divided among the children of my second marriage. I wish my Negro woman Sarah to be sold to some person who will convey her beyond the limits of this state and the money to be applied to my debts. Remainder divided among all my children. Executor to pay Mary W. GAYNOR two shares of the capital stock of the Merchants Bank of Newbern in part payment of a debt owed. Executor: Son Alexander C. BLOUNT. Wit: F. J. HUGHES, I DISOSWAY.

Codicil dated 15 July 1842—Revokes bequest of 10 shares of the twenty to son Alexander C. BLOUNT in trust and instead gives in trust one Negro boy named George the son of Lizzy. Gives son James W. BRYAN the 10 shares of the Bank of the State. Wit: F[rederic] J. HUGHES, I[srael] DISOSWAY.


BOLTON, Richard – 8 February 1765 / January Term 1768 – of the city of Bristol, Great Britain – “Mariner” – Mother Martha SMITH twenty pounds “starling”. Loving wife Esther BOLTON ten pounds starling to buy her a suit of mourning. Nephew John French SMITH, son of my brother John SMITH of New Bern in No.Carolina, My late dwelling house and tenements thereto belonging known by the Sign of the Rising Sun on Cat [??] near Rackley Church in Bristol in Great Britain to him forever reserving from the rents and profits of the said  house and tenements 10 pounds per year to be paid by my said nephew to my wife Esther BOLTON so long as she shall remain my widow. If my nephew dies without heirs then to my brother John SMYTH. If my wife should die before this will takes effect, then the sums to her shall go to my nephew. To Sarah LYNCH [?] one diamond ring in possession of Mr. James BARBONOUS [?], Merchant in Bristol. To my brother John SMITH in New Bern in Craven County in North Carolina, one silver quart tankard, one silver pint mug, 4 table spoons, 2 plain gold rings, and two stone rings now in possession of Mr. James BARBONOUS [?], Merchant in Bristol, also what money is due me from Capt. BARRAN of 3 Queen Lane Bristol. Executor: My Brother, John SMITH Wit: Thos. MASLEN, Jno. BONNER, Jams. RYAN, Rumsey OUTERBRIDGE. [Probate indicates “Captain Richard BOLTON”]


BOND, Ezbon – 10 July 1802 / September Term 1802, December Term 1804 – “being sick of body” To loving son Robert BOND the plantation “whereon I now live” and all the land belonging to it containing 177-1/4 acres after the death of his mother. To five children Esther William and James Caty and “one that my wife is big with at this time” one Negro woman called Nance and one girl named Biner. To son William BOND one hatchet. Wife Elizabeth BOND everything else not mentioned above. Executors: Benjamin WITHERINGTON and Elizabeth BOND. Wit: Jas. PHILIPS, Reuben PHILLIPS. [Will proved by James PHILIPS at the September 1802 term of court. At the December 1804 term, August W. DAVIS[?] and Elizabeth his wife qualified as executors of the will.]


BOND, Francis –


BOND, Sarah – [1796 / June 1800] – “being sick and weak of body”  [To son-in-]law Sweeting BOND [illegible]. Lend the use of money arising from “sail of said property” to my loving brother John CARRUTHERS then to be divided among nephews Clayton Carruthers, Thomas Wythe [illegible], Alexander CARRUTHERS, John CARRUTHERS, and Joseph CARRUTHERS [soiled]. Executors: [Illegible, but probate indicates John CARRUTHERS was one of the names executors.] Wit: [Illegible due to soiled condition, but probate indicates James CARRAWAY was one of the witnesses].


BORDEN, Benjamin Sr. [X] – 11 December 1833 / August Term 1841 – To grandchild Nancy BORDEN, daughter of my son John BORDEN deceased a tract of land in Carteret County on the Newport River…to Harlows Creek …provided that if she dies without heirs, the land goes to my son Franklin George Cockburn BORDEN. “Provided further that whereas I have sold a certain Lot of ground on Portsmouth to which said Nancy BORDEN was entitled and which descended to her from her Grandmother Nancy BORDEN deceased—Now if the said Nancy BORDEN …should refuse to release my estate from all claims on account of said land” then the above devise is void. All the remaining estate to son Franklin George Cockburn BORDEN. If George should die without heir, the property to go to my friends John COART and Samuel HYMAN. Executors: John COART and Samuel HYMAN. Wit: David B. GIBSON, Asa CONNER, Matthew WILLIAMS.


BORDEN, Benjamin F., Jr. – 26 August 1875 / 25 March 1886 – “Hancocks Creek, Craven County, N.C. In the name of God Amen. I Benjamin F. BORDEN, Jr. being week of body but of sound and disposing mind and knowing the uncertainty of life do make and declare this my last will and testament. First I lend unto my beloved farther during his life all of my property real and personal and after his death I give unto my beloved brother Barclay D. BORDEN all of my property of any discription to him and his heirs forever. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 26th day of August 1875. B.F. BORDEN.  Wit: J.B. DUFFY, Charley JONES.” [Recorded in Book E, pages 404-405]


BORDEN, Eliza Hope – 9 May 1863 / March 9, 1872 – I lend to my beloved husband Benjamin F. BORDEN all of my property both real and personal during his lifetime then I give it to the child or children that I may have by him surviving him at his death. But if there is no child or children, then the property to go to my three last children by my first Husband Benjamin W. THORP namely William Julia and John. Three heifers given to the three oldest children Sarah, Carolina, and Margret. Trustee Suthy PITTMAN to be Executor. Wit: W.H. RAND, Francis MACE. [A note along with the probate indicates that there was a marriage agreement between Borden and wife providing that Mrs. Borden should have sole use of the property during coverture, with a power to dispose of the same by any written document in presence of two witnesses. The will, evidently, was contested by some of the children of the first marriage.]


BOUCHER, Joseph [|] – 9 September 1765 / n.d. – All moveable estate to be sold “for the most it can fetch” and the proceeds to pay debts, etc., including “my desire that Doctor Andrew SCOTT be paid off his Bill for Medicines, Visits, & other Services done during my Sickness. [Stained and hard to read] “And whereas James SNEED of ---- for support me in my present illness ‘tis my Will and desire that the aforesd. James Cunningham do dispose of such part of my Effects as will answer that purpose.” Wit: Benamin PRICE, Sarah [x] STYRRINGER [another unreadable]


BOWDIN, Ezey [x] – 5 May 1805 / June Term 1805 – To John HORSEHEENS one feather bed and furniture and one “whight” cow calf. To Cloey CURTIS one “gound” and one “hatt” To Sarah HUGHES [illegible. Other legacies illegible.]  Property to be sold and proceeds to pay debts, remaining to be divided between John HORSEHEENS and James MEEKES. Executors: John BANKS and David GATTLIN. Wit: Thos. CURTIS, Sarah [x] HUGHES.


BOWEN, Edward – [1843?, date is illegible] / May 1845 – Various legacies to wife, Sidney BOWEN. Son Thomas H. BOWEN to receive lands that are on the south side of the road leading from Beards Creek Bridge to Sandy Bottom. Legacy of land to grandson Edward BOWEN. Legacies to sons Lewis B. BOWEN and Thomas H. BOWEN. Executor: Philip PIPKIN. Wit: Leven HARDISON, Joseph W. BRINSON.


BOWENS, Mary [x] – 28 September 1875 / September 1876 – “of the city of Newbern” “being of feeble body”. To “my friend” Israel MANLY for life, the house I now live in on Berne Street, and after his death to his lawful wife and after her death to his and her children. If he should not marry, then it goes to his sister Katie Kornegay and “my grandson Alex WHITFIELD.” Wit: J. L. HERRITAGE, M.H.R. Emanuel FISHER.


BOYD, John T. – 28 August 1847 / March Term 1866 – “of Newbern”. To John B. VANDOREN of Somerset County, New Jersey, $500. To Mrs. Margaret HART of Newbern, $500. To nephew William A. BOYD, half of all the negro slaves I now possess or may possess at my death, also 1/5 of all other property, except the remaining half of the slaves. To nephew John BOYD, the remaining half of slaves and 1/5 of all other property. To “the child or children of my deceased neice Maria VANDEVENTER (formerly VANDOREN) late of Princeton, N.J.” 1/5 of all property.  To Peter VROOM, in trust for the sole, separate, and exclusive use of his wife, my neice, Eliza VROOM (formerly VANDOREN), 1/5 part of remaining property. To the “child or children of my deceased niece Catharine R. FILKINS (formerly Catharine R. BOYD)” 1/5 of the residue of my property. [The deed was not witnessed, and three persons had to testify that the writing was that of John T. BOYD. The testifying witnesses were John A. GREEN, Frederick J. JONES, and Israel DISOSWAY.]


BRADDICK, Ayers [x] – 1 April 1871 / 24 July 1873 – “New Bern, N.C., Apl. 1, 1871. This is to Certify I Ase Braddick is in my Wright Mind. I want if my Wife diner if she is the Longest Liver Where she is & the Garle also where I raised also the Ground where Susan CARNOR lives she is to live her lifetime. And after her life her Children is to move all off the Ground of the Lot & Brother Hery BRADDICK to be Agent and Sarah BELL where I Raised I want her to have a peace of Ground her life time to bill her a house on And my wife Diner BRADDICK She is to have her life Estate in the propety and at her Death it it is to go to the Nerest Air. Witnessed this first day 1871. A [x] BRADDICK. Hary [x] BRADDICK, M.D. HILL.  I want my Brother Hary BRADDICK to take charge of all my paper and Receits. A.[x] BRADDICK.”  [Probate indicates Harry BRADDICK and Moses D. HILL were witnesses.]


BRADDOCK, David [x] – 7 September 1814 / March Term 1816 – “last of Newbern, of the private armed Schooner Shark, but now of the Cutter Hero Lying in the port of Newbern and bound on a course…” appoints Juno HAMILTON a free woman of color to be executor “in case I do not return to this port of Newbern or some other port of the United States & should die…”  [It appears the ship Hero returned to New Bern on 26 June 1815 and that BRADDOCK did not return with them, as Juno HAMILTON received the bounty due to BRADDOCK as part of his payment.]


BRADSHAW, Thomas—September 1778 / [no date legible] – wife [not named] various household items, animals, then to daughter [name illegible]. Son Thomas BRADSHAW, Jr., 50 acres and other legacies. Remainder of property equally divided between Rachel HARBERT [?], David BRADSHAW, Hugh BRADSHAW, and Saml. BRADSHAW. Executors: “my wife and her father Samuel SMITH” Wits: John G[illegible], Henry SPYERS [?]


BRAGG, John—7 July 1799 / 1816—Wife Hannah BRAGG use of all property during her natural life the to be divided as follows: Lands divided between two sons Thomas and John. [Daughter?] Anna [legacy illegible], Daughters Penelope, Sidney, and Bonita [legacies illegible]. Executors: Phillip NEAL, Thomas BRAGG and John BRAGG. Wits: James JONES, William DICKSON.


BRAGG, Mary—2 November 1819 / [illegible, recorded in Will Book C, page 191]—Widow of Newbern, Daughter Elizabeth MASTERS one trunk and wearing apparel. Son William G. TAYLOR, ½ lot on Pollock Street (Lot # ??), with the dwelling house, other legacies. Exec: William G. TAYLOR. Wits: [Blob, probate indicates Claiborne IVEY was one of the witnesses].


BRAME, John T.—28 September 1819 / December Term 1819—“afflicted in body”, beloved [wife] Sarah P. BRAME all real and personal property. Sister Jemima POINDEXTER my Negro boy Billy, which came to me by my father. VIRGINIA CONFERENCE RELIEF SOCIETY, $200 plus interest now in the hands of Ethelbert DRAKE and also my interest in my Grandfather’s lands in Virginia. Friend Hezekiah G. LEIGH all my manuscripts written on Divinity and all my books immediately pertaining to that study. Sisters Polly and Susanna [illegible] all the money I have in the hands of [illegible] BUROUGHS. Friend Lewis SKIDMORE the note with interest that I have on Mr. PERRY. Exec: wife Sarah P. BRAME. Wits: James CARNEY, John D. FRAZER, John CAR_____.


BRAME, Sarah P.—28 November 1845 / September Term 1847—of Newbern. Sister Frances S. BENNERS negroes Mary Ann and her children Henry, Alexander, and Jane, my woman Luvinia and her children Martha, Alfred and Moses, also Ben, Wesley, Robert, Isabel, and Bertha and their future increase. Four silver teaspoons to Julia M. BENNERS, Four silver teaspoons to Elizabeth L. BENNERS, four silver teaspoons to Robina A. BENNERS, one watch to Isaac H. BENNERS, one watch to Francis P. BENNERS. Cousin Frances P. CLAYTON two silver tablespoons provided she survives me. If not, then they are to go to niece Sarah F. NORWOOD. One silver tablespoon to John N. BENNERS, one silver tablespoon to nephew Joseph N. BENNERS. Rev. Hezekiah G. LEIGH $40. To my faithful old servant Yancey $100 and to Pomona $50 as a mark of regard for their meritorious services. Exec: sister Frances S. BENNERS. Wits: Wm. E. PELL, Henry I. LOVICK.


BRATCHER, Roger [+]—28 June 1784 / September 1784 and June 1853—Eldest son Daniel, 300 acres “in the percosin and the Red Oak ridg” if he dies without heirs then to my daughter Charlotty. Youngest son Bazel the plantation whereon I now live. If he dies without heirs lawfully begotten then to my daughter Charlotty. Remainder of real and personal property to be sold at the “digression of my faithful brother Tomas BRATCHER.” Exec: brother “Thomas BRATCHER”. Wits: Henry SIKES, Elizabeth BRUMLEY. [Probate note indicates the will was submitted for probate at the September 1784 term and ordered to be recorded at the June 1853 term.]


BRATCHER, Susan A.—28 November 1865 / June Term 1866—After debts, etc., have been paid, everything to her husband Rubin BRATCHER. Exec: Clement L. WITHERINGTON. Wits: Stephen CIVILS, Mary TAYLOR.


BRATCHER, Thomas [+]—19 December 1804 / March 1805—For the love, goodwill and affection I bear to my son Benjamin BRATCHER the land and house where I now live. Son William BRATCHER land joining the same where Susy UMPHRES did live on the west side of the east prong of “Slocum” Creek. Sons Roger and Asy BRATCHER land to be equally divided on the east side of the east prong of Slocum Creek. Rest of property to my wife [not named] for life or “widderhood.” Exec: [not named]. Wits: Abram GRIFFIN, Jesse [x] HAMPTON.


BRIDGEN, Edward Atwood—8 September [illegible] / September Term 1815—of Newbern. [Will is heavily soiled and torn. Check Will Book C pages 104-5.]


BRIGHTMAN, James—30 December 1793 / March 179_--Execs:  Sally BRIGHTMAN, James MCMAINS. Wife Sally BRIGHTMAN all goods, chattels, lands and tenements. Wits: Willm. ROSS, Massey PAYNER, Jas. MCMAINS.


BRIGHT, Sidney—28 February 1844 / May 1846—I lend to my trusty friend Nathan Whitford all lands I own in the state of North Carolina during the natural life of my son James W. BRIGHT and after his death to the lawful heirs of James W. BRIGHT. Exec: Nathan WHITFORD. Wits: Sinclar LANCASTER, Allen GASKINS.


BRIGHT, Stockwell [S]—29 April 1786 / September 1791—Son John BRIGHT all lands, Negroes, stock, household furniture, debts, etc. except five pounds six shillings current money of the state [for each of the following grandchildren]: William TAYLOR, [Hannah] TAYLOR, Sarah TAYLOR, Charles [TAYLOR?], Simon ANDERSON and Elizabeth ANDERSON, which will be 30 pounds. Also gives them all one shilling each. Execs: John BRIGHT, Jasper FILLINGIM. Wits: John HARRIS, William [L] LAWLEY, Elizabeth [X] FILLINGIM.




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