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Procedures and Policies for Meeting Room Use

Meeting Room Application Form (pdf)
Meeting Room Application (Word 2007 docx)

The Library has two rent-free rooms available for meetings by not-for-profit/non-profit organizations and governmental entities. Personal events including, but not limited to, birthday parties, wedding receptions, baby showers, and reunions are not considered appropriate use of Library meeting rooms.

The auditorium seats 172 and the conference room seats 18. In accordance with ALA’s Library Bill of Rights, the library will make the rooms available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of groups and individuals requesting their use. Permission to use the library facilities for an event does not constitute endorsement by the library of that event or the beliefs, viewpoints, policies, or affiliation of its sponsors.


Library activities receive first priority for use of library facilities and equipment.

Meeting rooms and equipment may be reserved for use during library hours. Requests for use must be submitted on an application form at least 5 days and no more than 60 days in advance and signed by an adult (18 years or older) who assumes responsibility for arrangements. Forms may be picked up at the Main Desk or downloaded from our website ( They may be requested and returned in person, by mail, by fax (252-638-7817) or by e-mail (nbauditorium@

Confirmation of a room is not made until the application is approved and the responsible adult notified. The Library reserves the right to monitor all meetings conducted on the premises to insure compliance with these rules.

Adult supervision and responsibility are required for events involving or serving children.

Groups may not use the rooms as a regular or frequent meeting place. Space may be reserved by a single organization 4 times in a year.

The Library DOES NOT furnish staff to arrange the room prior to or after an event. Applicants are responsible for all set-ups. All rooms MUST be returned to the condition in which they were found. Please refer to the attached cleaning procedures and the room layout on the wall in the auditorium for more information.


Please notify the library as soon as possible if your event is cancelled. A no-show by a group will result in cancellation of all future confirmed reservations.

Furnishings and Equipment

The library recommends that anyone considering using its meeting rooms, furnishings and equipment, come and review the facilities before committing their organization. Users are required to do their own arranging of furniture and equipment within their scheduled time. They must know where furniture is stored and how to use the equipment. Users are responsible for damage to library property. The library has available folding tables, stacking chairs, a podium, PA system, overhead projector, DVD player, TV and flip boards.

The representative in charge of the meeting is responsible for turning off all equipment, putting the room in order and cleaning up at the end of the program. Any problems with equipment or furnishings should be reported to the Main Desk.

It is strongly recommended that all programs end at least 15 minutes before the library closes so there will be time for cleaning up and arranging the room.

Fees and Sales Prohibited

Sale of tangible property by any non-library sponsored group using the auditorium is strictly prohibited, as is any activity such as swapping, bartering, auctioning, etc. Non-library sponsored groups using a meeting room may not charge admission fees or collect payments for services. Donations to the Library by those using the room are accepted and are tax deductible.


Light refreshments are permitted in the meeting rooms but on-site cooking or serving full meals is prohibited. All plates, cups, eating utensils, etc., must be furnished by the user. The kitchen and meeting rooms must be clean and orderly before the user leaves. Any spills or problems must be reported to the Main Desk by the person responsible for the room.

The organization will be charged for any damage to library property beyond usual wear and tear, for any special cleaning required, and for overtime of all library staff regularly scheduled to work if they are kept on duty beyond normal library hours.


The Library would appreciate it if the person in charge of the program would tell the staff at the Main Desk the number of attendees at their function. Statistics are kept on the use of the rooms. Any other comments regarding the rooms may also be made to the Circulation staff and they will be reported to the Librarian.


If you have any questions or concerns please call 252-638-7803 to speak with the Meeting Room Coordinator.

Approved November 2002; amended November 2010 and December 2012.

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