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Will Abstracts,
Babbitt to Bissell

BABBITT, GEORGE H. - 5 December 1924 / n.d. [Typewritten copy certified 4 Oct
1929] - of Providence R.I.-To wife Elizabeth Clarke BABBITT all property. Wife to
care for daughter, Elizabeth Howerton BABBITT. Executrix: Wife. Wit: Samuel F.
STORY, Edward F. LOVEJOY, Estelle D. KING.

BADGER, THOMAS -- October 1799? / December 1799 - Wife Lydia BADGER; three
children George Edward BADGER, Elizabeth Ann BADGER, and Frances Lucretia
BADGER; mentions a lot in New Bern; Executors: wife Lydia BADGER, brother
Edward BADGER, and friend John STANLY, Esq. Wit: Robert [Torn], Thos. A. [Torn],
Jno. DENNY [DEWEY?] [Note: Severely damaged and stained will, unable to read the
types of legacies. Microfilm copy is entirely illegible.]

BAILEY, ABRAHAM - 20 March 1774 / September 1774 - All estate, real and personal,
to be sold and loaned to my wife Eleanor during her widowhood until "any some one of
my children shall arrive to the age of twenty-one years", then one-half of the money goes
to my wife Eleanor BAILEY. The other half to be equally divided amongst all my
children, the first having his share when it comes of age and so likewise to the last.
Executors: Friends James BLACKSHEAR and Elisha BLACKSHEAR. Wit: Jno. [John]

BAELY, JONATHAN - n.d. / May 1822 - "week and Low in Body"- To wife Seneldy
BALEY, lend all land I now have during her widowhood. 300 Acres on Dam Creek to
oldest son John P. BALEY, beginning at the mouth of Dam Creek running up the River
162 poles from thence to the Back line, also 150 Acres adjoining the old patent line
called the TAYLER land. All the remainder of the land to son William BALLEY. Wife
Seneldy BALEY the rest of my property during her life or widowhood. Negroes and
moveable property equally divided between my four daughters: Nurcy BALLEY, Casey
BALLEY, Faney [Fanny?] BALLEY, Nancy BALLEY. Executors: Seneldy BALLEY
and Arcabel FLYBUS. Wit: Charles HARDISON, John AUSTIN. [Probate indicates that
the witnesses had died by May 1822, so the will was proven by James LOVICK, who
swore that the handwriting was of Jonathan BAILEY. Archibald FLYBUS qualified as
the executor.]

BAKER, JOHN [X] - 2 September 1795 / March 1799 - To Granddaughter Nancy
BROTHERS, 50 acres of land on the east side of Goos Neck and south side of Bouships
Branch, beginning at the run of Goos Creek at the mouth of Bouships Branch and up said
branch to square 50 acres, including the plantation where John BROTHERS once lived.
To wife Mirum BAKER, the remainder of lands and all moveable estate. Executrix:
Wife, Mirum BAKER. Wit: Levi DAWSON, John [x] BANKS, Jesse JONES.

BALDWIN, SAMUEL - 26 March 1778 / September 1780 - mariner, "verry Sick and
Weak in Body"-Brother Henry BALDWIN, large Black "paleirig" mare, saddle and
bridle in the possession of my brother Theophilis BALDWIN in Norwide [Norwich?],
Connecticut. To my brother Henry all my estate which may fall to me by my father's
death, 17 sheep in the possession of Israel LUMMUS, 18 pounds lawful money and 20
pounds in notes collected by my brother Theophilis, my wearing clothes and silver shoe
buckles. To my two sisters and sister-in-law [not named] my Indigo now at my brothers
in Norwidge [Norwich?]. Executor: Brother Henry BALDWIN. Wit: John

BALL, JAMES, SENR. - date / no probate date - [original appears to be a partial will with
no signature and no witnesses] - son John Ball to have my bed I lie on when I die. Son
James Ball to have my smiths tools. Grandson William Caton [Catun?, Ceatrin?], son of
John Caton and Mary my daughter, one cow and calf. "I ow no dets, my children has
received all I had to give them before now..." Wife Catrin... Remainder left to be
divided between my four children: James Ball, John Ball, Martha Ball, Mary Ball.

BALL, JAMES -- 31 March 1799 / June 1799 - [Original is stained and torn. Copy
recorded in book B, pages 73-74 was used for transcription.] -- "husbandman", wife
Sarah BALL [spelled Sary in the original] all the property she had when I married her.
Son Whiting [original will appears to read Whitney], one cotton wheel, some worn. Son
Shadrach BALL, one new cotton wheel. Son Levi BALL, one linen wheel. My boat, I
leave to be sold to pay my debts and what is over to be equally divided between my wife
Sarah and six children: Shadrach BALL, James BALL, Levi BALL, Polly ROBINSON
[original reads ROBERSON], Aaron [original has Steven] BALL, and Whiting [original
has Whitney] BALL. Above children to receive "my book accounts," blacksmith tools,
joiners tools, carpenters tools, plantation tools, and my three guns. Son Stephen BALL to
receive 50 acres on Cedar Island. The remainder of my estate to be divided equally
between the above six children. Executors: sons James BALL and Lewis BALL
[transcriber's error in the recorded copy for Levi?]. Wit: Roger KIRK, David [x]

BANGERT, SEBASTIAN -- 9 February 1886 / 28 June 1886 -- of New Bern, wife Carolyn
A. BANGERT during her natural life the lot of land in the city whereon I now live, on the
southeast corner of Broad and Middle Streets (part of lot 64), then to his son Albert H.
BANGERT. Wife also to receive $4000.00. Son Albert H. BANGERT one lot on Middle
Street and part of lot 81 which was deeded to me by F.C. ROBERTS, clerk and master in
equity which belongs to the Trustees of the Late Moses GRIFFIN also the entire tract of
land known as the Borden Land in Craven County on Hancocks Creek which I bought at
a foreclosure sale from B.F. BORDEN and others. Son Albert also to receive $5000.00.
Son John D. BANGERT, $5000.00. Daughter Nancy, wife of Wm. M. WATSON a tract
of land in Jones County on the road from Pollocksville to New Bern on the south side of
the Trent River joining the lands of the late George SIMMONS and $4000.00. To
Barbara BANGERT, widow of my son Francis, dec'd., $300.00. To Francis BANGERT
and Edward D. BANGERT, sons of my son Francis, $800.00 each. To my grandson, John
BANGERT, another son of my son Francis, $300.00. To my grandson Sebastian B.
WATSON, son of Nancy WATSON, $300.00 and Nancy to be his guardian without
bond. Executrix to collect the judgment against Carteret County Board of Commissioners
and pay 1/4 to son John D. BANGERT, 1/4 to son Albert H. BANGERT, 1/4 to daughter
Nancy WATSON, and 1/4 to my grandsons John, Francis, and Edward BANGERT, sons
of Francis. Wife to receive all household goods, my Rockaway, my buggies, my harness,
and my bay horse named Sam. Executrix, wife Caroline A. BANGERT. My land in Jones
County bought from John F. HEATH, joining the lands of F.G. SIMMONS and William
E. WARD (about 220 acres) to be sold and the money divided equally between my wife,
John D. BANGERT, Nancy WATSON, Albert H. BANGERT, Francis BANGERT, and
Edward BANGERT. All legacies to my grandsons Francis and Edward are to be given to
them when they reach age 25 years. Executrix to be the guardian to my grandsons and to
my son Albert H. BANGERT. Authorizes the executrix to employ H.C. WHITEHURST
to advise her. The remainder of the estate to my wife.
Codicil to the will 22 April 1886 -- revokes the legacy of $4000.00 to my daughter Nancy
and instead leaves her $3000.00 and all claims I hold against her husband, Wm. M.
WATSON. Revokes the legacy of the John F. HEATH lands and gives the lands to John

BANGS, ABIAH -- 3 June 1855 / n.d. -- Cousin Elizabeth HOBBS my lot in New Bern
Town whereon my Negro house stands joining the north side of the lot where I now
dwell, and if she should die without heir lawfully begotten then to return to my estate and
divided. To daughter Betsy BANGS all my estate both personal and Royal and for want
of heirs to be divided between my two sisters Elizabeth CARRUTHERS and Mary
CARRUTHERS, my brother John CARRUTHERS and my aforesaid cousin Elizabeth
HOBBS. Brother William CARRUTHERS and Mr. Robert JONES, Attorney at law to be
executors. Wit: Job IVES, Wm. CREEKMORE, Ruben [x] HAMMONTREE, Wm.

BANKS, JAMES -- Nuncupative Will -- 30 March 1768 -- to James, eldest son of my
wife Sarah BANKS, one shilling sterling. Joseph, her second son, one shilling sterling,
being fully convinced they were got in Adultery between my said wife and John MAIDS.
I give and bequeath to my two loving brothers William and Jonathan BANKS all my
... [this was stricken in the original]. Executors to pay all debts. Elizabeth
BANKS, eldest daughter of my brother Jonathan BANKS the rest of my property.
Executor: Brother William BANKS. [Probate Note: John CROOBHER (CROOCKER?)
and John BREFFITT appeared before John CLITHERALL and Richard COGDELL, two
justices of the peace and say they heard James BANKS say his intention was to dispose
of his estate, the substance of which was agreeable to the nuncupative will. That James
BANKS was of sound mind and died within a few hours after, being around 11 or 12
o'clock. Signed on 31 March 1868.

BANKS, JOHN [X] -- 5 October 1836 / February 1837 -- [original unreadable on
microfilm, recorded copy was used for transcription. Recorded copy found in book C,
page 400.] -- wife Phebe [original appears to be Pherabe] BANKS to receive 2 cows and
yearlings and 10 head of hogs, the remainder of my estate to be sold to pay my debts. If
any remains over, then to my wife, Phebe [Pherabe]. Executrix: wife Phebe [Pherabe].
Wit: Benjn. F. BRINSON.

BANKS, JOHN [X] -- 11 September 1882 / 20 February 1884 -- "I, John BANKS
(colored) of New Bern" -- daughters Eveline BANKS and Patsy BANKS all my estate
including my house and lot on the north side of Gardner's Alley (?). Executrix: Eveline

BANKS, LIZA [X] -- 7 Feb 1856 / Dec 1860 -- to son James BANKS a handmill, cow
and calf. To daughter Susan DAW one cow and calf; daughter Betsey RICE one cow and
calf; son David BANKS one cow and calf. To grandson John DAW a feather bed and a
heifer. The balance of the estate to be sold and equally divided between the lawful heirs.
Executor: F.P. LATHAM, Esq. Wit: William DIXON, Joshua SCOTT

BANKS, PETER, JR. [X] -- 3 July 1860 / Sept 1860 -- wife all lands, 2 cows and their
increase, all household and kitchen furniture except one bed, the to my two sons Stephen
H. BANKS and Henry T. BANKS. Daughter Elizabeth, wife of James GREEN, $30.00
and one bed and furniture, 1 cow and heifer. Son S.H. BANKS one cow. Son H.T.
BANKS one cow. My wife all my money, notes, etc. Executor: H.S. LEE. Wit: Bryan W.

BANKS, SALLY [OR SARAH] -- 5 July 1831 / Aug 1842 - daughter Julia BANKS bed
and furniture, cow and her increase, one case of bottles, some earthen ware, a pair of flat
irons, a desk, etc. Wit: Mary BRINSON and Mathew BRINSON.

BARNARD, BENONI -- 1777? / Sept 1777? -- Beaufort County -- Son Noble, one pound
current money. Son Ashley, 1 cow and calf. Son and daughters Jesse, Mary and Anne one
heifer each. Beloved wife [not named] my plantation on the south side of Pamlico River
and east side of Durhams Creek. Wit: Richd. RESPESS, Thos. STAFFERT [?], Jno.

BARNEY, JAMES -- 31 ___ [1824?] / Aug 1824 -- of New Bern. Wife Parazad all my
estate real and personal. Executrix: wife. Wit: F[rancis] LAMOTTE, ----- BINGMAN

BARRINGTON, JOHN--16 Nov 1807 / Dec 1807 -- Negro Woman Molley to be sold,
also horse, saddle and bridle, my hogs and all my household goods and kitchen furniture
and also "Every other thing that is Called mine Both with in doors and with out". Wife
Nansey to receive 1/3 part and daughter Easter DOWDE to receive 2/3 part. Executor:
Jesse DOWDE, Wit: William DUDLEY, William THOMAS

BARRON, DAVID -- 8 Feb 1778 / Mar 1778 -- of New Bern. [First legacy is torn]
beloved wife the following Negroes: Lewis, George, Simon, Cassa, Toney, Patience,
Rachel, Meriah, and Sarah. Son Samuel Graves BARRON and the child with which my
wife is now pregnant if born alive the following Negroes: Susey, Jane, Venus, Sam, Ned
and Anthony to be divided when my son Samuel shall come of age. Son Samuel Graves
BARRON on waterfront lot on Neuse River lot 114 on Front Street purchased from John
CAMPBELL with the wharf, buildings, and improvements, also a lot on Front and King
Streets known as lot 115. If the child my wife is pregnant with is a male child, one
undivided half of two thirds [torn] which was conveyed by Richard COGDELL be deed
10 Feb 1776 to John Council BRYAN and Mary BRYAN, which Mary BRYAN is the
now wife of Thomas CUSTIS and which part of the said lot I purchased from Thomas
CUSTIS and his wife Mary with the house thereon standing. If the child is female, then
the above to my son Samuel. [Torn ... Lots] 334, 335, and 336 purchased of John
CAMPBELL to the child to be born, the remainder to my son Samuel. Lots 341, 342,
343, 355, and other lots bought of Henry MONTFORD of Halifax Town [torn] empower
Henry MONTFORD to make deeds for the lots to son Samuel Graves BARRON. Friend
John COOKE a horse. Friend Elizabeth COOKE, wife of John, a horse called Jolley.
Other legacies. Executors: His Excellency Richard CASWELL, Esq., James GREEN,
Junr., John GREEN, and John COOKE. Wit: Sarah GRAVS, Jas. SAUNDERS, Edward
BRYAN. [Probate indicates this is the will of Major David BARRON.]

BARRY, ALBERT -- 16 Feb 1790 / Mar 1794 -- of New Bern. To Niece Frances Barry
BUXTON my lot with all improvements [Lot 371] on Norwoods and Crooked Streets
and other legacies. In case of her death, then to my sister Sarah BUXTON, the said
Frances's mother. To brother John BARRY my wearing apparel. Executors: Jarvis and
Sarah BUXTON. Wit: William HEWITT, F[rancis] BROWN. [Note: His brother John
BARRY gave his consent to the will on 20 May 1793 which was witnessed by Joseph

BARRY, DANIEL -- 14 June 1779 / June 1779 -- of New Bern. Brother Albard BARRY
my lot [371] in New Bern, a mare, my boots and spurs, gun and pistols. Brother John
BARRIE a chest of cloathes. Sister Sarah BARRIE all my money and everything left
after my brothers' legacies given to them. Executrix: Sarah BARRIE; Wit: John

BARTLETT, WILLIAM -- 1 Dec 1792 / Mar 1799 -- of New Bern. Wife Elizabeth
BARTLETT all my estate. Executrix: my wife. Wit: Chs. ADAMS, Jane ADAMS.
[Proven in court by "Janet EMERY (late Janet ADAMS)"]

BASS, ANDREW, SENR. [A] -- 22 Jan 1770 / Mar 1770 -- Planter. Son Richard BASS,
Junr., and son Andrew BASS, Junr., and son in law Richard BLACKLEDGE to be
equally divided between them the following sums of money: £20 due from the estate of
Luke WHITFIELD, £30 due from the estate of Col. Thomas ARMSTRONG, £70 due
from John HUNT, £3 5s due from William WILKERSON, £2 _s due from John
ALBERT [torn] Grandson Andrew BASS the younger and out of the money he is to have
four years Education and £80 proclamation money to build a house on aforesaid
plantation [mentioned in the torn part?] Grandson Richard BLACKLEDGE my Negro
Sambo ... son Uriah BASS [torn] land on Grays Branch on the Northeast Cape Fear in
"Dupland County" to be sold. Grandson William BLACKLEDGE £70 to be laid out in
two Negro girls [torn] Celia COVINGTON £60. Four grandsons: Thomas
BLACKLEDGE, William BLACKLEDGE, Andrew BASS the younger, and Uriah
BASS. On or about 14 Nov 1783, the remaining property equally divided between my
four grandsons. Executor: [torn] Wit: Joseph ALLEN, B. NEWPORT, Jeremiah

BATEMAN, HOPKINS [X] -- 14 Dec 1802 / Mar 1803 -- Son Jeremiah BATEMAN 75
acres including the plantation were he now lives and the lower end of the survey called
Risons. Sons Cornelius BATEMAN and Thomas BATEMAN 163 acres to be equally
divided between them, also $50 for schooling. Daughter Sidney BATEMAN two likely
cows and calves, one good feather bed and furniture. Daughter Mary BATEMAN two
likely cows and their calves, one feather bed and furniture. To be delivered to them on
their wedding day should they marry. Beloved Wife, Milly BATEMAN, all the residue
during her widowhood and at her marriage or death to be equally divided between my
daughters Susanna CARRAWAY, Sidney BATEMAN and Mary BATEMAN. My tar
kiln and the land and cypress on the head of Trent on Bay River to be sold to pay my
debts. Executors: Friend Joseph NELSON and Son Jeremiah BATEMAN. Wit: Clai:
IVEY, Furnifold [x] GREEN, Mary [X] BATEMAN.

BATES, HENRY G., M.D. -- 3 Aug 1885 / 18 Nov 1890 -- of New Bern - wife Annie all
rights to the furniture, pictures, clothing, etc., that we own in common in the apartments
we occupy as our home. "There will be paid to my wife Annie after my death, by the
trustees, or agents of certain benevolent societies and Insurance companies he following
sums:...the order known as the Knights of Honor...$2000"; Royal Arcanum, $2200,
Chosen Friends, $2200; Hartford Life & Annuity Insurance Co., $1000; and also what
right or title and interest may be coming to me at my death in the order known as the Iron
Hall; Aetna Life Insurance Co., $90. The money to be invested for her benefit and paid
out to her as her need may require, at least $50 per month. The funeral costs, lot in Cedar
Grove and marble monument not to exceed $500-"I desire to be buried in a grave in
said lot bricked and cemented up." [Desires wife to be buried in the same manner.] After
wife's death, the remainder of my property to be divided equally between my son C.K.F.
BATES, now in New Bern, and Mary K. ELLIS of Thomasville, Connecticut
[relationship not specified]. Executrix: wife Annie M. BATES and John A. MEADOWS.
Addition to will on same day: Trustees of Trent Council #411 of New Bern to pay my
son C.F.K. BATES $800 and the trustees of Neuse Council #1, Chosen Friends, will also
pay $800. All books, papers and unbound volumes in my office except those dear to my
wife, medical library and surgical instruments, silver watch and silver headed walking
stick, and a silver tobacco box, also my blood stone gold finger ring as they were given to
me by his dear brother. All other trinkets, jewelry or valuables, except a flute given to
C.K.F. BATES to my wife. Signed on my 63rd birthday. Witnesses: W.F. ROUNTREE,
W.B. BOYD, brother-in-law Thos. H. MEADOWS penned at the end of the will.
[Probate note: executors renounced their rights and James C. HARRISON was appointed
administrator with the will attached.]

BATMON, THOMAS [T] - 9 November 1779 / 1779 - sell various stock and goods and
proceeds to help school children and the remainder divided between them when they
reach age twenty. Son Francis to receive my plantation where I now dwell. Daughter
Sarah fifty pounds in money; two children, Francis and Sarah all my cattle. Executor:
well beloved brother [unreadable] BATMON. Wit: Thomas WHORTON, Nansa [x]
WRIT. [Probate note: Hopkins BATEMAN qualified as executor.

BATTLE, EPHRAIM - 15 March 1798 / n.d. - of Onslow County - To son Lott BATTLE
a negro man named Ellick, a girl Rose, bed and furniture; son Abner BATTLE one Negro
boy Isaac, one Negro girl Comfort, bed and furniture; daughter Sarrah WILLIAMS one
Negro girl Annaca, one girl Scina, bed and furniture; son William BATTLE one Negro
boy London, one girl Rach, bed and furniture; daughter Mary BATTLE Negro girl
Penny, girl Hannah bed and furniture that her grandmother left he; son Thomas BATTLE
Negro girl Judah, boy Ned, bed and furniture; son Frederick one Negro boy Handy, one
girl Att, bed and furniture; son James BATTLE Negro Boy Scills [?] one Girl Loose, bed
and furniture; Negroes George and Steve be hired until my son Thomas arrives to the age
of 21 and the money arising for the support and schooling of my three sons Thomas,
Frederick, and James BATTLE and then equally divided between them; Negroes Grace,
Beck, Seal, Patience, Frank, and Fellace [?] be sold and the money to pay my debts and
the balance equally divided between my daughter Sarah WILLIAMS and Mary
BATTLE; land and plantation I bought of Moses COX and the land bought of Benjn and
James WILLIAMS be equally divided between my four sons except 100 acres lying on
both sides of Jenkins Swamp and the land on the east side of the swamp to Abner
BATTLE, William BATTLE, Thomas BATTLE, and James BATTLE; remainder stock
sold and 200 pounds paid to Lott BATTLE and 30 pounds to Mary BATTLE and the
balance divided among all my children: Lott, Abner, William, Mary, Thomas, Frederick,
James BATTLE and Sarah WILLIAMS, son Frederick BATTLE all the land on the east
side of Jinkins Swamp that belongs to me and 100 acres on both sides of Jinkins Swamp
patented by Benjn WILLIAMS, Senr. Executors: Lott and Abner BATTLE. Wit: Nathl

BEARS, MOSES - 12 [unreadable] 1821 / February 1823 - one third of my property to
my wife, the remaining two-thirds to my children, if I should have more than one child,
then the two-thirds should be equally divided between all my children. Executor: friend
Moses JARVIS. Wit: Mathias P. LUFF.

BESELY, ELISHA [X] - n.d. / December 1809 [extremely soiled and torn] - beloved wife
Rebekah my big bay horse, land whereon I now live, my negro Sam. Remainder sold to
pay debts. Executors: wife Rebekah and friend [torn] CARMIN. Wit: John ARNEL,
James AVRY[?]

BEASLEY, ROSALIE [signed Rosa BEASLEY] - 16 February 1881 / 29 November 1881
and 31 January 1882 - beloved mother Susan W. BEASLEY all my estate. Wit: Joel

BEESLY, SIMON [X] - 17 December 1759 / n.d. - "Sick & weak in body" - to Fearnot
BEESLY my beloved wife all my household goods with all my moveable estate both
quick and dead during her natural life for the maintenance my children; son Ezekiel
BEESLEY my plantation whereon I formerly lived lying on the mouth of the Rattlesnake
Branch containing 100 acres of land and for want of an heir to my daughter Dorcas
BEESLEY; son Elisha BEESLEY the plantation whereon I now live containing 100
acres; daughter Elizabeth BEESLEY 100 acres of land on the upper side of Rattlesnake
Branch known as Walnut Point and for want of an heir to Dorcas BEESLEY and
Elizabeth has no right to dispose of the land except to her brothers Ezekiel and Elisha
BEESLEY; daughter Dorcas BEESLEY two feather beds and three pots after her
mother's decease and a small chest. Executors: Fearnot BEESLEY, unless she should die
before my children reach 21, then Brice FONVILLE be executor. Wit: Solomon

BEESLY, SOLOMON [S] - 13 November 1789 / March 1791 - son Benjamin BEESLEY
my plantation whereon I now dwell including the land below John BEESLEY's line upon
the south side of BEESLEY; if Benjamin should die without heir, then the plantation is to
go to my son James; son Samuel BEESLEY land [unreadable on microfilm]; son James
BEESLEY one Negro man [name unreadable]; daughter Elizabeth HALL, twenty
shillings, current money of the state of N.C.; grand daughter Sidney CU--- one feather
bed; other legacies to sons John, William, Benjamin, James and Samuel; legacies to
children Abraham BEESLEY, Solomon BEESLEY, ---- BRYAN[?], Ann HEATH,
Martha COLTON, Mary MILLER, and John BEESLEY; granddaughter Sidney CIVILS.
Executors: Solomon BEESLEY, John BEESLEY, and trusty friend George BRYAN.
Wit: John HARRING[?], Elisha [x] BEESLEY, James [x] TAYLOR.

BECTON, EPHRAIM [X] - 25 July 1874 / 8 October 1875 - buried in the burying ground
at the ROUSE Graveyard; wife Mary, one-third of all my estate and after her death, her
one-third to my sons Love and Ephraim and my grandson Joseph RHEM that now lives
with me. The other two-thirds I give to my sons Love and Ephraim and my grandson
Joseph RHEM; any funds left after the sale of personal property to be given to my other
ten children, $10 each to sons Cezar, Narris, and daughters Easter, Elvey, Susan, Hannah,
and if there is nothing left, my sons Cezar, Narris and daughters Easter, Elvey, Susan,
Hannah is not to have anything. My two sons Love and Joseph RHEM are to take care of
my son Ephraim and provide for him while he is living. Wit: John W. RHEM. [Probate
indicates Loois BECTON is an heir.]

BECTON, FREDERICK ISLER [F. Isler BECTON] - [1843?] - of Jones County - son
William B. BECTON the plantation and lands bought of William C. COBB, two Negro
men named Jim and George, one horse called Scroggins, and one mare called Caroline
and the gang of hogs that feeds on the new road on the Cobb land, and other legacies.
Daughter Elizabeth HEATH $300 in cash. Wife Eliza A.G. BECTON during her life all
the rest of my property with the condition that she gives to my two grandchildren
daughters of my daughter Julia BECTON at their marriage or arrival at age one eighth
part of my Negro slaves and to all my other children the issue of my marriage with her ...
my children by my last marriage to be educated out of the increase of the property given
to my wife for life. Executor: son William B. BECTON. Wit: S.S. BECTON, John

BEDSCOTT, JOHN [X] [SENR] - 24 October 1793 / March 1798 - to wife the piece of
land bought of John WILCOKS during her pleasure to stay thereon, also one white faced
heifer, one duch blanket, one small pot and my crockery ware. Remaining personal
property to be sold to pay debts. Executor: son John BEDSCOTT. Wit: Sally LATHAM,
William HARRIS. [Probate note: administration granted to Joel KING.]

BECTON, FREDERICK - 5 July 1775 / December 1775 - all debts to be paid and any
surplus be used to purchase a female slave or slaves for my daughter Sarah BECTON
also give her a Negro man Charles. To Wife Frusan BECTON a Negro man named Tom,
Negro woman Priss, Negro woman Rachel, Negro woman Venus, and the remaining
personal property not given elsewhere and one half of the plantation during her
widowhood. Wife to gain use of Negro girl Alice until my son Frederick Edwin
BECTON reaches age 16. Ask that my wife remain a widow for three years before she
marries. To son John BECTON lands on the north side of Neuse River joining Richard
BLACKLEDGE land and Negro boys Joe and Daniel and Negro girl Kate. To son
Edmund BECTON the lands and plantation where I now dwell purchased from John
FRANCK deceased also four other surveys joining the same on Beaver Creek and Vine
Swamp also 200 joining William ISLER and John CLITHERALL, esquires, land, two
Negro boys named Sam and Peter and one Negro girl named Sall. To son Frederick
Edwin BECTON all my lands on Little Contentney in Pitt County and one Negro woman
named Violet and one Negro girl named Alice. Executors: Friends Richard
BLACKLEDGE and Christopher NEALE, Esquires. Wit: Ann COMBS, Susan COMBS,
Michael BECTON.

BEDSCOTT, MARY [X] - 10 May 1762 / n.d. - [extremely damaged condition] ...
grandson George DAVIS ... Daughter in Law Sarah LITTLE ... daughter in law Frances
BEDSCOTT ... daughter Mary DAVIS the use of one bed and furniture until my
granddaughter Mary LITTLE comes of age then to her. ... granddaughter Mary
ROBARDS one caleco gound [calico gown?] ... daughter Mary DAVIS one feather bed
and the remainder of my personal property ... Executors: daughter Mary DAVIS and son
John BEDSCOTT. Wit: Wm CARAWAY, Junr., Solomon GRIFFEN, Samuel [XR]

BELL, ANDREW - 28 July 1790 / September 1790 - to two daughters Sarah and Frances
20 shillings each. To my two grandsons John JOHNSON and George COOPER one ewe
and lamb each. Remaining property equally divided between my wife and the rest of my
children: Church, Lovett, Joseph, Esther, Elizabeth, Mary and William BELL. To son
Lovett all coopers, joiners, and carpenters tools and a lot of land at the Northwest
Landing in Norfolk County, Virginia, and to take Anthony CANT, a mulatto boy, and
teach him the coopers trade. The Negroes I got from my father Joseph BELL's will to be
divided according to his will. Wife Elizabeth BELL ... If my son Church BELL should
not come home in five years, his part to be taken and divided between the six younger
children. Executors: Son Lovett and wife Elizabeth. Wit: Evan JONES, Roger

BELL, ANN - 1843 / 1843 - widow of Caleb C. BELL - to son Charles BELL all my
property. Executor: John L. DURAND [he also to be guardian of Charles]. Wit: George -
----, William S. WEBB.

BELL KNOP, ELISHA - 30 January[?] 1762 / 1762 - dwelling at Mrs. Elizabeth
MARTINS at South [?] River. All my personal property to my Land Lady Mrs. Elizabeth
MARTIN. Executor: Trusty friend John CUMMINGS. Wit: James FULFORD, Adam
FERGUSON, Stephen MAKINS. [Last name also BELLKNAP.]

BENDER, LANER [X] - 18 January 1842 / August 1842 - To husband Harry VAIL one
half of my land and manor plantation and at his death to go to my grandson Lewis
BENDERS. TO daughter Comfort BENDERS the other half. "I give and Bequeath to My
Grandson my free [or full] papers and one Half of all my other Papper that is any notes
and the other Half to my Daughter Comfort BENDERS also fourteen or or sixteen
Dollars and seventy five cents to be equally Divided between Comfort and Her Father."
Wit: J[oseph] W. BRITTON.

BENNERS, JOHN - 5 November 1798 / March 1801 - To sister Elizabeth HOWARD
eleven Negroes during her life then equally divided among her grandchildren, the
following slaves: Nancy, Juliet, Simon, George, Catoe, Old Dinah, ... Ben, Jack, and Old
Tom also one-third of twenty two hundred and thirty acres of land on South River called
the Golden Grove, also one-third of all my stock of every kind on Golden Grove. To
nephew Thomas PARTRIDGE seven Negroes: Elec, Walpool, Dinah, America, Cantor,
Rachel, and Old Jim, also one-third part of Golden Grove and one-third of the stock
there. To neice Elizabeth JONES eight Negroes: Patience, Little Elec, Sarah, Toney, Old
Sue, Jim Boy, Bill, and Old Sarah, also one-third part of Golden Grove and one-third of
the stock there. To Nephew John Benners HERRITAGE one Negro named Step and to
his son Lucas HERRITAGE 640 acres near Coxes Ferry on Neuse River known as Slate
Landing. To Lucas Jacob BENNERS one Negro man Isaac and Negro man Ben to work
six months for Lucas Jacob BENNERS and the other six months for himself until he
acquires 200 pounds cash for which Lucas Jacob BENNERS shall sell him the whole of
his time forever, he to then be absolutely free. To Lucas BENNERS, Frances BENNERS,
and Sarah BENNERS, children of Lucas and Sarah BENNERS fifteen Negroes: Old
Mary, Molly, Andrew, Little Ben, Mark, Little Mingoe, Pomonoa, Rote [?], Sarah,
Ceasar, Young Molly, Young Affy, Will, Venus, and Junah. To Lucas BENNERS son of
Lucas and Sarah BENNERS, after the death of my sister Elizabeth HOWARD the one-
third part of Golden Grove. To Thomas PARTRIDGE and Lucas BENNERS, Junr., one
house and lott in the town of Newbern being the lot my sister has a right of dower in. To
nephew John VAIL six Negroes: Jenny, Peter, Isaac, Statins, George, Bristor also half of
a lot in Newbern joining Mrs. GAINORS. To nephew Benners VAIL twenty one
Negroes: Old Peter, Young Manuel, Quaco, Danny, Jacob, Affey, Binah, Abram, Florah,
Nancy, Sam, Pomp, Harry, Yellow Mol ... Old Harry, Old Jenny, Old Jack, Yellow Nan,
Young Quacko, also all my land between Clubfoot Creek and Long Creek also lands on
the eastern side of Long Creek including the mills, also all my other lands not given away
except 300 acres on the west side of Clubfoot Creek in Broad Neck, also my plantation
whereon I now live. To Lucas BENNERS, Junr., $500 cash. To Fanny BENNERS and
Sarah BENNERS, daughters of Lucas and Sarah BENNERS $1000 in Cash and two
silver stands, two silver salt sellars, and two silver pepper castors. To sister Elizabeth
HOWARD $500. To nephew Thomas PATTRIDGE, $500 in Cash. To Neice Elizabeth
JONES, $500. To nephew Lucas Jacob BENNERS, $500. To Nephew John VAIL,
$1500. To nephew Benners VAIL all the remainder of cash that is not before disposed of.
My Old Negro George, Manuel, Old Biner, Lana and Stephen are absolutely freed. To
George, Manuel, Lana, and Stephen my lands in the Broad Neck on the West Side of
Clubfoot Creek. To George one-third; to Manuel and Biner, one-third; and to Laner and
Stephen, one-third. Executor: my Nephew Benners VAIL. Wit: H---- HOWARD, Gideon

BENNERS, LUCAS JACOB - 16 July 1816 / June 1819 - "about to leave this place for
the West Indies" - Goods to be divided between my heirs equally, son Edward Graham
BENNERS one Negro girl Paul and her increase. Executor: son Lucas BENNERS. Wit:
[none] [Probate note: since there were no witnesses, the handwriting was acknowledged
by John DEVEREAUX, Henry CARRAWAY, and Thomas P. DAVIS.]

BENNET, BETSY - 21 February 1881 / 28 December 1882 - To daughter Caroline one
bed and furniture. The remaining property, real and personal, to my friend John
PETERSON in consideration of his kindness in my last illness. Wit: Wm. H.

BENNETT, JOHN - 1 January 1817 / September 1817 - wife Elenor Bennet, son
William Bennet, [other bequests unreadable]. Youngest daughter Elenor Bennet a cow,
calf and heifer. Elizabeth LEIGH a heifer yearling. Remainder sold and divided between
all my children: James BENNET, Polly WILLIS, William BENNET, Elenor BENNET.
Executors: wife Elenor and son James. [Probate indicates ---- WILLIS and wife Mary and
William BENNET and wife Penelope are heirs of John BENNETT]

BENSON, ELIZABETH - 24 August 1852 / June 1856 - "of New Bern" - To son
Benjamin W. BENSON his promissory note for $450. To daughter Harriet LANE, wife
of Hardy B. LANE, all the rest of my estate, as if she were a femme sole and unmarried,
and any property of mine she may have at her decease to be equally divided between my
Grandchildren: Elizabeth LANE, Mary IVES, Harriett LANE, and Julia Ann LANE. Wit:
Steph. B. FORBES, Jas. M. GOODING. [Probate Note: the witness Jas. M. GOODING
died by June 1856.]

BERRY, LANCELOT GRAVE [X] - 12 November in the 16th of his Majesty [1775] /
December 1775 - "Collector of the Port of Beaufort" - To wife Sarah BERRY one half
of my personal estate. To son William Grave BERRY the remaining half. If my wife
should be with child the remainder of my estate to be divided equally between my
children. Executors: wife, and friends Samuel JOHNSTON and John HAWKS. Wit: Ann

BESS, MARY ANN [X] - 24 February 1855 / March 1860 - To son Gardenor BESS $1.
To son Edward BESS one bed. To daughters Nancy BESS and Drewsiller BESS one bed
and furniture each. My house to go to my children Edward, Nancy, and Drewsiller,
should one die without heir, the remaining two to get the other's share and "not to my son
Gardner." The balance of my estate to Edward, Nancy, and Drewsiller. Wit: Giford

BEXLEY, CHRISTOPHER - 28 August 1837 / February 1838 - To wife Margaret all real
and personal property including my plantation on Pinetree Creek adjoining Thomas
EWELL and Nath. H. STREET, eight Negroes, and other goods. To Niece Ada FOY one
cow and calf. Wit: Nath. H. STREET, Thomas EWELL. Codicil: [14 Sept 1837] The
horses given to my wife to be sold and the money to pay my debts. Executrix: wife
Margaret. Wit: Nath. H. STREET, Edwd. SEARLES.

BIDDLE, ALOUNZA -25 April 1885 / 5 August 1885 - "I desire after my desease that my
wife Lucy BIDDLE, Ph and my Sons Alonzo BIDDLE, Phill BIDDLE, John BIDDLE,
Levi BIDDLE, Hollester BIDDLE, and James BIDDLE to work to the best advantage
with advise of friends, to pay all mortgages on my estate, and that said estate, personal &
real estate be equally divided between my Six Sons mentioned above. (My wife Lucy
BIDDLE will have her lawful dower.)...I will to my son Ed BIDDLE one dollar and
desire that he may reform and become worthy of the love and confidence of his brothers."
Wit: Samuel GREEN, James BROCK. [Probate note: the widow refused to be executor,
J.W. LANE was appointed Administrator with the will attached.]

BIDDLE, SAMUEL SIMPSON - 18 March 1870 / December 1872 - To wife Mary E.
BIDDLE dower on my lands. All lands to my children: James W. BIDDLE, Rosa P.
BIDDLE, John BIDDLE, and Sarah BIDDLE. Mentions deceased son Samuel. Daughter
Mary S. BRYAN, $100, "I give her less than my other children because I place a high
value on the Core Creek Farm owned by Dr. BRYAN." Executors: Sons James W.
BIDDLE and John BIDDLE. Wit: Ben COWARD, E. BROWN. [Probate note: The will
was proven by the acknowledgement of the handwriting by M.E. MANLY, J.A. GUION,
and Henry R. BRYAN.

BIGGAM, ALEXANDER - 29 February 1792 / March 1792 - of Fayetteville, Cumberland
County, "labouring under a disease from which at present I have no hope of recovery."
To my two natural daughters Margaret and Ann BIGGAM a lot of land in the town of
Fayetteville that I purchased from James HOGG. The lot to be rented out until my
youngest daughter Ann BIGGAM shall reach age 18. Executors: Alexander McIVER and
John WILSON both of Fayetteville. Signed in the Town of New Bern, Craven County.
Wit: Leo[nard]. CUTTING, Jas. LANDY, David PRINDLE.

BIGGLESTON, ANN CAROLINE - n.d. / March 1796 - The two mulatto children of
Nancy should be emancipated and on their being made free, I desire that my executors
would assign and transfer to each of them 100 acres of land. To the following, 50 pounds
each: the children of William WINNE?, the daughters of Docr. I. G----, the children of
Ja--- L----.

BIGGLESTON, JAMES - 5 October 1781 / June 1786 - To wife Ann Caroline
BIGGLESTON all my lands and tenaments situated or lying in this province or in the
kingdom of Great Britain. Executrix: Wife Ann Caroline BIGGLESTON. Wit: R.
COGDELL, W[illiam]. McCLURE.

BIGGS, JOHN - December 1812 / December 1812 - To daughter Elizabeth ELLISON
the house and plantation where I now live, beginning at the mouth of Cashaw Creek to
the cove below John LISTERS plantation ... DELAMARS line ... [Another legacy to
daughter Betsey ELLISON] also 6 silver tea spoons and sugar tongs and one pair of fire
tongs and shovel and one mahogany stand and eight green Windsor chairs. To daughter
Dorcas HALL one dark bay mare named Pegg. [Illegible legacy] To Grandson John
LISTER a Negro boy named Stephen, a piece of land known as Wildcat Pocosin on the
West side of Joseph GREENS Plantation ... DAWSONS line ... SHINES corner ...
LISTERS line. To daughter Fanney BIGGS [illegible] also a Negro woman named
Charlotte and a Negro man named Isac. To grandson Hiram BIGGS a Negro boy named
James and a black mare colt named Geer, also a 96 acres of land called Great Pond.
[Illegible legacy]. "I lease a Negro Boy named Biah [Riah?] to Be hired out until he
raises money enough to settel up what I am in arares with the Minor James BIGGS at
such time if the said James is still living I give him the said Boy but if dead the said Boy
to Return to my family and I also give him a peace of land known by the name of the
head of the Creek." To Grandson John LISTER all books, clothes, and blacksmith tools.
TO Grandson Hiram BIGGS his choice of feather bed. Other property not mentioned
divided amongst my heirs. Executors: James NELSON and daughter Bettse ELLISON.
Wit: Thos. SPARROW, Joseph BURNEY.

BIGGS, JOHN [I]- February 1779? / n.d. - Grandson John BIGGS a parcel of land, but if
John should die without heir, then to his brother, my grandson Frederick BIGGS. To son
James BIGGS the remainder of my lands, if he should die then to my daughter Ruth
BIGGS. To son William BIGGS, monetary legacy. Negroes divided between my
children: John BIGGS, James BIGGS, Kesiah WALLIS, Elizabeth HOLLAN, and Ruth
BIGGS. Remaining property divided between my children: Mary BELK, Sarah LITTLE,
Susanah GABRIL, Elizabeth CLARK, Rachel WEBB, John BIGGS, Kesiah WALLIS,
Elizabeth HOLTON, James BIGGS, and Ruth BIGGS. Executors: son [illegible] BIGGS
and Stephen WALLIS. Wit: Steph. WILLIS, William DAVIS?, Elizabeth HALL.

BIGGS, WILLIAM - 26 July 1792 / September 1792 - "gentleman" - To wife Mary
BIGGS plantation and tenaments during her life or widowhood. To son William BIGGS
the upper plantation by the name of Thomas Ma---- also the manor plantation where I
now live after the death of Mary BIGGS, also one mare named Dimmond and one feather
bed. To William BOYHEAD and his wife Mary 100 acres where they now dwell and at
their death to my grandson James BOYHEAD, son of William and Mary BOYHEAD. If
James should die without heir, then to my grandson John BOYHEAD. If John dies
without heir, the to my son William BIGGS. The land begins at John CARNIAS line. To
son Isaac BIGGS one shilling. To daughter Mary BOYHEAD one feather bed. At the
death of my wife, the remaining property to be divided between my children William
BIGGS, Mary BOYHEAD, and Sarah CARRAWAY. Executors: Son William BIGGS
and Edward CARRAWAY. Wit: Benjeman [x] MAHANES, Adam [x] MAHANES.

BIGGS, WILLIAM - 6 Jan 1810 / March 1810 - Land on the south side of Isaacs Creek
to be sold for my wife Elly BIGGS to raise my children. All property to wife Elly BIGGS
unless she marries, then one half to her and one half to be divided between my children.
Executors: Elly BIGGS and Adam MANANES [MAHANES?]. Wit: Benjamin MASON,

BISHOP, JOHN, SENR. - 20 January 1771 / June 1772 - To son John BISHOP eight
shillings. To daughter Mary, eight shillings. To daughter Sarah, eight shillings. To
granddaughter Sarah JESSOP eight shillings. To wife Hannah BISHOP the use of the
remainder of the estate for life or widowhood, then divided between sons Joseph and
James. To daughters Lydia and Elizabeth, ten pounds each. All my estate remaining be
equally divided between my four youngest children: Joseph, James, Lydia, and Elizabeth.
Executors: Son, John BISHOP and friend and neighbor William BRITTAIN. Wit: John

BISHOP, JOHN - 18 December 1780 / June 1781 - "of Neuse River in Craven County"
- To wife Rebekah all my cards, and my loomb and utensils, also the use of one Negro
man named Dick during her natural life and after that to be set a liberty to himself, to be
ever after free. My Negro Luke to be hired out and the proceeds used to educate my son
Charles, and then Luke to be freed. To daughter Mary AUSTIN one small feather bed
and boulster, one sheat, one blanket, and one coverlet. To Thomas AUSTIN my long
shooting gun. To son John a tract of land known as Pastor Neck that I bought of Jesse
HOLTON on the west side of Slocumbs Creek, also one short gun, shot molds, and bullet
molds. To son Charles one Little plantation on the west side of the west prong of
Slocumbs Creek near the road known by the name of Grave Neck. Daughter Alice land
adjoining James BISHOP, William BORDEN, Peter PHISIOC, and Thomas AUSTIN.
To wife Rebekah my riding mare. All debts due me to my children John, Alice, and
Charles. Other legacies to wife and children. Executors: Benjamin STANTON, Jr., Owin
STANTON, Benjamin STANTON, Sr., and Joseph DEW, they also to serve as guardians.
Wit: Peter PHYSIOC, Joseph BRITTAIN, Joseph BISHOP.

BISHOP, JOHN - 27 October 1800 / March 1801 -- To son-in-law George COOPER one
feather bed and bolster and half a dozen silver table spoons. To wife Sarah BISHOP a
Negro man named Dick ... all property during her natural life or widowhood then to my
four sons Samuel, John, Leroy, and Asa. Executors: wife Sarah BISHOP, and brother-in-
law Thos. AUSTIN. Wit: Wm. PHYSIOC, Charles [x] BRATCHER.

BISHOP, JOSEPH - 27 November 1798 / December 1798 - To son Joseph BISHOP my
whole estate both real and personal, if he does not live to lawful age then to be divided
between the children Elizabeth STANTON and Lydia STANTON. Executors: Owen
STANTON and Borden STANTON. Wit: William MACE, Anne MACE, Jonas [J]

BISHOP, REBECCA [R] - 30 July 1790 / December 1790 - To son Thomas AUSTIN a
small dish and a pewter tankard. To daughter Mary AUSTIN one small and one large
spinning wheels, small iron pot, six of my oldest pewter plates, four pewter basons, and
one pewter dish with one blue chest. To son John BISHOP a black mare called Bonny,
large iron pot, large stone jug, large pewter dish, pewter pint measure, six new pewter
plates, pair of hand millstones, two wire sieves, one Bible, large earthen fat pot, small
butter pot, plow, and gears, frow, hand saw, drawing knife, carpenters and coopers adz,
three augers, coopers vice, two chisels, one gouge, two hoes, ax, tin lantern, brass
schiner, pair of flash forks. To daughter Alice BISHOP a large spinning wheel, riding
saddle, small butter pot, one feather bed and furniture, one bed stead, and pair of smooth
irons. To son Charles BISHOP one cow and calf and one new Bible, pair of hand irons
and one iron pot with my silver shoe buckles. To Rebecca PHYSIOC six silver
teaspoons. To my sister Sydney HOLTON my woolen wrapper and by best long gown, a
white apron, and a double white handkerchief. To Negro Man Dick five pounds specie.
The remainder of my wearing apparel to be divided between my daughters Mary
AUSTIN and Alice BISHOP. All the rest of my estate not mentioned to be sold to pay
debts and the overplus money to be divided between my son John BISHOP, Alice
BISHOP my daughter, my son Charles BISHOP. Executors: son John BISHOP, brother
Peter PHYSIOC. Wit: William PHYSIOC, Rebekah WARNER, Abigail PHYSIOC.

BISSELL, THOMAS - 25 October 1811 / March 1812 - "of Newbern" - To daughter
Eliza Bissell my Negro man Jack now in this town. The remainder of my estate divided
equally between my daughter Eliza and my beloved wife Mary D. BISSELL. Wit: Wm.


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