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1769 List of Taxables and Carriage Wheels in Craven County

The 1769 List of Taxables and Carriage Wheels in Craven County on this site is transcribed from the microfilm produced by the State Archives of North Carolina. Labeled S.108.155, the tax lists on the reel cover numerous counties for a variety of years. They are filmed from originals in the Secretary of State's records (series SS 837).

During 1769, free males 16 years and older and slaves (male and female) 12 years and older were taxable. The list is a "true copy" made by Christopher Neal and arranged in loose alphabetical order by the first letter of the last name. The complete list is 32 pages long, including a page that totals the figures of the previous 31 pages. Neal's list contains 1238 white males, 849 black males, and 697 black females, plus 52 carriage wheels.

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Page 2...Names A and B
Page 3...Names B
Page 4...Names B
Page 5...Names B and C
Page 6...Names C
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