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By-laws of the Elm City Riflemen (page 6), 1879

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II          By-Laws.

SEC. 7 This company shall assemble for parade, drill or business meeting at any time the commanding officer shall direct, or a majority of the company shall determine.

SEC 8. Otherwise the company shall be governed and regulated according to the United States Army regulations.

SEC 9. Any member resigning or being expelled from said company shall forfeit his entire uniform to the company, and any member leaving town for an absence of more than 30 days shall also forfeit his entire uniform to said company, and it shall be the duty of the commanding officer to take possession of the same.

SEC 10. Any member failing to pay any fines or monthly dues for the space of three months shall be subject to a Court Martial, said Court Martial to be according to the United States Army regulations, and the punishment shall be as the Court Martial shall direct.

SEC. 11. Ten members of said company shall coustitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

SEC. 12. Any person wishing to join said company shall make his application in writing, at a meeting, either regular or special, and be voted on by ballot.

SEC. 13. Three black balls or negative votes shall reject any application for membership.

SEC. 14. Any person wishing to resign shall make his resignation in writing, which shall lie over until the next meeting of the company from which it was presented, when it shall be accepted, provided he is square with the books and has turned in to the company his entire uniform.

SEC. 15. The regular election of officers shall be on the 1st meeting night in May.


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