Craven County Digital History Exhibit

New Bern Chamber of Commerce,
Industrial Dinner, 1915, page 2

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C.L. Ives, . . . . President
J.S. Claypoole, . . . . Vice President
W.W. Griffin, . . . . Treasurer
George Green, . . . . Secretary


William Dunn, Jr., Chairman
M.D.W. Stevenson,          T.G. Hyman,
W.C. Rodney          Larry I. Moore
C.D. Bradham          A.T. Gerrans
Jesse S. Claypoole          W.W. Griffin
R.A. Nunn          James B. Blades
Charles L. Ives          S.M. Brinson
E.H. Meadows, Jr.          W.B.R. Guion
Clyde Eby          James A. Bryan
T.A. Uzzell

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Images scanned by John B. Green, III.  Text prepared by John B. Green, III and Victor T. Jones, Jr.
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