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Group Picture of Battery A, 113th Field Artillery

Copied from The Morning New Bernian, June 4, 1919

Group Picture of Battery "A", 113th Field Artillery Taken at Newport News, Va., on their Arrival from Overseas in March.

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113th Field Artillery

Top Row, left to right: Barrow, Jos. B.; Fletcher, Marvin B.; Woodard, Vance R.; Franks, Charles, L.; Wiley, Rupert H.; Shandy, George; Smith, Warren E.; Womble, Tony; Connor, Amos; Stokel, Alphonse; Phelps, Sturdivant P.; Yoselwitz, George W.; Porter, Duncan N.; Carver, Royal S.; Dixon, William F.; Croom, Edgar W.; Craft, Lewis; Phinix, W.B.; Hallgren, William; White, Hubert E.; Gaskins, Harry; Goings, Oscar; Thoma, Samuel S.; Kozeski, Joheph; Gaskins, Herbert E.; Campbell, Claude C.; Coggins, Otho.

Second Row, left to right: Linton, Lewis A.; Culpepper, Otis B.; Culpepper, Benj. F.; Carlson, Albert; Metts, Emery T.; Van Herman; Williamson, Robt. L.; Taylor, Fred; W.W. Brinkley; Carter, John; Adams, Austin P.; Clark, John; Dunn, Walter R.; Manley, Barnard; Houser, Wilbur L.; Basden, John W.; Outlaw, Lewis W.; Scott, Livingston A.; Truitt, Wiley; Hatch, Clyde G.; Creagh, John W.; Godwin, Charles R.; Rice, Jesse R.; Sykes, Wm.; Harris, Raymond W.; Johnson, John C.; Taylor, Dewey H.; Quinn, Arthur K.; Wayne, McDuffy K.

Third Row, left to right: Collins, Carr; Lee, Andrew; Scott, W.W.; Everington, Oda M.; Barker, W.H.; Furqueron, George W.; Meekins, Charles G.; Beck, Norman F.; Ryan, Thomas F.; Andrews, Clarence B.; Nobles, Jack; Barrus, Norwood; Pittman, Augustus; Daugherty, Wm. F.; Bray, Wm. B.; Zeigler, Jacob H.; Garner, Roman J.; Jackson, George H.; Masters, Sam A.; Brewer, Zebulon E.; Price, N.W.; Avery, Otis; McHaffey, Wm. A.; McLendon, Moran D.; Ipock, Charlie.

Fourth Row, left to right: Thompson, Eugene; Riggs, L.T.; Taylor, Walter; Avery, Ewell C.; Drain, John E.; Manning, George H.; Koonce, Frank; Jenkins, Samuel; Hunt, E.W.; Holton, Alonzo; Cobb, Tracy R.; Powell, Wm. I.; Shriver, Harry R.; McLawdon, Richard; Crawford, Thomas R.; White, Ezra; Hill, Leo S.; Whitley, Edward J.; Parris, John H.; Rector, P.F.; Moore, Walter; Chadwick, Floyd M.; McCosley, John E.; Westbrook, Benj. W.

Fifth Row [in front of flag], left to right: Higgins, Lt. Ernest R.; Guion, Lt. Owen H., Jr.

Sixth Row, left to right: Jackson, Loyd F.; Koonce, Ben; Collins, Fay Roy; Eubanks, Manley; Bell, Andrew J.; Riggs, Geo. F.; White, Luther; Pipkins, Will; Wetherington, Amos D.; Stowe, Lewis R.; Bell, Edward E.; Royster, Capt. Beverly S., Jr.; Lacy, Chaplain Benj. R.; Laughinghouse, Cassie; Watson, Henry; Fornes, Clyde R.; Simmons, John; Bayliss, Emery J.; Fornes, Guy L.; Guyes, Adoph; Myers, L.E.; McCarrell, Eugene R.; Carmichael, Fred W.

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