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Will Abstracts,
Anderson to Avery

ANDERSON, CHARLES [X] - 17 November 1784 / March 1785 - "very weak and sick
in body." Dearly beloved wife Wineford, 133 acres of land being the plantation whereon
I now live during her widowhood and after her death or widowhood to my brother Luis
ANDERSON. To my wife, 1 horse called Buck, 3 "couse," 1 yearling and 2 calves, all
hogs and household furniture and 5 sheep. Brother Hennery ANDERSON 150 acres of
land and tar kill called the [illegible in original, copy in Will Book A says boiaboosh]
Island. Brother Jacob ANDERSON 100 acres on a place called buckpine [?, Will Book A
copy says Buck Point]. To my mother [not named] 3 cows and 2 calves. Executors: Jos.
JAMES [?] and Wine [X] ANDERSON. Wit: Wm. DUBBERLEY, Jonas [X]
ANDERSON, and John [--] JAMES

ANDERSON, ENOCH - 10 October 1846 / March 1859 - "being in a bad state of
health." Wife Ruthy all my worldly goods and chattels and to sell as much perishable
property to pay debts. After death or marriage of my widow the property to be equally
divided among my surviving children [not named]. Executrix: Ruthy ANDERSON. Wit:
Nathl. H. STREET, Charles [X] ANDERSON.

ANDERSON, JONAS [Nuncupative Will] - Jonas died 11 August 1796. Brother Henry
should have 95 acres on the Neuse River and as many shingles on hand that would satisfy
the debt owed him, all the remainder of his estate to wife Sarah. Proven before Lewis
BRYAN, J.P., on 19 August 1796 by Thomas [X] ANDERSON and Charles
ANDERSON. September Term, 1796, Sarah ANDERSON made administratrix.

ANDERSON, MARY [X] - 1 June 1880 / December 1885 - household and kitchen
furniture, goods and chattels to be sold and debts paid. The remainder, if any, and all
notes and money to be divided as follows: Elizabeth JOINER, $15; Eli ANDERSON, $1;
the remainder equally divided between Polly ANDERSON, George F. ANDERSON,
Noah ANDERSON, William HUFF, Jr., Layar [Laura] HUFF, and Fanny HUFF.
Executor: C.B. STUBBS. Wit: William B. MORRIS, Henry J. MORRIS.

ANDERSON, WILLIAM - 26 September 1791 / December 1791 - "very sick and weak."
Wife Ann ANDERSON all my lands, tenements, stock, horses, cattle, and hogs, and
household goods and movables during her natural life then to daughter Frances Marchant
ANDERSON. Executors: wife Ann ANDERSON and Levy FULSHER. Wit: John
PORTER [?], Jonathan BAILEY. December 1791-Ann ANDERSON qualified as
executrix. June 1796-Levi FULSHER qualified as executor.

ANDREWS, JOHN [X] - 27 September 1824 / May 1825 - of New Bern, all property
after debts paid to my wife Sally ANDREWS. Executrix: wife Sally ANDREWS. Wit:
Ed. [illegible on original, Will Book C copy reads Ed. C. KING], Tho[ma]s SPARROW.

ANDREWS, PETER [X] - 9 December 1766 / January 1767 - Wife Mary Elizabeth
ANDREWS all movable estate during her life but not to sell anything more than to
support her. At her death my son Adam ANDREWS to receive all my plantation houses
and lands, also two horses and plows and cart, all cattle and hogs. Negro woman Hannah
to be sold at vendue and the money arising thereby the one half to my wife and the other
half to be equally divided among my son Peter, John [torn] Susannah MALLARD and
Elizabeth ATKINS. After my wife's decease two young Negroes Ceasar and Frank to be
divided between my four children Peter, John, Susannah, and Elizabeth. In case my son
[Adam?] should die before he has an heir, then all my land given him should be divided
equally between Peter and John ANDREWS. After my wife's decease, Adam to have a
bed and furniture, and the other household items equally divided between my three sons
and two daughters. Executors: Wife and son Peter. Wit: Henry [illegible], Edmd.

ANDREWS, SARAH [X] - 21 January 1840 / November 1841 - of New Bern, "advanced
in years." Executor to sell household and kitchen furniture to pay debts. My servant Bill
to be hired out and his wages used to support and maintain my crippled boy Ben, as long
as Ben shall live. At the decease of my boy Ben, I request my executor to emancipate Bill
in consideration of meritorious services. Should he fail by application to the Superior
Court or State Legislature, then my executor will, if Bill desires, give him a pass and send
him to some of the Northern states where he may enjoy his freedom. If Bill is unwilling
to leave the state and unable to obtain emancipation, then Bill is to be the property of my
executor. Executor: my friend Frederick I. JONES. Wit: T[heodore]. I. HUGHES,
William ----LER [Will Book D copy reads RIPLEY].

ANTHONY, CATHARINE - 22 November 1827 / November 1829 - of New Bern.
Daughter Sarah C. HINES, $5. Daughter Catharine G. ANTHONY one Negro woman named Phillis and her four children Jane, Jim, Henry, and George and six shares of capital stock in the State Bank of North Carolina and the residue of my property. Executor: my brother Borthick C. GILLESPIE. Wit: Henry D. MACHEN, Saml. G. BATTLE.

ANTHONY, WILLIAM - 14 November 1805 / March 1806 - of New Bern, "in a low
state of health." Wife Catharine ANTHONY all my property during her natural life. At
my wife's decease Daughter Sarah C. ANTHONY to receive part of two lots in New
Bern, Numbers 213 and 212. Beginning on Pollock Street at FORBES's corner running
57 feet then parallel with Muddy Street to FRIOU's line, thence to FORBES's line,
thence to the beginning. To daughter Catharine G. ANTHONY the remainder of said lots
and one Negro boy named Lewis. To son William G. ANTHONY my silver watch and
musket, to be supported and educated out of my property until he reaches 16 then to be
bound out to some occupation. Executors: wife Catharine ANTHONY and friend
Borthick C. GILLESPIE. If either daughter should die before 21 or marry, then the
surviving daughter shall inherit the other's property. Wit: Rufus WILEY, Thomas

ANTONIO, EMANUEL [X]- April 1826 / May 1826 - "of Newbern" [Entire will
In the name of God Amen!
I Emanuel ANTONIO of Newbern in the County of Craven and State of North Carolina
do make and declare the following last will and testament.
I commit my soul to Almighty God and humbly supplicate His mercy and
forgiveness. To the child of William JOHNSON, the man whom I deprived of life, I
bequeath the sum of twenty dollars as a slight testimony of my grief and contrition for the
rash act which deprived it of a Father. To the Trustees of the Roman Catholic
Congregation of Newbern I also bequeath the sum of twenty dollars. I desire that all my
just debts should be paid. All the rest and residue of my estate of whatever nature or kind
I give and bequeath to my Wife Olive ANTONIO, whom I constitute sole Executrix of
this my last will and testament and to whom I give full power to sell as she may deem
expedient any part or the whole of my estate. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
mane and seal this [blank] of April 1826.
Signed, sealed, published & declared by the Testator as & for his last will &
testament in presence of us who in his presence and at his request have attested the same.
It is my wish & desire & I hereby constitute & appoint Elijah CLARK Co-
Executor with my said Wife in this my last will & testament.
Emanuel [x] ANTONIO
Signed & delivered by the testator in the presence of

ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - 26 September 1804 / December 1804 - Wife [not named] all
real and personal estate for the maintenance of my children. When the eldest child comes
of age, the real estate to be equally divided between my sons and the personal estate
equally divided between my wife, sons, and daughters. Brothers Caswell and William to
be guardians of all my children: Polly, James, Thomas, and William. Executors: Brothers
Caswell ARMSTRONG, William ARMSTRONG, and friend Jeremiah MASTER. Wit:
Green BRYAN.

ARNOLD, EDWARD - 6 May 1887 / June 1887 - "expecting death", Brother E. Freeman
ARNOLD to act as trustee for my wife to hold all household and kitchen furniture in trust
for the use of my wife and children until wife's death then to divide between our three
children, Sarah B., Noah M., and Charles P. Arnold. Brother E. Freeman ARNOLD to act
as guardian of my children. [All estate to be held in trust with his brother until the
youngest child reaches 21 then divided between the children.] Executor: E. Freeman
ARNOLD. Wit: H.E. FRENCH, J.J. SPEIR. [Probate papers name the widow as Rachel

ARNOLD, WILLIAM [W] - 14 December 1784 / September 1785 - Wife Elizabeth
ARNOLD all goods, chattels, and personal estate until son Arthur arrives at 21. When
son reaches 21, property to be divided between my wife and "such of my children as shall
be living" unless my wife remarries before my son comes of age, then the property is to
be immediately divided. Executor: wife, Elizabeth. Wit: Daniel WEST, John WEST,
Step[hen]. SLADE.

ARNOLD, WILLIAM [W] - 4 June 1799 / June 1799 - mother [not named in will] heir
and executrix of all I possess. Wit: John WEST. [Probate indicates Margaret ARNOLD
qualified as executrix.]

ARNOLD, WILLIAM - 5 August 1886 / August 1886 - The cotton crop cultivated by me
on the North side of the Neuse Road and all my interest in the cotton crop cultivated on
my land together with all the cotton crop cultivated by my son William J. ARNOLD to be
sold to pay my debts. The tract of land known as the Wild Cat to be sold, together with
mules and horses to pay my debts. My wife [not named] to receive the tract of land on the
North side of the Neuse Road on which we now reside, which include my mansion house,
all outhouses, and other improvements to her, Nancy ARNOLD, for and during her
natural life. Youngest daughter Nancy Caroline to live with her mother and take care of
her and to receive the above land at her mother's death, including furniture. Only son,
William J. ARNOLD, the tract of land where he lives on the South side of the Neuse
Road bounded on the east by the lands of AVERY and west by WADSWORTH.
Daughter Eliza Ann, wife of W.W. PRESCOT, the tract he lives on, being the tract I
purchased from Wm. B. LANE. Daughter Mary Frances, wife of Thomas J. IVEY, the
tract where she lives, which I purchased from Enoch H. LANE. Other nominal legacies to
children. Residue, should there be any surplus, shall be sold and divided between my
children not mentioned in this will. Executor: son, William J. ARNOLD. Wit: E.W.
WADSWORTH, F.P. IVEY [Probate records indicate other heirs are Sarah C. DAVIS,
Harriet J. LANCASTER, and Julia HUMPHREY.]

ARTHUR, JOHN - 23 July 1814 / March 1817 - Wife Elizabeth the use of the
plantation, mansion house, and outhouses during her widowhood, Negro woman Betty,
my horse, bridle, and saddle, one cow called Lady and her yearling and her bed, bedstead,
and furniture. Plantation to sons Michael and Ephraim, reserving my wife's use. To be
divided as follows: Beginning at a Cypress near the foot of SEARLEScow bridge running
thence a straight line through my plantation to a "chinkopin post" along my fence, called
PRICES corner. I allot the east side of the line, joining Wests Branch to Michael and the
west to Ephraim. Daughter Alecy 100 acres on Morgans Swamp called Joseph KING's
place, a Negro woman named Phillis and her increase, cow and yearling called Pink, bed
and furniture. Daughter Sidney 100 acres patented by James ARTHUR called Robins
Place, feather bed and furniture, one white faced cow running at Esther GATLIN's and
one red heifer running at home, and one Negro boy named George. Son Asa land
patented by David HILL joining the land I already gave him, Negro boy Martin, cow
named Motherless and her calf. Son Michael, Negro boy Peter, cow named Cherry and
her calf, feather bed and furniture. Son Ephraim, Negro boy Emmory, cow called Redbird
and her calf, and $20 in lieu of a bed. Daughter Betsey, Negro girl Moriah, cow called
Stately and her yearling, the bed I gave my wife to go to Betsey. Wife to keep my three
small children with her, that is Michael, Ephraim, and Betsey. Executors: wife Elizabeth
and son Asa. Wit: Jacob BURCH, Harmon [x] GASKINS.

ARTHUR, JAMES - [Nuncupative Will] - 14 November 1789 / March 1790 - taken at
the house of James ARTHUR "about the last of September last, at the time of his last
sickness and about three weeks before his death." Wife Sarah ARTHUR all property
during her lifetime. He "had given all of his children gone from him all he had to give
them." To his younger son and daughter, James ARTHUR and Elizabeth ARTHUR one
bed each after his wife's decease. Joseph should have all the cattle. Wit: Elizabeth [x]
ROWE, Elizabeth ARTHUR.

ARTHUR, MATHEW [X] - 30 November 1767 / January 1768 - Wife Mary ARTHUR
dwelling house and lot where I now live for her natural life the to be sold and divided
between my then surviving children. Daughter Alice ARTHUR lot and new house bought
of Mr. BOND to be delivered to her when she comes of age or marries or when her
mother remarries, also a feather bed and furniture. After debts are paid, rest of the
property kept for the benefit of the wife and children until the eldest daughter comes of
age or marries, or the wife remarries, the equally divided between my wife Mary
ARTHUR and daughters Ann and Hannah ARTHUR. Executors: friends Richard
BLACKLEDGE and James COOR. Wit: Thos. HALLERY, Cornelius

ASHART, JOSEPH - 5 February 1768 / June 1768 - Daughter Elizabeth TRASAY and to
the heirs of her body 2 cows, 2 calves, 1 gray horse, and 10 pounds prock money.
Daughter Rachel, 100 acres on north side of Trent River upon Mussel Shell Creek, except
my wife's thirds during her natural life. Wife Mary ASHART all my money and the rest
of my estate during her natural life, then equally divided between my two daughters
Hannah and Rachel. Executors: wife Mary ASHART and son-in-law George MOY. Wit:
David ROSS, William LIPSY, Joseph BURT. [Probate notes will of Joseph ASHURST.]

ASHBURY, JOSEPH [X] - 17 September 1781 / December 1781 - of New Bern,
Daughter Mary ASHBURY 1 bed and bedding, 2 iron pots, 1 bell---- skillet [looks like
bellwith skillet], 1 book called Bartley's Apology and one tea kettle. The remainder of
my household goods and furniture to my beloved wife and her heirs. Executor: my wife.
Wit: Joseph CLARK, Joseph RICH, Thomas CREWE(?). [Mary ASHBURY, widow and
executrix qualified for letters testamentary in December 1781.]

ASKIN, ALICE - 3 August 1840 / November 1845 - Son James ASKIN, one Negro man
William. Daughter Mary Ann ASKIN, loom, harness, and 2 wheels. All the rest of my
estate sold and divided between my six children: John S. ASKIN, James ASKIN, Hester
IPOCK, Celia REEL, Alice GASKINS, and Mary Ann ASKIN. Executor: son James

ASKIN, JAMES - 5 August 1852 / December 1853 [Dates from will 2] - Will 1: Lends
wife Mary E. ASKIN all lands and perishable property during her lifetime or widowhood
or until daughter Julia Ann W. is 21 with the exception of cutting not more than 1500
turpentine boxes or green pine timber for sale to raise and school my children. Son
Ephraim A. ASKIN, $150. Proceeds from the sale of property divided between my wife
Mary E. ASKIN and my three children, Alice M. ASKIN, Ephraim A. ASKIN, and
Juliann W. ASKIN. Real estate to be divided according to law without a will. Through
disobedience of any of my Negro slaves or other just cause I give my brother John S.
ASKIN power to sell such slave or slaves and to buy others with the money. Executor:
brother John S. ASKIN. [First Will not signed, dated or witnessed.]
[Will 2: similar to first, names same children, wife and brother. Not quite as detailed as
the first will. This will is signed and dated and witnessed by John P. IPOCK.]

ATHERLY, JOSEPH - 17 July 1769 / December 1769 - "very sick and weak in body."
Wife Sarah ATHERLY all estate. Executrix: wife Sarah ATHERLY. Wit: Elias JUSTES,
Susanna JUSTES, Rebecker [x] JUSTES. [Probate indicates Elias JUSTICE proved the

ATHERLY, SARAH [X] - 13 November 1790 / March 1796 - Son Jonathan ATHERLY
all my property now in his custody and possession. Son Isaack ATHERLY one shilling
sterling. Son in law Samuel ROBERTS one shilling sterling. Executors: sons Jonathan
and Isaack ATHERLY. Wit: Sally ATHERLY, Lewis JONES

AUSTIN, DINAH [X] - 8 May 1835 / November 1835 - of New Bern. To George
ATMORE one house and four lots in Dryborough known in the plan of Dryborough by
No. 21, 35, 36, and 67. Executor: "my worthy friend [not named]". Wit: Robert

AUSTIN, THOMAS - 1778 / not probated - After debts and funeral services paid for the
remainder of my estate to my wife Mary AUSTIN during her natural life including one
Negro woman Sarah and four children Abram, Jacob, Billy, and Sampson, all household
goods, cattle, hogs, and sheep. After wife Mary's death to daughter Susannah BRITAIN,
two Negro boys Abram and Billy, household goods, cattle, hogs, sheep, and one mare. To
daughter Martha SLADE, two Negroes: one wench and child named Jane [could he have
meant Sarah mentioned above?] and Sampson. To grandson Austin PRESCUTT, one
Negro boy Jacob to be in the care of William BOHANNAN until he returns from the
Northward and if he does not return, but loses his life, the said slave to be the property of
BOHANNAN. To grandson Thomas AUSTIN, twenty shillings current money of the
state. To granddaughter [not named within the will but named later in a memorandum
after the signature as Salatha EASLICK (?)] twenty shillings current money of the state.
Executors: friends: son-in-law Thomas BRITAIN and John GUNTER. Wit: Acton [?]
BRICE [or PRICE], John RICHARDS [?], R[obert?] MUSE [?].

AUSTIN, THOMAS - 18 November 1821 / December 1821 - Wife Francis AUSTIN the
house and plantation whereon I now live and all lands except 230 acres hereafter
mentioned, all Negroes: Edmond, Benjamin, Alis, and Prudence, all stock of horses,
cattle, hogs, and sheep, household and kitchen furniture, plantation utensils and working
tools, boats and canoes, turpentine still and its tools, riding chair and harness, watch and
all my books. To Elizabeth R. COOPER [relationship not stated] 230 acres of land on
Gum Branch that I purchased from her father George COOPER. Executors: wife Francis
AUSTIN and friend Joseph BORDEN. Wit: Jos. PHYSIOC, Benja. BORDEN.

AVERITT, DAVID - 11 January 1828 / February 1828 - Lends wife Sarah AVERITT
359 acres where I now live during the time she remains my widow, also one Negro
woman Rachel and Negro child Asa, all household and kitchen furniture, gray mare,
saddle and bridle, one cart, corn and fodder and peas, all meat and fat, cotton, flax, and
leather, and wheat, also cattle and hogs. To two sons Arthur J. AVERITT and David B.
AVERITT all lands equally divided between them on the death or remarriage of my wife
Sarah. Three daughters Elizabeth ANDERSON, Selah AVERITT and Permelia Ann
AVERITT, Negroes Rachel and Asa and their increase. Youngest daughter Permelia Ann
AVERITT one cow and calf and one feather bed and furniture and bedstead. To son
Enoch AVERITT one iron wedge and $4.00. Other legacies mentioned. Executors: Sarah
AVERITT and James ROACH and Samuel WIGGINS. Wit: John CHAPMAN, Polly

AVERY, JOHN - 7 December 1799 / June 1803 - Wife Persilly 100 acres including the
plantation, one Negro man Cesar during her life and no longer, also all moveable
property. Daughter Tabbitha AVERY 100 acres on the southwest prong of Trent Creek
and one feather bed and furniture. Two daughters Gillead BIGGS and Fanny AVERY
200 acres on the head of Alligator Creek. Daughter Martha AVERY 100 acres including
the plantation at my wife's death. Executors: John BIGGS, Thomas JONES. Wit: Cason

AVERY, REBECKAH [X] - 16 February 1822 / August 1822 - To Husband John
AVERY 100 acres during his natural life and no longer, the land begins at WHITS corner
[plus other items]. To Elisha ARNOLD, the 100 acres loaned to her husband after her
husband's death. To Kinnin BOIET and Henry BOIET, 200 acres joining John HARRIS.
To Christopher BOIT, one feather bed and furniture and one cow and heifer. To Henry
BOIET, one feather bed. All stock loaned to my husband John AVERY at his death to go
to Christopher BOIET, Henry BOIET, and Kinnin BOIET. Executor: Friend Elisha

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