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Certificates Received of J.C. Bryan, Sheriff of Craven for Taxes 1785

The following listing was found in the Treasurer's and Comptrollers Papers (Box 33, folder 2: 1770-1799) at the North Carolina Archives. The listing below includes only the names of the individuals, not the amounts paid to the Sheriff. The original four paged document numbers the names from 1 to 113. There are only 111 names on the list, as number 1 has no name listed beside it, and number 72 is omitted. Beside each name on the original is three columns of numbers which appear to be amounts owed in pounds, shillings, and pence. It is unclear what the first two columns represent (possibly polls and land), but the third column is the total of the previous two columns. Also, I am unsure what "Bounty" indicates in three cases on the list (twice below George Simmons and once below John Nelson).

July 16, 1786

[First Page] John Pollard John Faucett
Anthony Ward J.D. Dunn
George Simmons John Olive
Bounty James Meadows
Ditto Hannah Kemp
James Killum Caleb Willis
John Fonville William Sullivant
Demsy Delamare William Porter
John Thomas Thomas King
Francis Dawson Giles Riggs
Peter Ipock John Pollock
Andrew Read Thomas Gaskins [stricken in original]
Peter Horsends Amos Cuthrel
Thomas Ogden Coventon Searls [stricken in original]
Henry Purss Lawrence Blakey
Thomas Murphy Thomas Worth
Goin Cuthrel John Allen
John Arthur David Murdock
Waxell Perry Anthony Deen [Dun?]
James Hollis Willis Whithead
Elijah Fisher Ethelred Thornton
Joseph Brinson John Rice
John Gaskins Chrisr. Neale
Elijah Moore John Slade
John Gatlin Joseph Carter
Ephraim Rice Elijah Hutchins
James Martin George Holton
John Scott Edward Gatlin
Thomas Harris Michael Curmon
Saml. Willis Jesse Black
Demsey Delamare Daniel Squires
John Blakey George Charlton
Richard Barrington Wm. Erwin
Jesse Carraway Nat. Street
John Whitford [Third Page] John Couger
Saml. Willis Richd. Dobbs Spaight
John Camp Jacob Warrin
Tholomee Morris John Allen
James Pearce Willis Whitfield
Armwell Herron Sutton Trueluck
Sodering Robson John Nelson
Thos. Sanderson Bounty
John Summons John Harroll
Abner Neal Paul Hamilton
Jacob Taylor Jacob Johnston
[Second Page] James Pearson Thos. Forns [Torns?]
James Miller John Grainger
James Bizzil Henry Smith
John Roberds Cannon Smith
John Blanks Ephraim Willis
David Alphin John Williams
Levi Southern John Ba[torn]
Jesse Stephens Thos. Willis
Charles Russel Elisha Lewis
Wm. King William Williams
Wm. Perry  


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