Spanish-American War 1898

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Spanish-American War, 1898 
and other events 1898-1902

The following are letters published in the New Bern Journal (Weekly and Daily editions) by New Bern soldiers participating in the various worldwide events from 1898 through 1902. These events include the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, and the China Relief Expedition (also known as the Boxer Rebellion).

Blount Smith 31 Jan 1899 Thomas Blount 23 Feb 1899 Cecil Taylor 24 Dec 1899
Cecil Taylor 21 Jan 1900 Joe Brock 26 Feb 1900 Joe Brock 3 Mar 1900
Guy Marshall 10 Mar 1900 Joe Brock 16 Mar 1900 Guy Marshall 15 Apr 1900
Eugene Dupree 27 Jul 1900 Guy Marshall 30 Aug 1900 Dr JM Ward 7 Jun 1901


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