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King-Hinnant-George Family Bible

[The following is from a damaged Bible in the Lane Family Papers at the New Bern-Craven County Public Library. No title page exists for the Bible, of which only portions of the Old Testament survive. The entries are written in at least five different handwritings. The families appear to have lived in Wayne, Wilson, Edgecombe, Craven, Jones, and Carteret Counties.]


Family Record


Henry King and Rebecca Horne was Married 1st day Novr. 1848.

Louis H. King and Helen Tubbs was married-----1884

Helen R. Hinnant daughter of W.R. & Isdora Hinnant & Furnie H. George was married Jan. 25 1911.

William King Hinnant and Nannie Davis Taylor was married April 25. 1912.

Lillian E. Hinnant and William E. Koonce was married Jan. 28 1914

William R. Hinnant and Isadore C King was married 25 day Jan 1879



Henry King was born 28th day January 1813

Rebecca King was born 22 April 1829

Isadore Charlotte King daughter of Henry & Rebecca King was born 7th day Sept 1849

Louis Henry King [son of] Henry & Rebecca [King] was born the 17th [torn]ary 1858

[In]fant son of Henry & Rebecca Kin born 13 Mar 1860

William R Hinnant was born August 27 1852

Willie King Hinnant Son of WR Hinnant and Isadore C Hinnant was born Dec 21 1879

Lillian E. Hinnant was born July 29, 18 [stricken in original]

Lillian E. Hinnant daughter of WR Hinnant and Isadore C Hinnant was born July 29 1885

Hellen Rebecca Hinnant daughter of W.R. Hinnant and Isadore C Hinnant was born March 5 1888

Helen [stricken in original]

Braxton Heretage George son of F.H. George and Helen R. George was born Jan 22. 1912.

Helen Marie George daughter of F.H. George and Helen R. George was born July. 4. 1913



Infant Son of Henry & Rebecca King died 13 Mar 1860

Rebecca King wife of Henry King died the 4 September [torn and illegible]

Henry King died Feb 26, 1889.

Louise King son of Henry & Rebecca King died May 17, 1898.

Isadora Charlotte Hinnant daughter of Henry King and Rebecca King died 1917

Lillian E. Koonce daughter of W.R. Hinnant and Isadora C. Hinnant died July 28 1917.

Furney Herritage George husband of Helen H. George died March 9, 1937

Helen H. George daughter of Isadora Hinnant and William R. [Hi]nnant died Feb. 26, 1941.


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