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Benjamin, Epidemic in New Bern,
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Giddings, C. W. Goodwin, J. D. Gardner, Elena M.
Grier, Thomas G. Gatlin, B., Mrs.  Gibbs, John,
Gardner. James G. Gatlin, Brad. Gatlin, Mary,
Glover, R. K. Gaskins, Mrs. Griswold. H. D. C.
Gerrard, Martin V. Gifford, Mrs. Gisken, Martha,


Holmes, L. W. Henry, John,  Harris, Jane, Miss,
Hervey, James M.  Holmes, Fred. Heritage, L. B.
Holland, Michael, Henry, Lewis,  Howard, Geo. Mrs.
Hanglin, Jerome B.  Hertzog, Charles,   Harrington, Charles
Hall, Purnell, Capt. Haines, Pasco, Jr.,  Hoover, Sally,
Hall, Purnell, Mrs. Howard, John,  Hall, W. H.
Hoskins, Charles S. Hill, William C.   Hoffman, A. J.
Hamilton, Fay, Heatto, Reuben B. Hill, Edwin H.
Hurtt, Edward,  Harris, Henry,  Howe, William,
Hammond. Joseph,   Halstead, Hiram,  Hillman, Elizabeth,
Huntley, Albert, Holton, Abner, Hodges, William,
Hull, Ellsworth,  Hurtt, James,  Hamilton, R. B.
Hoyt, Dixie C., Assist. Hutchins, James, Heald, W. H.
          Surg., 2d Mass. Hyson, J., Mrs. Harriott, Robert,
Hillis, D. D., Lieut.  Hutchins, Mrs. Hobby, John,
Harley, Thomas,  Harvey, Robert,  Huntington, Geo. A.
Hallam, W. C., Serg't. Hooker, Henry,    Hollay, Thomas,
Hewes. Henry A.  Hewitt, K. Mrs.  Hodges, J. R.
Hathaway, H. C., Lt. Hutchins, Miss,  Herricks, John,
Hepburn, Magnus, Hurtt, Fannie, Hill, D.
Haskell, Abner,  Hutchins. William,  


Ingraham, George, Irving, Mary,  


Jones, John F. Judge, John, Johnson, W. Ann,
Jones, J. Fred.  Jenkins, Geo. S., Lt. Jones, Julia,
Jones, Henry C. Jackson, William, Jackson, Vincent,
Johnson, Edward,  Jones, William, Jones, William,
Johnson. A. B., Lieut. Jernigan, Calvin, Jukins, Mr.
Juinno, J. Johnson, Mr. Jacoby, Webster,
Jockett, Alonzo D. Jethrue, Mary E.  Jernigan, Charles,

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Kirkwood, John,  Kenney, John,  Kliner, Henry,
Kane, Andy, Karchner, Levi, Kinney, C. A., Corp.
Kinney, Alvin,  Krant, Abraham, Keach, Ellen,
Kilpatrick, John, Kierman, Thomas, Kineman, F.
Kent, Douglas,  Killoran, Patrick,  Keeler, Orville,
Knowles,W. E., Serg't. Keeny, J. J.  


Lawson, H. T., Major, Lillie, George C.  Lewie, Harriet,
Lawrence, Charles A. Larkins, J. P.  Latham, Amariah,
Lewis, C. C., Mrs. Lincoln, C. B.  Latham, William J.
Lewis, Jesse,     Lawrence, Almon,  Latham, Mary.
Lewis, Harriet, Miss,   Leland, R. L. Latham, Emily J.
Lewis, Eliza,  Lakin, Oliver F.  Latham, Ann M.
Lyons, Chas. A., Capt. Liptrot, Richard, Loom, Christopher,
Lee, E., Mrs.  Latham, Mary A. Lynch, Patrick,
Lincoln, Samuel M. Lereman, Mahala,  Lowe, Nathaniel,
Lord, Henry C. Lane, Charity, Lowe, Joseph,
Lines, James, Legett, Betsey Ann,  


Maag, August R. McCormick, J, J. McCork, Lawrence,
Mendell, Charles H.  Masters, John S. Mills, Charles S.
McCormick, James H. Murphy, R. J. Moses, Alonzo D.
Menzies, A.  McGaughey, D. C. Mitchell, Ora B.
McElvey, Robert, Meade, Thomas, Maxwell, Harmon,
Meadows, Alexander, McIlvine, James,  McKay, Alexander,
Moulton, Arthur J. Moulton, Daniel,  Marshall, Nathan.
Morse, Charles, McKinney, John, Murphy, Joseph,
More, Mary Ann, Mrs. Mosback, Michael, Morrison, John,
Moore, William P., Jr. Mallett, George S. Marsh, John Wesley,
Masters, William, Morse, Horace,  Meadows, William,
Miller, Christian, Morey, James H. Macon, Dorsey,
Martin, Henry, McCarty, Edward,  Montgomery, Island,
Mortimer, Alonzo, Miller, Charles E.

Morgan, Don Carlos,

Miller, Edward, McCarthy, Dennis,  McLaughlin, Thomas,
McGinnisken, Thomas, Marsh, Henry E. Munn, William,
Mandeville, Henry, Malone, J.  Morris, George,

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Newbury, Henry,  Neety, William, Nims, James,
Neeley, Oscar J. Needham, William, Newton, B.
Nixon, Thomas,    


Oxley, J. B. O'Brien, Michael, Osgood, John, Mrs.
Osborne, Frederick, Otis, James E., Oglesby, Betsey, Mrs.
Ordway, Nathaniel,   Oliver, Bart., Mrs. Osborne, John,


Perkins, Chas. A. S. Plummer, E. C.   Pitman, P.
Perkins, Lucien,    Polley, Horton W.  Peterson, Washington
Peck, Charles H.  Pownall, C. J. Serg't,   Pierson, John,
Penniman, George F. Pender, J. S.  Paul, Missepelin,
Phillips, Mulford B. Parker, John, Pitman, Ann,
Phelps, John F. Phelps, Henry,    Perry, Benjamin I.
Phelps, John T. Patrick, George,  Paul, Cassandra,
Pettee, R., Serg't. Phillips, Mary, Mrs. Perry, Hetty,
Phippen, Myron A. Prewitt, Katie, Miss,   Padle, Henry J.
Prime, W. H., Hos. S.   Paul, Hiram, Mrs.   Patterson, Henry,
Parker, Oliver, Parriss, Martha, Miss, Pettit, John,
Peabody, Francis,  Piver, Wallace, Pedrick, Cassandra,
Pierce, H. A.    


Quinn, Alice,   Quirk, M. H.,  Quirk, Sarah, Mrs.


Rogers, Captain, Riley, James,  Rice, Prudence, Miss,
Roberts, James,  Redmond, John, Roberts, Miss,
Roberts, James, Mrs. Rush, Edw. Rice, L., Miss,
Rogers, Mason, Serg't. Rowley, James, Rogers, Mrs.
Rancon, J.   Rutter, W. C.   Rogers, Lula,
Redfield, Willis, Ryan, Patrick,  Ramsey, John,
Reynolds, Garry, Redding, George,  Riel, Wm. Rev.
Riley, Michael, Richardson, E. L. Rowe, Patsey,
Richards, Byron,   Rice, H. S.  

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Saunders, Harry T. Spellman. Thomas, Sum, Mr., wife and two
Shaw, Smith, Smith, George,          children.
Sprague, -----, Q. M. D. Scammell, John, Scott, Jacob, Mrs.
Sifert, -----, Q. M. D. Sweet, Wm. J., Capt. Salyee, Samuel, Jr.
Stone, Lt. Col., 3d New      17th U. S. Infy. Simmonds, Stephen D.
            York. Shaffer, William, Stilley, Farabee,
Summs, Jos. and wife, Shortell, Edward,   Searles, L.
Smith, Jacob, Southwick, W. H. Salter, Nancy,
Smith, Septimus, Capt. Smith, Samuel, Salter, Mary,
Sperry, Henry, Shipp, Ann. Miss, Styron, Jane,
Smith, Cornelius, Sandy, Polly, Miss, Summer, Mahala,
Sturgis, Joseph, Stanley, James, Mrs. Scott, Rosa,
Strong, John, Corp. Stanley, Mary, Miss. Smith, Alfred,
Stirling, Amos, Suydam, J. A., Mrs. Smith, Henry,
Southwick, E. G. Street, Lapham, Mrs. Smith, Albert,
Shepherd, A. R.           and two children. Soiler, Alois, Dr.


Taylor, John W.  Taylor, Bennett, Toomey, Patrick,
Thompson, John A. Tearny, Thomas, Tolson, John,
Thorn, Willie, Trinkler, Joseph, Tolson, Alexander,
Tuttle, Bliss,   Taimer, John,  Tolson, John, Mrs.
Thompson, George, Trask. Dexter W. Thomson, Wilson,
Thompson, Lieut. Tracy, Christopher, Tickner, Martha Miss,
Turley, Michael,  Thurner, Jacob, Thomas, Elias,


Ube, William, Unguamach, John,  Underwood, Mary.


Vanderbeck, William, Van Tassel, Henry, Van Hauton, Isaac,


Wilson, J. M., Dr. U. Watkins, John A. Waters, Jessie,
            S. Navy. Whittemore, O. H. Waters, John,
Willard, -----, Q M. D. Woods, Peter, Waters, Mary A.
Wallace, Anne, Miss, Willis, Susan, Mrs. Waters, Sarah E.
Williams, Evans, Wallace, M. Ann. Mrs. White, Benagie,
Wilson, Thomas, William, Bryan, Mrs. White, Julia A.

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Wade, Charles, Willis, Wm., Mrs.  Weeks, Mrs.
Whaley, A. H. Wood, Barney, Mrs. Waters, Benjamin,
White, Samuel, Woolf, -----, Wilcox, Fanny,
Wonson, J. P. Willis, Robert, Wesley, John,
Williams, Alva, Wood, Counsel B. Waters, Jerome,
Warren, Charles, Wilcox, Mrs. Wales, Oliver,
Wooster, Orren, Waters, Mills, Weston, Nellie M.
Webber, L. B. White, Martha, Wrigley, George W.
Winslow, Jasper A Waters, Elizabeth, Welmer, George,
White, John, Waters, Minerva Ann, Wilton, William,
Wallace, Thomas, Wilkinson, Betsey, Williams, George,
Warner, H. M. Wilcox, William, Wilkins, W.,
Whitbeck, Jacob, William, Lula, Whitcomb, W. C., Rev.
Weigand, Charles,    

Dr. Dixie C. Hoyt, Assistant Surgeon 2d Massachusetts Artillery, formerly Post Surgeon at Fort Macon, a young and promising man, much respected for his skill and ability as a professional man; he was very active during the fever, and died in the latter part of October.

Lieut. Col. Henry M. Stone, 3d New York Artillery, died October 2d; was formerly editor of the Auburn Democrat, and Adjutant of the 19th New York Infantry, promoted to Major, December 23, 1861, and to Lieut. Colonel, January 1, 1863.

First Lieut. Hillis, Battery D, 3d New York, died September 24.

The total number of deaths during the epidemic, as near as can be ascertained, and as published in the North Carolina Times, amounted to about thirteen hundred.

Dr. Page, of the Sanitary Commission, was a most untiring laborer; himself, with Dr. Sitler, were superhuman in their endeavors.

Dr. Chambers was the only physician that escaped an attack of the epidemic, passing through it unscathed, and adding his exertions to those of his medical brethren.

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The names of the "Dead Corps" have been already given.


fell in the prosecution of their duties; and William L. Poalk, James P. Allen, C. H. Alexander, W. P. Ketcham, George G. Manning and Simon Kahn survive, and remain with us yet.

Medical Director, Dr. D. W. HAND, has rendered his name immortal in its undying fame--imperishable in its lustre. Eternal peace to him.

Our task is o'er. Let us hope that a returning fall may not bring with it a renewal of the epidemic, but that we may be permitted to escape it, and that a merciful Providence will vouchsafe to us the blessings of health and prosperity, with the termination of the rebellion.

Ye noble few! who here unbending stand,
Beneath life's pressure, yet bear up awhile;
The storms of wintry time will quickly pass,
And one unbounded spring encircle all.

To us thy sympathetic gifts impart,
And justly boast the generous feeling heart;
Teach us in other's griefs to bear a share,
And turn to nobler, greater tasks our care.

Teach us to soothe the helpless orphan's grief,
With timely aid the widow's woes assuage;
To misery's moving cries to yield relief,
And be the sure resource of drooping age.

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So when the genial spring of life shall fade,
And sinking nature own the dread decay,
Some soul congenial then may lend its aid,
And gild the close of life's eventful day.



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