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MUSIC in New Bern, for the past fifty years had been in a dormant state. A few years ago the Superintendent and Board of Trustees of the city schools realizing this fact determined to arouse some musical interest among the public. The result of this determination was the organizing of the Music department of the New Bern Graded Schools which was affected in 1909. This department (from an educational standpoint) was a great success for each term its enrollment of pupils has continually increased. However, on account of the crowded condition of the school, the Board of Trustees found that it interfered with the school studies as the rooms they occupied were needed for the school children. Yet not wishing to discontinue this department they decided to find a way to overcome this congested condition. The knowledge which these men possess as the result of years of experience in the conducting of educational institutions taught them that fortune had favored them, for during the past winter J. Henri Bourdelais had organized a school of music which had been successfully conducted, therefore they decided to propose that they turn their Music Department over to the "Bourdelais School of Music" which proposition was finally accepted. This arrangement was not only agreeable to one school but to both as they will in the future cooperate with each other which will make their aim one: "The advancement of music" not only in New Bern but in the whole of Eastern North Carolina.


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