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1866 National Bank of New Berne $5

Accession Number TP.1988.023.004


Paper currency, National Bank of New Berne value 5 dollars



Continental Bank Note Co.



Laid paper, ink



New York, New York



1866, February 14



OH: 3” (7.7 cm); OW:  7 1/8” (18.2 cm)



Engraved five-dollar National Bank of New Berne note, called the Columbus Note. Face design: (left) Columbus in sight of land; (right) Columbus with an Indian Princess. Borders on all four sides: alternating “FIVE” and “5.” Main text: (Serial letter) “B”  NATIONAL CURRENCY./  this note is secured by bonds of / the UNITED STATES/ with the treasurer at washington./ JB Colby/ Register of the Treasury/ [Spinner] / Treasurer of the United States/ the/ National Bank / of/  NEW BERNE/ WILL Pay the Bearer on Demand/ FIVE DOLLARS/ New Berne NORTH CAROLINA Feb. 14th 1866/ J. A. Guion Cash’r  Jno Hughes Pres’t/  continental bank note co  new york/ act approved June 3D 1864.” Red seal of the United States and various numbers in red: “U403439)” “1632 (twice)” and “5522.”

Reverse in green: central vignette of the landing of Columbus in 1492;  state seal of North Carolina on left and eagle on shield on right. Text: “THIS / NOTE/ is RECEIVABLE at/ PAR in all ports/of the UNITED STATES/ in payment of all TAXES and/ EXCISES and all other DUES to the / UNITED STATES/ except/ DUTIES/ on IMPORTS/ and ALSO/ for all SALARIES/ and other DEBTS/ and DEMANDS/ owing/ by the UNITED STATES/ to INDIVIDUALS/ CORPORATIONS & ASSOCIATIONS/ within/ the UNITED STATES/ except/ INTEREST on/ PUBLID/ DEBT.”  Below: “Every person making or engraving or aiding to make or engrave or/passing or attempting to pass any imitation of alteration of this/ Note and every person having in posses-/ ion a plate or impression made in imitation/ or it or any/ paper made in imitation of that on which this Note is printed is by Act of/ Congress approved June 3d, 1864 guilty of felony and subject to a fine not/ exceeding One Thousand Dollars or imprisonment not exceed-/ing fifteen years/ or both.”



Mr. John G. Dunn, Jr.












Permission to use the photograph must be obtained in writing from Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens, New Bern, North Carolina. It must be accompanied by the caption” From the collection of Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens, New Bern, North Carolina; North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Division of Archive and History.”

Obverse Image
Reverse Image

Images scanned by Dean Knight
Text prepared by Nancy Richards and Victor T. Jones, Jr.

Last edited: August 21, 2018

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