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Guion. Survey to Lay Off Ferry and Roads for Neuse River Ferry Co. (1872) 

Accession Number TP.1987.042.001


Manuscript Map: “Survey to Lay off ferry and roads for the Neuse River Ferry Co.”



Artist/ cartographer: H. T. Guion

Engraver: none  

Printer/ publisher: none



Laid paper, ink



North Carolina, New Bern






Image: H: 15 (38.1 cm); W: 19 ½” (49.4 cm)



Pen and ink map: Survey to Lay off ferry and roads for the Neuse River Ferry Co. [title]  |  The heavy broken lines represent the roads laid off and staked with the center stakes, and are considered essential to the success of the enterprise. The old River road, denoted by fine dotted lines, is also recommended to be opened and put in a thorough state of repair. The road through the Pocosin, starts from the ferry and runs an air-line to S. W. Latham’s avenue a distance of 2 ¼ miles, then ¼ of a mile along his plantation road to the Bay River road. The other heavy broken line from the intersection of the Halfmoon road to the Pocosin line, to the main road at Hartley’s is over open country, of easy construction, and a large part already in good construction for travel; the whole distance through is 1.93/100 miles. Surveyed May 27th 1872  H. T. Guion. H. A. Marshall [and] Wm H Marshall – assists. [below title]









Survey dry-mounted to mat board and mat glued to front of map






Permission to use the photograph must be obtained in writing from Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens, New Bern, North Carolina. It must be accompanied by the caption” From the collection of Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens, New Bern, North Carolina; North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Division of Archive and History.”

Map Image:


Images scanned by Dean Knight
Text prepared by Nancy Richards and Victor T. Jones, Jr.

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