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NC 1780 $50

Accession Number TP.1986.037.001


North Carolina paper currency, Bill of Credit value fifty dollars



James Davis, printer



Type on laid paper, ink



North Carolina, New Bern






OH:  2 ½” (6.4 cm); OW:  3 1/8” (8.0 cm)



Typeset fifty-dollar Bill of Credit issued by North Carolina with borders all around; border on top printed “Death to COUNTERFEIT”, on left “north carolina currency” and on right “Fifty—Dollars.” Printed text: “fifty dollars. / No. 7127  / State of North-Carolina./  This  Bill intitles [sic] the Bearer to receive Fifty/ Spanish milled Dollars, or the Value thereof,/ in Gold or Silver, agreeable to an Act of Assembly/ passed at new bern the 10th Day of May,’ 1780.” Typeset motto in lower left corner: “Fundamentum mihi /aere Perennius” (A foundation for me more enduring than bronze). Ink signature: “Joseph Leech” Reverse: “Fifty Dollars/ Printed by James Davis/ 1780.”



Paul M. Cox






 £1,240,000 ($3,100,000) in legal tender Bills of Credit authorized by the May 10, 1780 Act giving the Governor the right to issue more bill. The Governor apparently added to the issue of $25, $100 and $500 bill and created new denominations of $200, $400 and $600. Bills were printed on both sides. This denomination was issued in a series of 8,000. Signers included: John Ashe, Waightsill Avery, Jonathan Cooke, J.W. Caron, James Coor, David Cox, Jr., M. Frank, James Green, Jr., Is. Guion, Joseph Leech, and H. Vipon. Note: Bill laminated in rice paper prior to donation. Currently on display at the New Bern Academy Museum.






Permission to use the photograph must be obtained in writing from Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens, New Bern, North Carolina. It must be accompanied by the caption” From the collection of Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens, New Bern, North Carolina; North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Division of Archive and History.”


Images scanned by Dean Knight
Text prepared by Nancy Richards and Victor T. Jones, Jr.

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