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Bryan to ?

BRYAN, Alexander A. [+] -- 29 Oct 1884 / 27 Mar 1885 -- "(colored) of the city of Newbern" -- To wife Mary BRYAN during her natural life and to "my children begotten of her body," household & kitchen furniture, farming utensils & stock, following real estate -- parts of lots 290 and 291 in Newbern on the east side of George Street at LOVINIERS Corner (now SMALLWOODS)... To Grandchildren, the children of Rhoda DANIELS: Charles, Martha, Alexander and Catherine, property on George Street including half of the dwelling house. To son, Sylvester S. BRYAN, land on the east side of George Street bordering Eliza RUE'S lot. To son, Samuel S. BRYAN, land on the south side of New Street. Executor: Son Sylvester S. BRYAN. Wits: Wm. H. MARSHALL, George S. FISHER.

BRYAN, John -- 11 May [illegible] / [archives indicates 1763] -- Pay debts by selling part of cattle and hiring Negro Nimrod for two years. Wife Sarah BRYAN remainder of hogs and cattle, all my horses except a mare colt to my daughter Prudence, sheep, 2 guns, 3 beds, bedsteads and furniture, all household goods and furniture of any kind, one side saddle and two men saddles, and the work of my Negro Nimrod (after two years hire) till my son Needham is 21 years of age, one hand mill, plows and plantation tools. To "Each and Every one of my Children" a heifer. Sons Needham BRYAN and Simon BRYAN, 300 acres on Trent bought from John FRANKS. Son Simon BRYAN, Negro man Nimrod after wife's decease. Executors: Trusty friend William BRYAN and wife Sarah. Wits: Frederick ISLER, [Sarah BRYAN?], Fred. BECTON.

BRYAN, Ann [X with o similar to U] -- 24 Oct 1769 / Dec 1769 -- "widowe" -- Son John BRYAN, Senior, Negro men Will, Jack, Frank, Jim; boys Quash, London, all stock of cattle, sheep, horses and hogs. Daughter Mary CASTELO, best feather bed and furniture, one pound six shillings eight pence to buy her a ring. Son John in trust for his children, Negro woman Dinah and girl Moll and their future increase. The Negroes not to be divided until Grandson Edward BRYAN (son of John) arrives to age of 21. Daughter Penelopy LANE in trust for her children, Negro woman Frankey and girls Sylla and Frane. Son John and daughter Penelopy, remainder of estate. Executors: Son John BRYAN and friend William BRYAN. Wits: Wm. BRYAN, Lewis BRYAN, Josias FREEMAN.

BRYAN, Ann -- 30 April 1859 / March 1868 -- "I am security for my son William G. BRYAN for a large amount and I have conveyed all my real and personal estate to William B. WADSWORTH in trust to pay off said debts and for other purposes, as on reference to the deed of trust" ... dated 4 Sept 1858 recorded in book 64 p. 392-397. If William G. BRYAN pays off the debts then the property to be divided as follows: To Edward King BRYAN, son of William G. BRYAN, in trust for Sally BRYAN, wife of Wm. G. BRYAN, for her sole use during her natural life not subject to her husband, 1/3 of all estate, then to Verna M. BRYAN, Benjamin K. BRYAN, and Green BRYAN, the three youngest children of William G. BRYAN. To Joseph JONES, son of my daughter Sophia JONES, wife of Henry W. JONES, 1/3 of my estate in trust for Sophia during her natural life not under control of her husband, then to the grandchildren of Sophia JONES then living at her death. To John T. LANE, 1/3 of estate in trust for son Thomas Blackledge BRYAN for life then to be divided between the three youngest children of William G. BRYAN and the grandchildren of Sophia JONES that are living at the death of Thomas. The children of William to share 1/2 and the grandchildren of Sophia to share 1/2. Wits: William B. LANE, W.B. WADSWORTH. [Probate indicates W.G. BRYAN was appointed Administrator. Will is also recorded in Will Book D, page 558.]

BRYAN, Ann Cady [-] -- 25 [illegible] 1761 / 1761 -- of New Bern -- Sister Sally [? hard to read] ... land on Core Creek sold to pay doctor and funeral expenses. Brother John Council BRYAN, one lot in New Bern town near "the Gate Westerly." Brother William John BRYAN, 1/2 lot in New Bern near Thos. SITGREAVES lot near the Western Gate. Nephew Thomas SITGREAVES, front of a lot on Nuse side of town. Remainder divided between brothers and sisters. Executor: [illegible and torn]. Wits: Jams. PARKERSON, ____ COGDELL, Gibbons JENNINGS.

BRYAN, Edward -- 17 June 17[torn] / [1762?] -- mother Ann BRYAN, Negro men Jack and Frank. "Cusons" Edward BRYAN and John Hill BRYAN, sons of my brother [torn John?] BRYAN, Negro man Peter and woman Nansey, boy Tom and girl Sall when Edward comes to age 21, all my cattle. Sister Penelope LANE, Negro Feebee, boy named [torn], [also another legacy to Penelope]. Brother John BRYAN'S children to get Penelope's share if she has no children. Executors: brother John BRYAN and mother Ann BRYAN. Wits: Scarborough TANKARD, Joseph MARTIN, Jane [Illegible].

[Here ends reel 1548458]

BRYAN, Frederick—2 March 1816 / June [?] 1816 – “being very sick and weak” – To wife Masa BRYAN four negroes Virgil, Suck, Bill and Daniel, also lend her all lands beginning at the mouth of a small branch by the PALMORE field. Also all stock, household and kitchen furniture and plantation tools, all corn and meat. To “my beloved Brother” Johnson BRYAN all my lands. To “my beloved sister” Mol[illegible] BRYAN one negroe by the name of Merry. To brother John M. BRYAN one negroe called Ann. Executors: Thos. S. GOODING and Johnson BRYAN. Wits: E.H. RHEM, Joseph RHEM. [Also recorded in Book C, p. 129]

BRYAN, George – 2 Dec 1811 / December 1815 – Son Frederick BRYAN all lands on the north west side of Old Mill Branch, all the lands which I purchased of Moses TAYLOR and 100 acres on the Flat Swamp Sand Ridge. To son George BRYAN all lands on the south side of the old mill Branch and 100 acres on the Dover Sand Ridge. To Sons John BRYAN and Johnson BRYAN all my lands on the east side of “Nuce” River that fell to me at the death of my brother Joseph BRYAN and the river low grounds opposite the ferry to be equally divided between them, the lower part to John and the upper part to Johnson. To son John BRYAN, 100 acres of land more or less on the North side of Neuse River below William JONES [?] adjoining the land that was Charles JONES, Decst. To Grandson Frederick BRYAN, negroes Harry and Rose. To daughter Sarah HOLLAWAY, $10 in cash. To daughter Nancy CLIFTON, $10 in cash. To the heirs of Sarah HOLLOWAY, two negroes namely Phillis and Sidney.  All negroes not willed away and all the rest of my perishable property shall be equally divided between “my fore sons Frederick, George, John & Johnson & my daughter Molsey BRYAN and the heirs of Nancy CLIFTON her eldest son Frederick Excepted. The heirs of Nancy CLIFTON to have an Equal share with one of my other heirs.” Executors: sons Frederick BRYAN, George BRYAN, John BRYAN, and Johnson BRYAN. Wits: D. HUMPHREY, Abraham TAYLOR. [Also recorded in Book C, pages 109-110]

BRYAN, George – 24 February 1845 / December 1849 – To beloved nephew Frederick BRYAN all my lands that I may possess at my death. To wife’s nephews and nieces [illegible] SLADE and Ann SLADE [illegible legacies]. Remaining negroes to be divided into four shares between brother Johnson BRYAN, nephew Frederick BRYAN, niece Elizabeth B. DUDLEY and friend Jessee NOBLE to have one half of one share and Elizabeth B. DUDLEY the other half. To Catherine SLADE the high black walnut bedstead, bed and furniture. To Ann SLADE one other black walnut bedstead bed and furniture. Balance of property to be sold and debts paid, the remainder to be divided between my niece Elizabeth B. DUDLEY and my wife’s two nieces Catherine SLADE and Ann SLADE. Executors: worthy friends and brothers Johnson BRYAN, Frederick BRYAN and Bishop E. DUDLEY. Witnesses: [illegible]  Codicil:  Whereas wife’s niece Catharine SLADE has died since the date of this will, her share to go to her sister Ann SLADE including negro Cassy and her five children and her future increase, girl Sarener, girl Jane and two boys Slade and Harry. I lend her the plantation I now live on as long as she remains unmarried [illegible] 28 January 1847. Witnesses to codicil: Will. BLACKLEDGE and J.G. STANLY. [Also recorded in Book D, pages 159-160]

BRYAN, Hardy – 28 [Torn] 1760 / n.d. – being sick in body but of sound mind and memory – Place where Son Thomas now lives Consisting of about 200 [could be more as part of this is torn] acres be divided by the ash branch…[Torn] To son Thomas one Negro man named Edenbourgh and one Negro named Lucey. Lucey is already in Thomas’ possession.  To son William 275 acres that I bought off of my brother Lewis and adjoining the lands of Frederick Isler, also 100 acres I bought of Frederick Jones on the west side of Trent River, also one Negro boy called Cain which I have already delivered to him. The plantation on which I now live to be equally divided and give to son Hardy (who is under 21) after the marriage or death of his affectionate mother one half of the plantation. [Torn, but it appears another son, Nathan (who is under 21), gets the lower half of the above plantation.] To son Lewis one front lot in the town of New Bern on the Neuse River and one of my two front lots in Town lying on the Trent River, he to have his choice of the lots. If my son Isaac should die without issue, then Lewis to get his share. To daughter Mary on front lot in the town of New Bern after son Lewis has taken his choice. Loving Wife Sarah use of plantation and slaves David, Pomp, Frank, Ben, Zilla[?]. My six children William, Hardy, Nathan, Isaac, Lewis and Mary to divide the remaining Negroes not mentioned in the will. Executors: sons Thomas and William. Wits: James REED, Shadrach ALLEN, Matthew [\] ARTHUR

BRYAN, Hardy – 30 December 1780 / March 1787 and March 1791 [will is very faint and hard to read in places] – “very sick”. To son Thomas BRYAN all the lands and tenements I own, possess or am entitled to at the time of my decease reserving the property in my sons minority to the following uses, the executors to rent the property and the proceeds to maintain and educate all my children during their non-age and the maintenance of my beloved wife Sarah as long as she remains unmarried. At the time Thomas arrives at twenty-one the property where I live to be divided between Thomas and his Mother. To son Thomas a “likely Negro boy to be chosen from my estate”. If Thomas dies without lawful begotten heir or before age 21, then all to son Edmund. If both Thomas and Edmund die before reaching 21 and without heirs, then to my youngest surviving son. To wife Sarah the use of Negro woman called Suck, horses except one Buckskin Filley and the Stallion called the Indian King. To sons James, Hardy, Benjamin, William Hatch Bryan the remaining Negroes [other legacies hard to read]. Executors: loving brothers William, Nathan, Isaac, and Lewis BRYAN.  Wits: Evan SWANN, Jesse WINGATE, Nathaniel STREET.

BRYAN, Hardy Bonner – 10 September 1790 / December 1790 – “being sick & weak” – To sister Hollon MASTIN my Negro man Tom. To brother Green BRYAN the plantation and land where I live after the death of my beloved wife Mary. Remainder of estate to wife Mary. Executor: father William BRYAN and my wife Mary. Wits: Frederick LANE, William JONES

BRYAN, Isaac – 9 February 1794 / March 1794 – To wife Rachel BRYAN all estate real and personal. To son Lewis Cox BRYAN one young mare and one feather bed and furniture. To son Hardy BRYAN one young horse called Askey and one feather bed and furniture. To son Christopher BRYAN five tea spoons and one feather bed and furniture. To son Sears BRYAN five table spoons and one feather bed and furniture. My grist and saw mills on Mosley’s Creek with the lands adjoining to be sold at public sale and one fourth of the price after deducting 400 pounds to be paid to each son upon reaching age 21. To son Lewis Cox BRYAN the following Negroes: Old George & Sarah his wife, little George and Juno their children. The remaining Negroes not before given to be divided between Hardy, Christopher and Sears. Executors: brother Lewis BRYAN, brother-in-law William COX, and son Lewis Cox BRYAN. Wits: Joseph CARTER, Wm. BRYAN, Charles SAUNDERS.

BRYAN, James – 23 August 1794 / n.d. – To mother Elizabeth BRYAN during her natural life the following Negroes: Sam, Clifton, Sarah, Lucy and Africa and the use of my land on Adam’s Creek. To brother John BRYAN my land on Turnagan Bay with a Negro man named Adam. To brother William BRYAN all my lands on the Sand Hills with Betty and her two children Ben and Jenny & Negro boy Clifton. To brother Lewis BRYAN the land on Adam’s Creek after my mother’s death and Negro Boys Jack & Gabe. To sister Ann JASPER after my mother’s death negro man named Sam. To sister Elizabeth BRYAN after my mother’s death one negro woman called Sarah. To my Godson James Bryan CARNEY one negro boy named Africa. To my nephew James Bryan JASPER one negro girl called Lucy. Executors to present to Miss Sally Eaton DAVES two suits of mourning together with a mourning ring as a token of the particular veneration and esteem I bear for her. Remaining property to my mother. Executor: Major John DAVES of Newbern. Wits: Joseph OLIVER, Susanna OLIVER. [A second document states: “As I am about …to Philadelphia and considering the uncertainty of life I have thought proper in case of accident or otherwise, to order (in case I should not return) that William BRYAN, Samuel OLIVER, and James CARNEY make sale of the following property—viz—my part of the land on Adam’s Creek which I hold in Right as heir to my decd. Brothers Joseph and Lewis & also in the Right of said land I bough of my Brother John, also the land I hold on the Sand Hills in this county containing between nine hundred & one thousand acres, also my part of the land on Pearces Creek & my property [illegible] part of the land in Hyde County. The money arrising from the sale of these lands should” pay any debts. The remaining money to be equally divided between my wife and my son John BRYAN. “Newbern, Sept. 9th, 1800.”]

BRYAN, James W. – 14 September 1863 / September 1865 – Wife to retain possession of entire estate and pledge any portion to pay any debts that I may owe. Three children Laura B. HUGHES, James A. BRYAN, and Washington BRYAN. I have given to my daughter Laura B. HUGHES and her husband James B. HUGHES seven thousand dollars; I have given my son James A. BRYAN five thousand dollars already. To my wife Anne M. BRYAN the house and lot on Pollock Street in Newbern adjoining my Brick dwelling house and also the lot on George Street running to Eden Street which I purchased from the heirs at law of Dr. Frederick BLOUNT, decd., my slaves Bill HALL  and Harriet and eleven thousand and five hundred dollars in Bank stock  to be set apart from my stock in the Bank of Commerce at Newbern and Merchants’ Bank of Newbern in special trust for the sole and separate use of my beloved daughter Laura B. HUGHES for and during her natural life and after her death to the child or children which she may leave surviving  the issue of her marriage with her husband James B. HUGHES, and if no children then in special trust for my sons James A. BRYAN and Washington BRYAN to be equally divided between them. To son James A BRYAN my slave Frank WILLIAMS and thirteen thousand and five hundred dollars of Bank Stock at its par value to be selected from my stock in the Bank of Commerce at New Bern and the Merchants’ Bank of Newbern; and after the death of my wife, all my silver plate, my Brick dwelling house in Newbern which I resided in before I left Newbern on the south side of Pollock Street together with the lot and the lot on the east side of George Street on which my stables are situate. My wife is to give my son Washington BRYAN the best education the country can afford. To wife Anne M. BRYAN all household and kitchen furniture, after her death my silver plates and plates ware to my son James A. BRYAN and my pictures that were painted in Europe to my son Washington BRYAN. Residue of estate to wife for support of herself and family. At the death or marriage of wife, or the attainment of son Washington to the age of twenty-one, the residue to be divided between my wife and children. To son Washington BRYAN my gold watch and chain. I wish my wife to purchase and give my grandson James Bryan HUGHES some suitable and appropriate memento of me as he cannot otherwise know me. Executors: wife Anne M. BRYAN and James A. BRYAN. Wife to pay debts owed to Dr. John T. BOYD and Mrs. Penelope SMITH of Raleigh. If daughter Laura B. HUGHES should survive her husband James B. HUGHES any property given to her for life, should be given absolutely. Signed and sealed at Kinston 14 September 1863. Wits: Alex FIELDS, Richd F. GREEN

October 6, 1863. I have given to my children Laura B. HUGHES and James A. BRYAN one thousand dollars each as an advancement.

BRYAN, John – n.d. [or torn] / n.d. [1769?] – To two sons James BRYAN and William BRYAN all my land in Hyde County to be equally divided between them, James to receive the lower half [document soiled and hard to read]. To son Lewis BRYAN all that neck of land where my field is laying on the mouth of Adams’s Creek up the Branch to the head and the Negro that is called his and a proportionable part of my stock. To son Joseph BRYAN all the rest of my Lands laying on Adams’s Creek [soiled and torn]. To daughter Mary BRYAN land on the lower side of Risen [?] Creek, one Negro girl named Bet and her proportionable part of my stock. To daughter Ann BRYAN forty acres of land known by the name of Fork Neck and 300 acres laying on the head of Bay River, and a Negro girl named Cumfort and a proportionable part of my stock. To my daughter Elizabeth [Soiled]. To my dearly beloved wife Elizabeth BRYAN four negroes known by the names Dusty, Arealas [?] Nell and Rose, and the use of my Plantation on Adamses Creek during her life. Executors: John CARNEY and Francis DAWSON. Wits: Joseph CUSPIN [CRISPIN?], Thos. SHINE, Sidney CUSPIN [CRISPIN?]



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