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Will Abstracts,
Aarons to Andres

AARONS, ISHMAEL [X] -- 10 March 1850 / June 1850 -- "weak in Body but in my Wright mind." To Mahaly ARANS cow Lidy, yearling and calf. To Grandson George F. BANKS heifer, bed, bedstead, and furniture. The property to remain with my wife until my grandson comes to the age of 21. To Nancy, Susan, Rosannah, Marthy and Mary CAPES one dollar in money. Executor: Friend Council B. WOOD Wit: Lorenzo D. WHITFORD, Gabriel HARDISON.

AKERMAN, FREDERICK [X] -- n.d. / September 1772 -- "sick and weak." To my well beloved wife Althea AKERMAN the plantation and land where I now live, Riding horse, work horse, white mare and colt, one year old horse, Negro man named Toby. After the death of my wife then to my son John AKERMAN, if John should die without heir, then to my son Leonard AKERMAN. To son Leonard AKERMAN land on Slocumbs Creek one 3 year old mare and two 3 year old heifers. To son John AKERMAN two 3 year old heifers, 1 year old mare. To daughter Sarah AKERMAN land on Hancock's Creek where William HEATH now lives with all the female cattle thereon, also lands on Trent River to be sold and the money used to buy cattle for his daughter Sarah AKERMAN. To wife Althea AKERMAN remainder of the cattle, all hogs and household furniture, then to my son John AKERMAN. Negro man Laurance (?) to be sold and the money loaned at lawful interest and equally divided between son Leonard AKERMAN and daughter Sarah AKERMAN. Executrix: wife. Wit: Lewis WELCH, John (X) RIGGS, Lucretia (X) CAPS

ACKIS, JOHN -- 14 October 1763 / April 1765 -- To son John ACKES 100 acres, the
plantation where he lived. Daughter Sarah BUNN one shilling sterling. Daughter Catron
WAB one shilling sterling. Three daughters Mary, Eola (?), Elizabeth three pounds each.
To my well beloved wife Ann the rest of all my estate and house I live in and plantation I
live on during her natural life then to my son Aaron. Execs: Wife Ann ACKES and James

ACKIS, JOHN [X] -- 12 April 1778 / n.d. --To my well beloved son John ACKIS my
plantation were I now dwell and the land adjoining it after the death of my dearly loved
wife Barbary ACKIS. All my estate to my wife Barbary ACKIS then divided among my
children (unnamed). Executor: Jesse FULCHER. Wit: Susin (x) CARMEDY, Mary (X)
PRINSE. [Note: The original looks like Susinton CARMEDY. A later copy of the will
has Winton CARMEDY.]

ALLEN, ANN -- 1 August 1846 / June 1860 --"widow of Vine ALLEN, Esq., of New
Bern." To my three sons Monroe ALLEN, Harvey ALLEN, and Vine ALLEN all my
estate and personal property to be equally divided. If Vine ALLEN should not have
reached twenty-one by my decease, then his brother Monroe to be his guardian. Executor:
Probate information includes a Court Case Anna I.E. RICHARDSON, infant, by her next
friend, Cicero GREEN against Monroe ALLEN, Vine ALLEN, Harvey ALLEN, and
Burton A. SHIPP, defendants. The case reports that Ann ALLEN died 4 November 1859
leaving surviving Monroe ALLEN and Vine ALLEN of Craven County and Harvey
ALLEN of Plattsburg, New York, and Anna I.E. RICHARDSON, who is a daughter of a
daughter who died in the lifetime of her mother (Ann). RICHARDSON claims that the
will is invalid and that Monroe ALLEN had sold some slaves to Burton A. SHIPP.

ALLEN, ELIZA A. --28 November 1855 / n.d. -- From New Bern. Daughters Eliza S. and
Mary J. all my estate real and personal as long as they remain unmarried. Should either
daughter marry, I give one-half of my Negroes to be divided 2 shares to the married
daughter and one share each to my two sons Henry M. and George. The remainder of my
estate to the single daughter as long as she remains unmarried. Should she die before
marriage, her share to be divided equally between the married daughter and sons Henry
M. and George. Should the daughter marry, the remaining one-half of my Negroes to be
divided 2 shares to the daughter and one share each to Henry M. and George. The
remainder of all my estate to be divided equally between my four children Eliza S., Mary
J., Henry M., and George. Executor: George ALLEN. Wit: Jeremiah N. ALLEN, W.B.

ALLEN, JEREMIAH N. --20 February 1866 / August 1866 -- From New Bern. "body be
decently interred according to the rites and ceremonies of the Presbyterian Church." To
Eliza S. DAVIES, wife of Doctor John M. DAVIES all my property, personal and mixed
property. Executrix: Eliza S. DAVIES. Wit: R.F. LEHMAN, E.W. CARPENTER.
Probate papers include a statement by Eliza S. DAVIES refusing to act as executrix. She
lives in Reno, Venango County, Pennsylvania. Jeremiah N. ALLEN formerly lived in the
same place. Eliza requests that R.F. LEHMAN act as administrator cum testamento
annexo. Other documents include questions and answers of R.F. LEHMAN and E.W.
CARPENTER concerning Jeremiah N. ALLEN.

ALLEN, JNO -- 5 July 1784 / March 1787 -- "being old and ancient but perfect, weel and
in my senses." To my sons John and Walter and daughter Sarah land joining John
ALLEN. The rest of my estate to be divided between all my children (unnamed). Exec.
Son Walter. Wit: [none listed]. Endorsement on the back "John Allens Will or Something

ALLEN, JOHN --17 October 1794 / March 1795 -- Wife Ann G. ALLEN the land and
plantation I now live on, 500 acres in one patent and 200 acres lying on the Sandy
Thoroughfare. The loan of one Negro man Cesar, one named Yellow Jack, Negro boy
named Martin, and Negro girl named Eakie (?). Also Negro woman Hannah and her four
children: Cass, Simon, Merica, and Bell. Three horses and ten cattle. To daughter Mary
ALLEN a colt, two plantations on Swift Creek, 350 acres purchased of William
CHARLTON and Phillip CAUSEY, another plantation in Piney Neck known as John
ANDERSON plantation, also a warrant of 100 acres adjoining ANDERSON tract, also
150 acres by name of Rumley's Hill and 275 acres in Beaufort County purchased from
Thomas WORSLY. To son Burton ALLEN the IRELAND plantation with 200 acres with
the ADAMS place, also the MANKER place with 220 acres. Another plantation,
PHILLIPS' place containing 500 acres plus two other plantations containing 270 acres
known by the All COX Lands. Another plantation of 120 acres known by the
PHILLINGAIN land. To son John Burton ALLEN the plantation I now live on and all
lands adjoining and 640 acres in Cumberland plus all other land not given away. All my
Negro slaves divided between my three children: Mary ALLEN, Burton ALLEN and
John Burton ALLEN. When my daughter Mary reaches the age of 16 the Negroes and
their increase shall be put into three classes of equal value and she shall draw her lot. My
eldest son shall draw his at age 18 and the remainder shall by my youngest son's, John
Burton ALLEN. Other legacies to his three children. To my brother Shadrack ALLEN a
horse named Hiderally. To my mother Jemima ALLEN a riding chair and harness, then to
my daughter Mary ALLEN. Execs: Shadrack ALLEN and Robert WILLIAMS. Wit:
Stephen HARRIS, Simon BURNEY, Suky BRYAN.

ALLEN, JOSEPH -- 20 January 1798 / June 1800 --Son John 2 tracts of land where he
now lives which lies below a direct line from the run of Eagle Swamp to the back line of
the patent running parallel to the fence along the upper part of the field and 100 feet from
the field. One Negro man named Caesar. Son Joseph ALLEN all lands on the north side
of Eagle Swamp and South side of Great Contentny Creek. Negro boy named Jack. Son
Shadrack ALLEN all lands between Miry Branch and son John's upper line and Negro
boy named Sam. Son Thomas ALLEN all lands on Fort Barnwell and two patents in the
Fork of the Neuse and Cotentny. Two Negroes: Girl Chane and Boy Fife. Two
Grandchildren Allen DUBBERLY and Elizabeth DUBBERLY two Negroes June, a
young wench and Jude, a girl, when Allen reaches 21. Daughter Louisa PHILLIPS two
Negro girls Kate and Grace. Daughter Gatsy ALLEN feather bed and furniture she lies in,
two young cows and calves, and two Negro girls Raney and Nance. Daughter Milky
ALLEN Negro fellow Jum and feather bed and furniture, one cow and calf. Wife Martha,
hogs, sheep, choice 12 cattle, choice 2 horses, all bacon, 140 barrels of corn, all
household and kitchen furniture and farm implements and Negroes: Dublin, Pleasant,
Mike, Big Phillis, Little Phillis, Daniel, Kate, Big Dinah, Old Dinah, Silvy, Hagar,
Sampson, and Lott, and the plantation. Son Benjamin after the death of my wife the
plantation and lands. Executor: Friend Zachariah DUBBERLY, if he cannot or refuses,
Friend Brittain KING. Wit: Daniel (X) HARRISON, Joseph HARRISON, Wm.

ALLEN, SHADRACK -- 1780 / March 1780 --Wife Jamimah ALLEN, daughter Sarah,
mentions the Widow CASE, mentions land joining David SMITH, mentions Negroes
Cane, Sarah, Jud, Primas, Toney, son John ALLEN, son Shadrick ALLEN, executors:
sons John and Shadrack ALLEN. [NOTE: Only a partial copy of this will exists.]

ALLEN, SUSAN --n.d. / September 1865 -- Daughter Susan C. ALLEN, negro woman
Hanna, bureau, bed, bedstead and furniture complete of her choice. Son Thomas H.
ALLEN, negro boy David, Hannah's son, bed and bedstead and furniture complete. Son
William FOY a cow and yearling now kept at his place, and his note I hold for $450.
Sons William FOY and Thomas H. ALLEN $100 to purchase 'suitable gravestones' for
my deceased son George P. ALLEN. Son Thomas H. ALLEN and daughter Susan C.
ALLEN the remainder of my estate equally divided. The perishable goods to be sold at 6
months credit and the Negroes hired out for 2 years. Wit: Z[acheus] SLADE, J.T.
MATTHEWS. James OSGOOD was appointed Administrator with will annexed with
Philip PIPKIN, John OSGOOD, and Benjamin JACOBS surities.

ALLEN, VINE -- 6 May 1821 / not probated -- Wife Nancy 1/3 of personal property.
Negro Rachel to be allowed to remain with my daughters Frances J. and Mary L. ALLEN
until the reach age 21 or marry. Then Rachel is to be allowed a comfortable support
during her life and not compelled to work "in consideration of the motherly love which
she has at all times shown to my children." Administrator to sell my farm and the half of
a saw mill [stricken in the original] which I own in Windham, Connecticut. "I forbid the
sale of any of my slaves except such as shall become ungovernable or idle and
dissipated." Real estate in Connecticut to be sold by Amos D. ALLEN of Windham. "I
have written this in great haste and will copy and revise it the first moment."

ALLEN, WALTER P. -- Jones County -- 12 September 1840 / February 1843 -- Daughter
Mary Ann Jemima PEARCE one dollar. Executrix to sell the house and eight lots in
Kinston and farm produce, etc. Wife Susan the remainder of my property. Three children
George P. ALLEN, Thomas H. ALLEN and Susan ALLEN to be raised and educated
under the direction of my wife. Executrix: Wife Susan. Wit: Enoch FOY, R[oscoe]
BARRUS. Signed name Wm. P. ALLEN.

ALMAND, PERRIN -- n.d. / September 1780 -- in bad state of health. Brothers James and
Thomas ALMAND the plantation house, etc. Negro man Henry and Negro woman Nan.
Sister Polly ALMAND Negro girl Rachel, bed and furniture, and one horse, riding chair,
and 2 cows and heifers. Sisters Sarah and Elizabeth Negro man named Hams (?) and
other items. Other brothers [unnamed] and sister Nancy "all the rest of my Fortin" cattle,
hogs, and crops (cotton, peas, oats, and fodder).
Probate: Proven by comparing the handwriting of a letter and acknowledged by Thomas
OGDEN, Christopher NEALE, and Francis DAWSON. Benjamin EGGLESTON
appointed administrator.

ALWAY, BONEDA - 21 July 1815 / September 1815 - "sick and weak of body." Brother
Mashach ALWAY Negro gal named Patience [?] and other legacies. Sister Equile
COLLINS all my land that my Father left me, also one Boput [?]. Nephew Francis
ALWAY a chest. "Neace" Nancy COLLINGS a Negro girl Mariah. Negro Woman Dinah
to receive a sow and pigs, 2 barrels and to be emancipated for services to me in my
sickness. Brother Mashack ALWAY to pay debts out of his legacy. Executor: Mashack
ALWAY. Wit: Wm. PHYSIOC, Rebeakah PHYSIOC, Sopiah (x) HOLLOWAY.

ALLWAY, FRANCIS - 19 October 1764 / April 1765 - Entire estate to wife, Mary
ALLWAY. At her death to be equally divided between sons Hanrey ALLWAY and
Obdiah ALLWAY. Son Hanrey to be executor. Wit: Roger JONES, Elisabeth [H]

ALWAY, MESHACK - 20 December 1836 / February 1841 - Daughter Tryphenia
BAILEY, Negro man Horice. Grandson Jonathan R. BAILEY, crosscut saw, shot gun,
etc. Granddaughter Frances C. BAILEY feather bed and furniture. Grandson William S.
BAILEY carpenters tools and silver watch. Grandson Nathan PARSONS a small half-
stock shot gun. Granddaughter Tryphenia PARSONS a feather bed and furniture.
Daughter Sarah PARSONS 150 Acres of land, Negro man Peter, and Negro woman
Fanny, and after her death to be equally divided between her children. Wit: Jos.

ALWAYS, OBEDIAH [X] - 23 December 1811 / March 1813 - Son John ALWAYS one
dollar in money. Son Meshack part of a tract of land whereon I now live which lies on the
NW side of Fredericks Gut and joins ACREMAN's land, also 100 acres called the Great
Pond Patent, Negro man Peter and boy Samuel. Daughter Bonata ALWAYS the other
part of the home tract, two cows and calves, horse colt, bed and furniture, Negro woman
Dinah and child Maria, Negro girl Patience. Daughter Aquilla COLLINS the whole tract
of land she lives on called the Savannah Patent, Negro girls Jane and Peggy and boy
named Africa. Grandchildren John and Betsy IVY a Negro girl named Prude, if the
children do not reach 21 then to my children Meshack, Bonata, and Aquilla. The
remainder of my property to Meshack and Bonata. Executor: Son Meshack ALWAYS.
Wit: Horatio DADE, Crecy Ann WINN.

ALWAYS, WEALTHY [X] - 6 November 1849 / -- granddaughter Eliza Caroline
LOVICK all property including Negroes Rody, Edna, William, Abriham, John Peter
Adam Stephen Spaight Rachal Meriby [?] Charity Jane and Jennay. To Amos Vanburin
ROWE one cow and calf. Executor: My relation Henry J [or I] LOVICK. Wit: Sarah M.

ALWAY, WILLIAM W. - "thirteeth" [13 or 30] November 1832 / August 1835 - Father
Meshack ALWAY three Negroes Peter, Fanny, and Horace and 100 acres of land
adjoining Jeremiah PARSONS land called the Great Pond Pattern. Executor, my Father.
Proven in court by Jesse NOBLE, Amos ROWE, and Whichcote WHITE.

ANDRES, DANIEL - 26 March 1858 / June 1866 - Executor to sell the lands and real
estate to pay debts, sell the remainder of crops on hand and all stock except my Negroes.
My four children Laura Elizabeth ANDERS, Virginia ANDERS, Edgar Macon
ANDERS, and Zacceous Gardner ANDERS all my Negroes and all the money arising
from the sale of the property which is left over. "My trusty friend William FOY" br> executor. Wit: S. HILL, Nancy [X] HILL


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