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New Bern Newspapers

The following Newspapers were published in New Bern and are available for research on microfilm. Reels of microfilm are available for purchase from the North Carolina Division of Archives and History.

Atlantic, weekly, [1853], 1854. (Filmed with the Daily Delta, New Era, New Bern Journal and Union.)
    NbAJEUD-1. Contains Feb 21, 1854-Sep 6, 1854--Obituaries Indexed

Campaign Anti-Radical, weekly, [1870].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel.

Carolina Centinel (and Sentinel), weekly 1818-1824, [1825-1837].
    NbCC-1 contains Mar 21, 1818 to Dec 30, 1820--Obituaries indexed.
    NbCC-2 contains Jan 6, 1821 to Dec 25, 1824--Obituaries indexed.
    NbCCw-3 contains Jan 15, 1825 to Dec 19, 1829--Obituaries indexed.
    NbCCw-4 contains Jan 2, 1830 to Dec 30, 1833--Obituaries indexed.
    NbCCw-5 contains Jan 3, 1834 to Oct 7, 1837--Obituaries indexed.

Carolina Federal Republican, weekly, 1809-1818.
    NbCFR-1 contains Jan 12, 1809 to Dec 31, 1814--Obituaries Indexed
    NbCFR-2 contains May 30, 1815 to April 25, 1818--Obituaries Indexed.

Carolinian, weekly, [1814, 1815].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel.

Chronicle, weekly, [1897].
    NbMISC-2, partial reel.

Courier, daily, [1894].
    NbMISC-2, partial reel.

Craven County Democrat, weekly, 1924.
    NbMISC-3, partial reel.

Daily Commercial News, daily, [1881-1882].
    NbCNd-1 contains Aug 13, 1881 to Feb 25, 1882.

Daily Delta, daily, [1859]. (Filmed with Atlantic, New Era, New Bern Journal and Union.)
    NbAJEUD-2 contains the Daily Delta from April 5, 1859 to July 19, 1859--Obituaries Indexed

Daily Herald, daily, [1868].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel.

Daily Liberal, daily, [1872].
    NbMISC-2, partial reel--Obituaries indexed..

Daily Newbern Commercial, daily, [1866].
    NbCOMd-1 contains the Daily Newbern Commercial from Apr 3, 1866 to Dec 13, 1866--Obituaries Indexed

Daily Nut Shell, daily, [1875-1883].
    NbNS (Actually NbMISC-2), 1 partial reel--Obituaries indexed.

Daily Journal, daily, 1882-1905, [1906], 1907, [1908], 1910-1914, [1915].
    NbDJ, 34 reels.

Daily Progress, daily, 1858-1860, [1861-1863].
    NbPRGd-1 contains Sep 1, 1858 to Dec 30, 1858--Obituaries indexed.
    NbPRGd-2 contains Jan 1, 1859 to Jun 30, 1859--Obituaries indexed.
    NbPRGd-3 contains Jul 1, 1859 to Dec 31, 1859--Obituaries indexed.
    NbPRGd-4 contains Jan 2, 1860 to Jun 30, 1860--Obituaries indexed.
    NbPRGd-5 contains Jul 2, 1860 to Dec 31, 1860--Obituaries indexed.
    NbPRGd-6 contains Jan 1, 1861 to Dec 31, 1861--Obituaries indexed.
    NbPRGd-7 contains Jan 1, 1862 to Jan 17, 1863--Obituaries indexed.
    See also Weekly Progress.

East Carolina Industrial, weekly, [1911].
    NbMISC-3, partial reel.

Eastern Carolina Republican, weekly, 1850-1851. (Filmed with the Republican.)
Eastern Carolina Republican (Goldsboro).
    NbREP-2 contains The Republican, Jan 9, 1850;
    The East Carolina Republican from Feb 13, 1851 to May 6, 1851--Obituaries indexed.;
    The Republican and Patriot from July 10, 1851 to Sep 9, 1852--Obituaries indexed.

Free Will Baptist, weekly, [1885, 1886].
    NbMISC-2, partial reel.

Independent Register, bi-weekly (every two weeks), 2005-2005.
     Originals on file in KR storage.
     Copies of obituaries are placed in "Obituaries" Vertical File.

Hornet's Nest, weekly, [1847].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel.

Knight of Harmony, monthly, 1897.
    NbMISC-3, partial reel.

Morning Herald, weekly, [1807, 1808].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel--Obituaries indexed.

Morning New Bernian, daily, 1916 - 1921.
    NbMNB-1, June-Dec 1916--Obituaries indexed.
    NbMNB-1a [NCDAH number NbMNB-1], Jun 1916-Apr 1917--Obituaries indexed.
    NbMNB-1b [NCDAH number NbMNB-2], May-Nov 1917--Obituaries indexed.
    NbMNB-1c [NCDAH number NbMNB-3], Dec 1917-Oct 1920 (many issues missing)--Obituaries indexed.
    NbMNB-2, Jan-Aug 1918--Obituaries indexed.
    NbMNB-3, Sep-Dec 1918--Obituaries indexed.
    NbMNB-4, Jan-June 1919--Obituaries indexed.
    NbMNB-5, July-Dec 1919--Obituaries indexed.
    NbMNB-6, Jan-Apr 1920--Obituaries indexed.
    NbMNB-7, Sep-Dec 1920--Obituaries indexed.
    NbMNB-8, Jan-June 1921--Obituaries indexed.
    NbMNB-9, July-Sep 13, 1921 (Title changed to New Bernian with Sep 14, 1921)--Obituaries indexed.
    9 reels published by Carolina Microfilm Services, Greenville, N.C.; 3 reels published by NCDAH, Raleigh.
    See also New Bernian.

National Savings Bank, monthly, [1868].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel.

New Era, weekly, [1858-1859]. (Filmed with the Atlantic, Daily Delta, New Bern Journal and Union.)
    NbAJEUD-2 contains New Era from August 7, 1858 to Mar 15, 1859--Obituaries Indexed

Newbern Daily Journal of Commerce, daily, [1866-1875].
    NbJCd-1 contains Oct 20, 1866 to Jun 30, 1867--Obituaries Indexed
    NbJCd-2 contains Jul 2, 1867 to Dec 12, 1867--Obituaries Indexed
    NbJCd-3 contains Feb 23, 1869 to Nov 20, 1875--Obituaries Indexed
    See also New Bern Weekly Journal of Commerce.

New-Bern Democrat, daily, [1879, 1900].
    NbMISC-2, partial reel--Obituaries indexed.

Newbern Enquirer, weekly, [1860].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel--Obituaries indexed.

Newbern Gazette, weekly, [1798-1804].
    18Cen-4, partial reel--Obituaries indexed.

Newbern Herald, weekly, [1809-1810].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel--Obituaries indexed.

New Bern Journal, weekly, [1854-1856]. (Filmed with Atlantic, Daily Delta, New Era, and Union.)
    NbAJEUD-1 contains the New Bern Journal from Sep 20, 1854 to Dec 15, 1856--Obituaries Indexed

New Bern Republican, triweekly, daily.
    See the New Bern Times, daily.

New Bern Spectator, weekly, 1828-1839, [1840-1842].
    NbSP-1 contains Aug 9, 1828 to Dec 20, 1833--Obituaries Indexed
    NbSP-2 contains Jan 3, 1834 to Dec 24, 1838--Obituaries Indexed
    NbSP-3 contains Jan 4, 1839 to Sep 10, 1842--Obituaries Indexed

New Bern Times, daily, 1865-1866, [1867-1871], 1872-1873, [1874]. (This edition of the New Bern Times contains the North Carolina Daily Times, 1865; the Newbern Daily Times, 1866; the Newbern Republican, [1867-1868], which became the New Berne Daily Times, [1869, 1871-1874] and all variations of these titles. These titles have been filmed together to facilitate research.)
    NbNCT-2 contains Apr 28, 1865 to Jun 30, 1865--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-3 contains Jul 1, 1865 to Dec 30, 1865--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-4 contains Jan 1, 1866 to Apr 30, 1866--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-5 contains May 1, 1866 to Oct 19, 1866--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-6 contains May 2, 1867 to Dec 31, 1868 (Newbern Republican)--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-7 contains Jan 1, 1869 to Nov 30, 1869--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-8 contains Feb 4, 1871 to Jun 30, 1871--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-9 contains July 1, 1871 to Dec 31, 1871--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-10 contains Jan 4, 1872 to Jun 30, 1872--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-11 contains Jul 2, 1872 to Dec 31, 1872--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-12 contains Jan 3, 1873 to Jun 29, 1873--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-13 contains Jul 1, 1873 to Dec 30, 1873--Obituaries Indexed
    NbNCT-14 contains Jan 1, 1874 to Dec 29, 1874--Obituaries Indexed

New Bern Times, weekly, semiweekly, [1864-1866, 1873]. (This edition of the New Bern Times contains the North Carolina Times, weekly and semiweekly, [1864-1865], the New Bern Weekly Times, [1866], and the New Berne Weekly Times, [1873]. These titles have been filmed together to facilitate research.)
    NbNCT-1 contains Jan 2, 1864 to Sep 18, 1873--Obituaries Indexed.

Newbern Times and Republic Courier, weekly, [1874, 1876].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel.

New Bern Tribune, daily, 1933-1941.
    NbNBTr, 11 reels.
    NbNBTr-1 contains Apr 30, 1933 to Dec 31, 1933--Obituaries indexed.
    NbNBTr-2 contains Jan 2, 1934 to Sep 11, 1934--Obituaries indexed.
    NbNBTr-3 contains Sep 12, 1934 to May 10, 1935--Obituaries indexed.

New Bern Weekly Journal, weekly, 1882-1897; semiweekly, 1897-1915.
    NbNBWJ, 13 reels.
    NbNBWJ-1 contains Mar 30, 1882 to Dec 27, 1883--Obituaries indexed.
    NbNBWJ-2 contains Jan 3, 1884 to July 30, 1885--Obituaries indexed.
    NbNBWJ-3 contains Aug 6, 1885 to Mar 31, 1887--Obituaries indexed.
    NbNBWJ-4 contains Apr 7, 1887 to Dec 26, 1889--Obituaries indexed.
    NbNBWJ-5 contains Jan 2, 1890 to Dec 29, 1892--Obituaries indexed.
    NbNBWJ-6 contains Jan 5, 1893 to Dec 25, 1895--Obituaries partially indexed.

Newbern Weekly Journal of Commerce, weekly, [1866-1867, 1871-1876].
    NbJCw-1 contains Oct 30, 1866 to Apr 8, 1876.--Obituaries indexed.

New Bernian, daily, [1921 - 1925], 1926, [1927], 1928-1932.--Obituaries indexed.
    NbNBN, 11 reels produced by NCDAH,
    other reels produced by Carolina Microfilms.
    See also Morning New Bernian.

Newbernian, daily, [1874, 1880] and semiweekly, [1874-1876].
    NbNBd-1 contains Newbernian (daily) from Apr 18, 1874 to Dec 4, 1880--Obituaries indexed;
    The Newbernian (semiweekly) from Oct 14, 1874 to Dec 30, 1876--Obituaries indexed.

Newbernian, weekly, [1843-1853]; semiweekly, [1852].
    NbNB-1 contains the Newbernian (weekly) from Jun 24, 1843 to Dec 26, 1848--Obituaries indexed.
    NbNB-2 contains the Newbernian (weekly) from Jan 9, 1849 to Jun 29, 1852 and Jan 11, 1853--Obituaries indexed.; The Newbernian (semi-weekly) from Jun 8, 1852 to Dec 14, 1852--Obituaries indexed.

Newbernian, weekly, [1876-1883].
    NbNBw-1 contains the Newbernian (weekly) from Jan 6, 1877 to Mar 10, 1883--Obituaries indexed.

Newbernian, (semiweekly) filmed with Newbernian (daily).
    NbNBd, 1 reel.

North Carolina Circular, weekly, [1803-1805].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel--Obituaries indexed.

North Carolina Daily Times, daily,
    See the New Bern Times, daily.

Noth. Carolina Gazette, weekly, [1751-1753, 1757, 1759]. (Also as North-Carolina Gazette.) 18Cen-2, partial reel.

North-Carolina Gazette, weekly, [1768-1778]. 18Cen-2, partial reel.

North Carolina Gazette, weekly, [1784]. 18Cen-3, partial reel.

North-Carolina Gazette, weekly, [1785-1798]. 18Cen-3, partial reel--Obituaries indexed.

North Carolina Magazine, weekly, [1764-1765].
    18Cen-4, partial reel.

North Carolina Times, weekly.
    See the New Bern Times, weekly.

Our Living and Our Dead, weekly, 1873-1874.
    NbLD (Actually NbMISC-1), 1 partial eel--Obituaries indexed.

People's Advocate, weekly, (African-American), [1886].
    NbMISC-2, partial reel.

Republic and Courier, weekly, [1871-1874].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel.

Republican, weekly, 1847-1850, [1886]. (This title changed to Eastern Carolina Republican and moved to GOLDSBORO. See also GOLDSBORO Eastern Carolina Republican.)
    NbREP-1 contains The Republican from Apr 21, 1847 to Dec 29, 1849--Obituaries indexed.
    NbREP-2 contains The Republican, Jan 9, 1850--Obituaries indexed;
    The East Carolina Republican from Feb 13, 1851 to May 6, 1851--Obituaries indexed;
    The Republican and Patriot from July 10, 1851 to Sep 9, 1852.
    NbREP-3 contains the Republican and Patriot from May 17, 1853 to Oct 26, 1853;
    The North Carolina Republican from Feb 28, 1854 to Dec 20, 1854.

State Gazette of North Carolina, weekly, [1787-1788]. (Filmed with the EDENTON State Gazette of North Carolina.)
    EdSG-1, 1 reel--Obituaries indexed.

Semi-Weekly Sun, semiweekly, [1912-1913, 1915].
    NbSsw-1, Jan-Dec 1912--Obituaries Indexed
    NbSsw-2, Jan-Dec 1913--Obituaries Indexed
        [These two reels were filmed by Carolina Microfilm, Greenville, N.C.]
    NbSWS, 1 partial reel, Sep-Nov 1915--Obituaries Indexed
        (name changed to Semi-Weekly Sun Journal, Nov 29, 1915).
        [This reel was filmed by NCDAH, Raleigh, NC]

Sun, daily, [1908, 1909, 1911, 1914].
    NbSUN-1, Jul 1, 1908-Oct 21, 1908; Jul 6, 1914-Sep 30, 1914--Obituaries indexed
    NbSUN-2, Jan 3, 1909-Jun 24, 1914 (includes 1911)--Obituaries indexed
    (The above 2 reels were microfilmed by NCDAH, Raleigh)
    NbS-1,  July-Sep 1907; Oct-Dec 1908--Obituaries indexed
    NbS-2, April-Jun 1909--Obituaries indexed
    NbS-3, Jan-Jun 1910--Obituaries indexed
    NbS-4, July-Dec 1910--Obituaries indexed
    NbS-5, Jan-Mar 1912--Obituaries indexed
    NbS-6, Oct-Dec 1912--Obituaries indexed
    NbS-7, Jan-Jun 1913--Obituaries indexed
    NbS-8, Jul-Dec 1913--Obituaries indexed
    NbS-9, Jan-Mar 1914--Obituaries indexed
    NbS-10, Jul-Dec 1914--Obituaries indexed
    NbS-11, Apr-Jun 1915--Obituaries indexed
    (The above 11 reels were microfilmed by Carolina Imaging, Greenville, N.C.)

Sun, weekly [1910]
    NbSw, 1 reel, Jan-Dec 1910. -- Obituaries Indexed.

Sun-Journal, semiweekly and daily, 1916-present.
    NbSJ, 30 reels produced by NCDAH,
    other reels produced by Carolina Microfilm, Bell and Howell Microfilm, Crest Microfilm, Crest Information Technologies, and Heritage Microfilm.
    See also Sun, Semi-Weekly Sun, Weekly SunNew Bern Weekly Journal, and Daily Journal.
    NbSWS-1 contains Semi-Weekly Sun Journal, December 1915.--Obituaries indexed.
    NbSJsw-1, Jan-Dec 1916 (Semi-weekly)--Obituaries indexed.
    NbSJsw-2, Jan-Dec 1917 (Semi-weekly)--Obituaries indexed.

Times, weekly, [1927-1930, 1935-1939], 1940-1942.
    NbT, 3 reels.

True Republican and Newbern Weekly Advertiser, weekly, [1810-1811].
    NbMISC-1, partial reel--Obituaries indexed.

Union, weekly, 1857-1858. (Filmed with Atlantic, Daily Delta, New Bern Journal, and New Era.)
    NbAJEUD-2 contains the Union--Obituaries indexed.

Weekly News, weekly, 1853-1854.
    NbWNw-1 contains the Weekly News from Feb 5, 1853 to May 13, 1854--Obituaries indexed.

Weekly Progress, weekly, [1858-1863]; semiweekly, [1863].
    NbPRGw contains Weekly Progress from Sep 20, 1859 to Jan 17, 1863 and
        Semi-Weekly Progress from Jan 21, 1863 to Feb 4, 1863--Obituaries indexed.
    See also Daily Progress.

The following non-New Bern newspapers are included in the online Obituary Index...

Bayboro Sentinel, weekly, [1904-1907, 1911, 1913]. BaySEN, 1 reel.
    BaySEN contains Sentinel, June 27, 1913, and Jan 5, 1904 to September 27, 1907.

Pamlico Enterprise (Bayboro), weekly, [1900]. BayMISC-1, partial reel.

Pamlico Enterprise (Stonewall), weekly, 1882, 1883, [1884]. StoPE, 1 reel.

Beaufort Bulletin, monthly, [1902]. BfMISC-1, partial reel.

Beaufort Eagle, weekly, [1876]. BfMISC-1, partial reel.

Beaufort Halcyon, weekly, [1885]. BfMISC-1, partial reel.

Beaufort Herald, weekly, [1893]. BfMISC-1, partial reel.

Beaufort Journal, weekly, 1857-1858. (Filmed with the Old North State). BfJONS, 1 reel.

Carteret County Telephone, weekly, [1881-1885]. BfCCT, 1 partial reel.

Halcyon and Beaufort Intelligencer, weekly, [1854]. BfMISC-1, partial reel.

Herald, weekly, [1895, 1899]. BfMISC-1, partial reel.

Herald Dispatch, weekly, [1898]. (Published for BEAUFORT and MOREHEAD CITY) BfMISC-1, partial reel.

Look Out, weekly, [1910]. BfMISC-1, partial reel.

Old North State, weekly, 1865. (Filmed with the Beaufort Journal.) BfJONS, 1 reel.

Weekly Record, weekly, [1887-1888]. BfWR, 1 reel.

Morehead City Weekly News, weekly. [1892]. MhMISC-1, partial reel.

Weekly Atlantic, weekly, [1886]. MoMISC-1, partial reel.


This list was produced by the North Carolina State Library and the North Carolina Division of Archives and History and expanded by Victor T. Jones, Jr.